Allwyn Azurin
Allwyn Azurin 20 分 前
Dance on the floor ayy6
Foxcat 23 分 前
This has that Shonen Genre Anime OP/ED song vibe, would be amazing if an anime make Suisei as its soundtrack singer. (^_^)
Kreon 40 分 前
My life is complete if Suisei covered by Suisei
Lazy Princess
Lazy Princess 49 分 前
HOLY SHEET IS THAT A FATE / GRAND ORDER REFERENCE? (*pls dont take this joke seriously and i'm also f/go player)
Stratos 52 分 前
Damn, this got that Anime ED song vibe.
SnowCYYCling 52 分 前
If no one signs her a record deal when she graduates, imma revolt.
Nothingseen 52 分 前
Half the chorus being a drumroll is *pretty* on point
Ihsan TwentyOne
Ihsan TwentyOne 55 分 前
Waiting for the translator-san
Dingoes ディンゴーズ
Dingoes ディンゴーズ 時間 前
GHOSTにはそんな意味があったのか…改めてすいちゃん、カッコいいなと思った。自分だけじゃなく、すべてのVtuberの道を切り開いているんだね。 A rough translation of the GHOST lyric explanation, the song is a metaphor about VTubers being like ghosts, half in reality and half not. There are a lot of people in the world who won't watch VTubers simply because they are virtual, and GHOST was a way for Suichan to express her feelings to the world that "I might be a virtual ghost, but I'm working this hard to make my mark in reality, so give me (and all vtubers) a chance." What a queen.
Toshiyuki 時間 前
DAYUM this song should be an anime ED somewhere amazing singing by our diva too!
Faiq on Mobile
Faiq on Mobile 時間 前
Mappers: let me show you how it's done
Ipan Ekatama
Ipan Ekatama 時間 前
つなぱん 時間 前
33:27 悲しい顔してさら終了するのマジ草
Cool Guys
Cool Guys 時間 前
The band was real and epic...
Andmeuths 時間 前
9 million views! Congrats, so close to the magical 10 millon!
OracleSilbern 時間 前
Such a masterpiece
DaKiaClapz 時間 前
Imma turn into a legit GHOST when I hear this too much
Akmal Nafis
Akmal Nafis 時間 前
love it
Hardgore Chunchunmaru
Hardgore Chunchunmaru 時間 前
Amazing song Sui-chan! I love your voice!
アンスタ遊ぼう 時間 前
This was last night stream but hearing Sui-chan said おはよう while I'm watching it right now, what a coincidence to watch this archive in the morning
紙片模型 2 時間 前
童佑希 2 時間 前
X Potato featuring Butter
X Potato featuring Butter 2 時間 前
Amazing concert!
CH 2 時間 前
this is beautiful and awesome
Very Original
Very Original 2 時間 前
damn this is the real diamond in the rough right here...2018 sick
Bravewryy 2 時間 前
Damn sounds like the littest anime OP
tomacas 2 時間 前
Amazing concert with great performances by all. Right after ghost finished, when Suisei started talking over a low-volume replay of the track, I got some major mid-2000's fansub anime nostalgia. I almost expected her to say "kono bangumi wa goran no suponsaa no teikyou de okurishimasu!"
Aquarius226 2 時間 前
So good
Juan Enriquez
Juan Enriquez 2 時間 前
21:55 if this is the voice of a pizza delivery guy 🍕 Toko-chan: kyaa~
EdwardtheTree 3 時間 前
Words cannot describe how absolutely incredible each and every one of your original songs have been. Easily the best talent in Hololive, IMO.
和衣 3 時間 前
鼻の件、マジレスすると病院変えた方がいいと思う。話聞いてる感じだと耳鼻科として考え方が10-20年前の医者な感じ。 膿が溜まっている状態で患者の都合を考えずに抗菌薬処方せずに局所処置だけさせるのは、耳鼻科的にないです。 週2回程度処置してもほぼ意味ないので、せめて毎日2-3回の自己鼻洗浄(鼻うがい)を指導すべきで、 上咽頭炎や副鼻腔炎が続いてるなら「ハナクリーン」とか「サイナスリンス」とかの購入を考えてくれれば。
Azariq Azahari
Azariq Azahari 3 時間 前
Insanely good. Can't believe it
るお* 3 時間 前
Saufi Maidin
Saufi Maidin 3 時間 前
Suisei: literally singing Me: simp more hard to her
ota92pponニート担当 [狩]
ota92pponニート担当 [狩] 3 時間 前
なんか。。。結構エモい新曲ですね、GHOSTは。 それにしても前のオリジナル曲と比べりゃちょっとエモすぎてパワーは弱足りない気がするかもしれません まあ、すいちゃんの新たな声帯だし、新たな始まりと考えばいいでしょう。 でも、流石歌姫すいちゃん、声帯変わっても相変わらず大人で凄く魅力的な歌声ですね! 僕はいつか Comet・天球・NextColorPlanet が全部歌えるようになるつもりです!大好きなオリジナルソング、マジで大好き! とだい
Syamills 3 時間 前
zoubida yassine
zoubida yassine 3 時間 前
グール 35P 12
グール 35P 12 4 時間 前
There are a lot of talented Vtubers with amazing voices but for me personally no one tops Suisei, she is just one step above ☄❤
Aldy 1408
Aldy 1408 4 時間 前
im speechless 😮 this so amazing... Suisei never disappoint me every her live..
