Ariana Grande - Focus
Mr Donally
Mr Donally 23 時間 前
45M sub 😋
Chérie 23 時間 前
No one gonna say anything about that Toulouse portrait in the beginning of the song?
Andrugrizz Grizz
Andrugrizz Grizz 23 時間 前
1:58 it must to hurt a lot hitting his balls on the floor like that
Yasmine Hamdaoui
Yasmine Hamdaoui 23 時間 前
hira san
hira san 23 時間 前
Does she even have the ability to release bad music
LIMIT 23 時間 前
every ariana's mv i focus watching is her hair ♥3♥
الفتى الشجاع
الفتى الشجاع 23 時間 前
i think kylie should be in this. lol😂😂
Marlena Bandrowska
Marlena Bandrowska 23 時間 前
love you love you ariana
random person
random person 23 時間 前
That choreo tho
JuiceBox 23 時間 前
I honestly don't like dis song, blaaaarg.... but the end scene is soooo cut!
Aya Maria Wazzan
Aya Maria Wazzan 23 時間 前
and your butiful can't you come to my birthday?
rose aihao
rose aihao 23 時間 前
Ariana grande 💜 💜 💜 💜 I'm turkish fan
straight up 4L
straight up 4L 23 時間 前
just passed out hearing her say: fuck me
Aya Maria Wazzan
Aya Maria Wazzan 23 時間 前
It's a bit funny or maby a lot funny
Marlena Bandrowska
Marlena Bandrowska 23 時間 前
love you ariana
Aya Maria Wazzan
Aya Maria Wazzan 23 時間 前
Wow it's amasing
Trykurnia Ningsih
Trykurnia Ningsih 23 時間 前
Aku ket indonesia lo mbak ee
Allira Walker
Allira Walker 23 時間 前
I am
Allira Walker
Allira Walker 23 時間 前
I am
Griffin Hadean
Griffin Hadean 23 時間 前
Literally my mind:
Lovely Jessica
Lovely Jessica 23 時間 前
I just realized that 34+35=69 At first I don’t get it and then I found out that it is a s*c position if you look at the number closely. I will never look at the number 69 the same ever again !
Elijah Karash
Elijah Karash 23 時間 前
fficially the best ariana song
kiwixss 23 時間 前
Fabin PM
Fabin PM 23 時間 前
well I'm stuck with my laptop hehe
vijay stan
vijay stan 23 時間 前
King Wayne killed it🔥
Helena Schiavinato de Mattos Cunha
Helena Schiavinato de Mattos Cunha 23 時間 前
Yasss queen
Heaven-Yt 23 時間 前
being a air conditioner and hearing this I became a windmill
Francesca Antonucci
Francesca Antonucci 23 時間 前
voidbakv 23 時間 前
ig editors where ya at?
Francis Lim
Francis Lim 23 時間 前
I never enjoyed math until i heard this
Adriel Aldatz
Adriel Aldatz 23 時間 前
Kiki Riki
Kiki Riki 23 時間 前
Everything about this song is wrong
farah seha
farah seha 23 時間 前
the naughtiest song i ever heard from ariana huahauaahauaha
Lukas :3
Lukas :3 23 時間 前
"Theres one imposter among us"
Olicity Queen
Olicity Queen 23 時間 前
The best song on the album even in the new album nothing beats this song ✨🥺🖤
rachelle3124 23 時間 前
Who else go here just to see the video and not the song lol
S & R Films
S & R Films 23 時間 前
Worst song ever...
Jennalyn Reponte
Jennalyn Reponte 23 時間 前
Ariana: Can you stay up all night Me:umm ** snors**
Umberto Simeoli
Umberto Simeoli 23 時間 前
✨🔥Keep streaming positions (album)🔥✨
キラシ ナナセスト
キラシ ナナセスト 23 時間 前
Ruwil Baron
Ruwil Baron 23 時間 前
who's fanboy here?
