Mona M
Mona M 9 時間 前
Have you ever considered auditioning for a lead character in a middle Drama ? I mean ..you're cute ..and you're a doctor . ❤
DJF_62 9 時間 前
Doc I'd love to see you flip out about the CPR done on one character in the 2017 Jumanji movie. I think you'd need some chest compressions after seeing how poorly it was done
riverpoppins 9 時間 前
Anyone else interested in that appendectomy story...No just me...okay.
Stephen Guetterman
Stephen Guetterman 9 時間 前
Dr mike can't be ready for departure but if he can make a decision then I will let him do that
6:24 it was used in surgeries, here’s better explanation: A head mirror is a simple diagnostic device, stereotypically worn by physicians, but less so in recent decades as they have become somewhat obsolete. A head mirror is mostly used for examination of the ear, nose & throat.
Gingerbread Man
Gingerbread Man 9 時間 前
You should react to Lockstin and Gnoggin’s Pokémon berry video
Hunter S
Hunter S 9 時間 前
I don't know if this has been mentioned yet, but products that claim to be "negative ion" come in two varieties. The first is just total BS, meaning they don't actually send out any ions whatsoever and it's just a scam. The second is far more serious, as they often contain thorium powder, which is highly radioactive. While small amounts of exposure to thorium is relatively safe, having it strapped to your wrist every day is very dangerous and will lead to the typical problems associated with prolonged radiation exposure. That product should be tested and if it shows up hot under a geiger counter then the NRC should be notified immediately.
JS 9 時間 前
I would get vaccinated a million times if it meets I can hug bear.
Hunter Ellis
Hunter Ellis 9 時間 前
Isn’t fasting occasionally a good thing? I was always taught that it helps your digestive tract reset a little.
c l — n g y
c l — n g y 9 時間 前
When mike started talking about healthy nails my mind was blown not because of the nail thing but because of how true it is. My dad was not up to his healthiest around a year ago, his nails was awful. Now he is the healthiest hes ever been (we are all very proud) and his nail look so much nicer and healthier (also he started painting his and my nails and doing all of our nails).
Stephen Guetterman
Stephen Guetterman 9 時間 前
Dr mike said he would like a copy to you on the cob of his neurologist
Vin 9 時間 前
Best episodes from this show was the zombie girl, the guy who died whenever he turned his head and the guy who coughed and his eyeball fell off.
Abraham Daniel
Abraham Daniel 9 時間 前
The doctor :explaining Me:seeing the doctors eyes...... It look like he had use eyeshadow
5uicid3 Gaming
5uicid3 Gaming 9 時間 前
7:59 why did I feel the air and the one drop of water on my face😂
Hinoda niisan
Hinoda niisan 9 時間 前
ok your content has its own gravitational pull and im trying to read manga and your content is pulling me away
Cody Sellers
Cody Sellers 9 時間 前
The doctor headpiece was for reflecting light into the back of the throat before flashlights
Hyunjin Lee
Hyunjin Lee 9 時間 前
10:15 No good self esteem is when you wait your steaming your dimsums and baozi for few mins and you’re bathing already with your sweats
itsEmy 9 時間 前
13:03 dr Mike’s face completely changes when they switch from legal themes to medical, I just love that😂
Hinoda niisan
Hinoda niisan 9 時間 前
judging from doctor mike's intelligence I could not even imagine the difficulty of med school
Elizabeth Enns
Elizabeth Enns 9 時間 前
Not only do I not believe that children are becoming more self-censoring. If it were true, wouldn't that be a good thing? If you feel like what you're going to say is going to offend people and choose to be more delicate about it...that's a good thing. If more people were capable of walking the line of being self-censoring in a way as to not trigger the people they disagree with while still making their point, that would be a boon to discourse in general. Just because you have the right to say anything doesn't mean that anything you can say is right.
Rahul Singh
Rahul Singh 9 時間 前
1:20 And I thought that viruses don't have mitochondria 😅🤣
Krissie Clarke
Krissie Clarke 9 時間 前
The worst thing is... you can feel it too.
OverestimatedForesight 9 時間 前
"Well it was the clenching and the twisting that was the problem." Dead
Mr. Brian Lincoln
Mr. Brian Lincoln 10 時間 前
New show title. Dr. Mike ruins Saturday cartoons.
Rosie Kuder
Rosie Kuder 10 時間 前
Was that a HIPPA violation at the poker table?
Nhật Anh Bùi
Nhật Anh Bùi 10 時間 前
My country Vietnam, close the whole school when there is 1 single infected Student been found when traveling, 14 in total. Then close all school in the City, only those who in last years grade 9th and 12th are continue to go to school. Else stay home, that's how we keep the number well below. Rough, but it worked. If you're not in a risk of death it still doesn't mean you can still freely go around, you could still be infected and infect other.
Liam Wilbur
Liam Wilbur 10 時間 前
You only need so much vitamin C, the rest just gets literally pissed away.