鐡水仙 4 時間 前
Soulses 4 時間 前
A new song to add to the collection! Suisei still hasn't failed in making a banger of a song, I love it!
五和あやか 4 時間 前
rooper _13
rooper _13 4 時間 前
man this is straight out an opening anime
jahe anget
jahe anget 4 時間 前
i just noticed the lights on the side of the stage looks like a comet
StormCrusher94 4 時間 前
I'm so confused are they actually playing the instruments or not. Aki seems like she really does, but the rest are somewhat confusing.
ユキ 4 時間 前
すいちゃん ♡
Tidal 4 時間 前
I have lost count how many times I replayed this in the last 24 hours, what an amazing song, Suichan!
Sivvy 4 時間 前
After listening to this song for hours and hours after release, it now comes into mind. Will this be the opening for HoloAlt
silvk1000 4 時間 前
Suisui a cute
- MoNoCRoA
- MoNoCRoA 4 時間 前
pengun 5 時間 前
What an absolute banger. Much love from the UK!
Natsume 5 時間 前
Here before 1,000,000 views
ArnoldsK 5 時間 前
Her voice is absolutely insane!
俺が正しい 5 時間 前
A Wandering Witch
A Wandering Witch 5 時間 前
Suisei is truly a marvelous psychopath, her voice never misses to go right through my heart
アリエルP 5 時間 前
Shonen anime opening grade
Kaoru The Reader
Kaoru The Reader 5 時間 前
Nooo i didn't realise she stream ;-; just kill me ;(
Guillaume Galienne
Guillaume Galienne 5 時間 前
When the crazy yandere you never relied on finally gives you hope and start saving your idol compagny dream.
Azukano 5 時間 前
Sui-chan with another banging original I’m already waiting for a full album in the future. I love her voice so much ❤️
xaero xiii
xaero xiii 6 時間 前
I was speechless when she sang this live. It was like looking at the brilliant stars in the night sky for the first time and you're just filled with a sense of wonderment and awe of how big and beautiful the world is. The song felt like it was about adversity and hardship and that solemn lonely journey and overcoming it through sheer force of will and determination to be something better. Truly amazing.
DinoZer0 6 時間 前
HELP! I can't stop repeating this song!
Shadoxas 1212
Shadoxas 1212 6 時間 前
Pretty awesome
Frobledo 6 時間 前
this was AMAZING
Hugo Solisfraire
Hugo Solisfraire 6 時間 前
Naufal Achsan Daffa
Naufal Achsan Daffa 6 時間 前
#8 trending lets gooooooo
Soupra 7 時間 前
This song... It feels so nostalgic... It's freaking amazing. Already one of my favorites!
KnightAero 7 時間 前
Here before the 1 mill
bakakubi 7 時間 前
Wow, this is a really good cover. This is coming from some who absolutely loves the original.
Goku Star
Goku Star 7 時間 前
Another banger
m 7 時間 前
ゲキ 7 時間 前
Chien-Yu Chen
Chien-Yu Chen 8 時間 前
Me after watching this: Hololive literally is an idol company.
Nifl 8 時間 前
Road to 7M. Sui-chan you really did it. I remember when you're only 300k and this vid is only 1M views during the first time I fell in this hole.
ナタデココの素 8 時間 前
Eric 8 時間 前
3:02 Start 3:22 Sui-chan wa 1:02:35 Otsumachi~
Dabokuma 7 時間 前
Thank you 🙏🙏
ラムライダー 8 時間 前
This is the equivalent of Edge being cleared to wrestle again and returning at the Royal Rumble. This is very epic. Suichan concerts are well produced but best of all FREE. Do not take this for granted.
Tyson Fontanez
Tyson Fontanez 8 時間 前
the A E S T H E T I C S
匿名希望 8 時間 前
これが最後の歌じゃない dancer in the dark そういう事なんだね やっぱりすいちゃんのセンス、ぶっ飛んでる!!
一般人 8 時間 前
Brenda Avriscilla Paul
Brenda Avriscilla Paul 8 時間 前
We need a Hololive x Bandori collab real soon😩🙏🙏🙏🙏
Hazu Huion
Hazu Huion 9 時間 前
Suisei was addicted to gacha even in her music video there is saints quartz 1:53