Abby Ruiz Bulado
Abby Ruiz Bulado 23 時間 前
November 2020
LotsOfLuigi 23 時間 前
1:11 That 🍑 slapin to the music tho 😍🤌
Abril Carnicerø
Abril Carnicerø 23 時間 前
Konstantinos Konstantinou
Konstantinos Konstantinou 23 時間 前
Einai teleio
Konstantinos Konstantinou
Konstantinos Konstantinou 23 時間 前
Einai teleio
GREEK GOD 23 時間 前
Arey enti ra edhi
Konstantinos Konstantinou
Konstantinos Konstantinou 23 時間 前
Einai teleio
da sleeps
da sleeps 23 時間 前
The song : iconic af 🔥✨ Tiktok : a short vid about ppl showing off their outfits 🤦🏻‍♀️ Tf-
Konstantinos Konstantinou
Konstantinos Konstantinou 23 時間 前
Einai teleio
丁盈竹 23 時間 前
Abhilash Dutta
Abhilash Dutta 23 時間 前
Title designer:- What is it? Ariana:- 34+35 Album designer:- And what is that? Ariana:- Position.
Lou's Channel
Lou's Channel 23 時間 前
I don't know why everyone's so shocked seeing Ariana doing a split like we're already knew she could do it since "Focus" 🤷🏻‍♀️
Michael Davies
Michael Davies 23 時間 前
Chaza Zeineddine
Chaza Zeineddine 23 時間 前
heily cicilia
heily cicilia 23 時間 前
lol didn't know ari was flexible wish I was flexible love u ari
随风飞舞 23 時間 前
I like how there's just a man casually cross dressing in this video. Didn't even notice until my fifth time watching, haha.
Nana Akua Amoako
Nana Akua Amoako 23 時間 前
anyone notice her tattoos
Loren Shaxx
Loren Shaxx 23 時間 前
I am laughing at the bit where niki slaps her nono square lmao she did it with force
hyunjin is my religion
hyunjin is my religion 23 時間 前
My m=mom: telling my friends abt the embarassing shit ive done me: shUtTTt UUUuuPPp
ᴀᴡʀɪᴀ 23 時間 前
Chrystian Sátiro
Chrystian Sátiro 23 時間 前
600Mi for Queen.
Adéla Honzátková
Adéla Honzátková 23 時間 前
love itt
Inshira Latiff
Inshira Latiff 23 時間 前
That awkward moment when you realize that the plus in 34+35 is not there in the actual song...
-"Baby you might need a seatbelt when I ride it. I'mma leave it open like a door, come inside it." -34+35= 69 - Album is called Positions... ARIANA WE SEE WHAT YA DID THEREEEE
anjana pk
anjana pk 23 時間 前
It has mean girls, 13 candles, bring it on, legally blond, ect.
Gab 日 前
2:19 it's so me turning into a hoe to go out
Andrew Jahn
Andrew Jahn 日 前
Who’s listening to this song DURING Christmas 😂
Tabita Vilas Boas
Tabita Vilas Boas 日 前
essa é a minha apresentação favorita da Ariana Grande
Gagik Klekchyan
Gagik Klekchyan 日 前
Ay qur jan. Hazar axpor qura lsm es [email protected] Mqich chisht chi eli. Hmi nranq kmtacen matemi das es parapm, bayc la yncher es bacatrm. Ba tenc klni?
baby mochi
baby mochi 日 前
Let's see how many people are watching this in November 2020? 👇
Débora Anholeto
Débora Anholeto 日 前
Cadê os br
Diana 日 前
This is giving me Christmas vibes anyone else?
Chelsea Listwin
Chelsea Listwin 日 前
Ari: ain’t got no tears left to cry 2020: ain’t gOt nO toIleT pAPeR To buY
luke ketchum
luke ketchum 日 前
When will we ever have our first female president? Hillary Clinton came pretty close.
Raven •
Raven • 23 時間 前
I hope it is AOC
Amany Waddah
Amany Waddah 日 前
I love you arina granday
Rafa Razah
Rafa Razah 日 前
MOC master art
MOC master art 日 前
Who else has a feeling like you have heard this somewhere? DEJA WU! Edit: i think i heard this in a cafe or something!
India Falconer
India Falconer 23 時間 前
Hi! I’ve written a song called Ibuprofen. It’s about having anxiety/a panic attack and someone being there like ibuprofen to take the pain away. It would be amazing if you could give it a listen!
Believer 日 前
This lyrics... 😏😂