Booper Dooper
Booper Dooper 10 時間 前
41:19 I can see what Dr. Mike means. We can see already that there's monthly or a couple dozen weeks worth of trends. Each trend though fatefully ends. Because as Dr. Mike said, we get bored.
Vinny Vidi Vici
Vinny Vidi Vici 10 時間 前
My favorite tune to humm while I do chest compressions is 'Another one bites the dust'. It's a dark choice but it syncs up perfectly
Amy Kendrick
Amy Kendrick 10 時間 前
Intermittent fasting is a diet plan that has a fairly high rate of developing eating disorders, because you create a mentality of “I can’t/shouldn’t eat now”, which is a slippery slope to “this food is bad, and eating is a bad idea”. I know this from personal experience and it’s f***ing hard to climb back out.
Cherie Dinsdale
Cherie Dinsdale 10 時間 前
My god, I love this guy 😂
Jake Schultz
Jake Schultz 10 時間 前
I actually go to thearpy, and take medicine for anxiety....and have had many different medicines to help...however it was sorta disheartening to hear you gotta smoke weed and avoid your goals as you portrayed...I smoke weed to help as I achieved many social anxieties and continue to. I can go days without it and still manage to complete my goals.
Monika Tiwari
Monika Tiwari 10 時間 前
Please react to ''outlander'' medical scenes😊
Gabriel G. Cunha
Gabriel G. Cunha 10 時間 前
If you remove all soft materials like sofa, curtains cushions, all fabrics and carpets you will find that your house also echoes like the hospital
Loki_xr 10 時間 前
8:37 chest compressions chest compressions
Brian Burkhardt
Brian Burkhardt 10 時間 前
Lmao that first one is also in a short story by the guy who wrote Fight Club. I think.
Saihanbat Bayarsaihan
Saihanbat Bayarsaihan 10 時間 前
As a person who doesnt like doctor, nit because its dangerous but doctors tried to kill me 3 times(yes, multiple doctors) with wrong diagnosis, u shouldnt just blindly believe in doctors and even if u have the symptoms u still have to think logically and try to get more ligher method than the doctor suggest
Saihanbat Bayarsaihan
Saihanbat Bayarsaihan 10 時間 前
Diagnosed with advanced(whatever the stage that is about to kill) tuberculosis but it wasnt tuberculosis at all, and i took those heavy dose of medicine and got allergy so they gave me 3 more times from that medicine. My liver almost shut down after 3 seizures from allergy.
What Is Aim
What Is Aim 10 時間 前
Never knew a bunch of nerds would sound this fun
A W E S O M E 10 時間 前
Oh! I have oral allergy syndrome nice
koshyki 10 時間 前
can you do one where you turn like your highschool self aka emo self for a day ?
Booper Dooper
Booper Dooper 10 時間 前
This was quite enjoyable, not as entertainment to me, although to others it could be. It was informative and probed at a great area of myself which led to inquisitive rhetorical questions that I just had to think about.
Shantell Anita Whitney
Shantell Anita Whitney 10 時間 前
9:47 I’m confused about the professional critique on how to read the ECG, I don’t understand, if Shaun can see the number change or see a change in the waves along with the number, doesn’t that quite literally tell him there was a change? I also think there could just be an autistic/savant vs neurotypical difference in what he saw and how he read it? like shaun saw it/detected it without needing to do it the way you described it?
GreatMnn 10 時間 前
I would like my doctors without clothes..if they are that hot
Lunashadow 1995
Lunashadow 1995 10 時間 前
Doc looks tired, get some rest
Astro Galaxy
Astro Galaxy 10 時間 前
Hi Friend
Hi Friend 10 時間 前
Can you do a request? Can we get Doctor Mike to react to Fleeting films?
ZF_ Chill
ZF_ Chill 10 時間 前
Sometimes i think mike isnt…. Hmm whats the words… not an adult😭😭😭
Sophia Oxborough
Sophia Oxborough 10 時間 前
Anyone want him to do Brooklyn 99!
Sophia Oxborough
Sophia Oxborough 10 時間 前
are you sure you wanna
are you sure you wanna 10 時間 前
Me pronouncing any thing: 1:10
SnippyStix 10 時間 前
Mike knows how to make learning important things fun
Cynthia Putnam
Cynthia Putnam 10 時間 前
I don't like the advice that nobody can make you feel bad except yourself- I think its natural to be hurt by things that other people say and sometimes you really can't control it, and that advice can make people feel like they should feel bad for feeling bad when it is just a natural human reaction. Like they said, humans need other people and what others say about us can be hurtful no matter what we do.
Chris Ramsay
Chris Ramsay 10 時間 前
I really enjoy New Amsterdam and hate House M.D., but who am I to argue with a Doctor.
Yash 10 時間 前
5:12 Deepika Padukone
Maximus Martins
Maximus Martins 10 時間 前
fun fact: my name is Maximus Martins Arora
Kachan kawairashi-sa
Kachan kawairashi-sa 10 時間 前
The long pasta is spagetti
Samio Flamingo
Samio Flamingo 10 時間 前
I'm happy to live in denmark because i don't have to use a lot of money just to see the doctor. If i had to we would be homeless now!
Σωκράτης Αυγουστίδης
Σωκράτης Αυγουστίδης 10 時間 前
Well Mr do right is correct because there were other means of heating back then. They didn't have fancy thermostats, they usually had fireplaces.
Syk Syd
Syk Syd 10 時間 前
Dislike 👎
David Bagus
David Bagus 10 時間 前
Stik is no problems is lecture... But not doc. Muke student 👍👍👍
Dog Buttery
Dog Buttery 10 時間 前
You look like a hot cheeto
Bella Shoemaker
Bella Shoemaker 10 時間 前
My dad said when you get sore after working out to do it again and it might hurt at first then it will feel better.
Jesus Is king
Jesus Is king 10 時間 前
Is that blood lol
Shaurya Thanvi
Shaurya Thanvi 10 時間 前
When I saw the first seconds of this vid, I thought, Patrick Jane and Lisbon have settled down 🤣
Honestly confused
Honestly confused 10 時間 前
People can be strong and weak in different aspects. People who get by pass surgery are strong in the sense that they are able to ask for help after failed attempts at loosing weight. Also people who do loose weight from diets have a different kind of strength that some people don't have. And both of these, I think, are valid path for success
dark pirate
dark pirate 10 時間 前
React to blackjack anime
Trump Supporter
Trump Supporter 10 時間 前
Doc you need some sleep, it's about the dark circles. I get you're busy these days but...
Raqueal Henry
Raqueal Henry 10 時間 前
8:13 …I looked it up! 😳😳
ScotIsz 10 時間 前
Legal eagles a glory hound his cuckery for Captain Marvel didn't do much for him.
Vedran Marijanovic
Vedran Marijanovic 10 時間 前
When you want to watch gore
A T 10 時間 前
can you react to the greys anatomy episode code black?
soda 10 時間 前
Does anyone have the studies she mentioned please? 🤍
Santox _
Santox _ 10 時間 前
I have very very bad tooth structure and i felt really bad about it then i got braces and only had it for like 5 moths and i allready fell so much more self esteem
fatherswealth 10 時間 前
I get that you, dr Mike, are coming from a good place, but it might be worth digging into fatphobia more to get a better sense of what it is, bc it's not primarily ab being mean to fat ppl. Its ab how we're all trained, in a sense, to think large bodies are unhealthy and that "something needs to be done" if you're overweight. I've had drs who are great in most ways see my weight (I'm technically borderline obese according to BMI ) go into a whole thing ab nutrition w me WITHOUT EVEN ASKING ME WHAT I EAT. And I eat pretty well and excercise regularly. When that's happened to me, I shut down, sometimes even begin to dissociate, which then lasts for several hours. I know they were trying to address what on paper looks like a problem. But they weren't actually addressing me. and, bc being fat is seen as an indicator that you've been "bad," I had intense feelings of shame and confusion which made me shut down and dissociate. And. I'm a Black woman, so I'm pretty sure drs assume (consciously or unconsciously) that I'm sitting all day eating McDs or some stereotype like that. There are assumptions we all make ab health and nutrition that comes from the everything in our society being tailored to an image of healthy that largely has nothing to do with the reality of the variety of bodies out there. Its tailored to this cisgendered, white Norweigen male (reference to the origin of the BMI there) and not Igbo women from east Nigeria, for example. And bc its ubiquitous, our fatphobic biases can be subtle and missed by well meaning people. A lot of really great nutrition specialists and behavior specialists on IG have taught me so much ab fatphobia and how it works systemically- it's worth looking into, dr mike. This video was posted 9mos ago, so maybe you already have.
Aadya Mehra
Aadya Mehra 10 時間 前
I would get just about any disease in the world to see Doctor Mike.
*Sabrina Afton*
*Sabrina Afton* 10 時間 前
Is it possible to be born with 4 kidneys? I have a friend who claims she was born with four kidneys and she donated one of them. I personally dont believe it but i still wanna know.
Inika Tyagi
Inika Tyagi 11 時間 前
What type of doctor are you?
menna 11 時間 前
The metal thing on doctor's forehead is a pizza cutter because doctors need it when they have a pizza break in the middle of the shift 🍕
Diana Vladimirova
Diana Vladimirova 11 時間 前
Спасибо, Миша! Thank you so much!!! I'm 28, a glaciologist, PhD in geophysics, but ever since I was a child I want to be a surgeon. On the second year of my geography degree I was seriously considering enter a medical school (I thought it was too late already back then 😲😅🤦🏻‍♀️ so silly), I'm back to this thought again now. Two things hold me back: "too late" and mum's "people are going to die on your hands". It's never too late apparently 😁 And just recently I've realized that mum's phrase was not so much of a protective warning but a projection of her fears and more disappointingly - her disbelief in me and discourage. I watched this video just in time.
Devanshi singh
Devanshi singh 11 時間 前