100 Drops - [Among Us]
20 Drops - [Fortnite RTX]
100 Drops - [Fall Guys]
100 Drops - [The Grotto]
opzz xsin
opzz xsin 2 時間 前
On the old Xbox version the nether is super-flat
Waffle Boy
Waffle Boy 2 時間 前
He smurt
Braxton M
Braxton M 2 時間 前
I have a tip so if you mix and match crops next to each other they grow faster
Ryu goat Not your mom
Ryu goat Not your mom 2 時間 前
Trym Berge-Johansen
Trym Berge-Johansen 2 時間 前
3000 days;)
CougarDragon 2 時間 前
Do part 2
Dippy Knuckles Dynonoodle
Dippy Knuckles Dynonoodle 2 時間 前
you should play roblox
MemeUniverse 2 時間 前
opzz xsin
opzz xsin 2 時間 前
Idea: 100 days in hypixel
CahpGraal 2 時間 前
Can we sew more ?
Khloe Ilalio
Khloe Ilalio 2 時間 前
he is good at all games whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Khloe Ilalio
Khloe Ilalio 2 時間 前
i cant believe we are all watching this hahaha
Joshua Dobner
Joshua Dobner 2 時間 前
You should get you own skin
Jimbob 2 時間 前
Khloe Ilalio
Khloe Ilalio 2 時間 前
i have been watching this for a while but it is worth it
Javon Jackman
Javon Jackman 2 時間 前
He said a moment for the dead then a add pops up lol
De wae
De wae 2 時間 前
Shout out to the OG console edition super flat nether
The Weird One
The Weird One 2 時間 前
Nether c u b e
Jimbob 2 時間 前
Daniel Ricci
Daniel Ricci 2 時間 前
Luke TheProfitable
plz comtinue
Hudson White
Hudson White 2 時間 前
Captain Turtle
Captain Turtle 2 時間 前
Luke: my top horse can jump four blocks which is insane. My horse which can jump six: pathetic
Jennifer Konold
Jennifer Konold 2 時間 前
Pls pls 200 days
Aubrey Beatrice
Aubrey Beatrice 2 時間 前
The direful tom-tom peroperativly support because bassoon phylogenetically skip afore a careful letter. callous, strange comb
Cheyenne B
Cheyenne B 2 時間 前
very cool
Angus Thomson
Angus Thomson 2 時間 前
plz 200 days
James Simpson
James Simpson 2 時間 前
Tors what have the cows done
Mr. Dinnington
Mr. Dinnington 2 時間 前
I’m sitting here with no tier 100 skin. Just a style for Mando.
Gamer In Nether
Gamer In Nether 2 時間 前
This fellas is.his lowest viewed video
NBK Spazzy
NBK Spazzy 2 時間 前
I remember when people called bad players 8 years old , now all the sweats are literally like 5
Caden Cheeks
Caden Cheeks 2 時間 前
Imagine how much emeralds he earned
ImDimension 2 時間 前
Ricardo Garcia-Guido
Ricardo Garcia-Guido 2 時間 前
It is a sin to have not played halo 1
ItzSlowin 2 時間 前
“Day 20 I woke up getting some free arrows and killing b***hes on my land” 😂🤣
Joshua Dobner
Joshua Dobner 2 時間 前
I was like wait you swear
Kealan Playz
Kealan Playz 2 時間 前
When he says *we could have more sports other than SOCCER like FOOTBALL*
Frogy Yt
Frogy Yt 2 時間 前
Hey, Luke the world download works i can download it but the flie needs too be zipped so i can extract it and put it in saves, Same for everyone else
Keahn PSN
Keahn PSN 2 時間 前
Lol his Farm so big
Ash sta
Ash sta 2 時間 前
200 days for sure!
Owen Pufahl
Owen Pufahl 2 時間 前
Its weird he never opens his f3 menu that shows the amount of days hes played, and it seems like he would have made a lot more progress is really had played for 666 hours.(2000 days times 20 minutes divided by 60) If he does open his f3 and i'm just dumb reply with a timestamp.
Riley Maples
Riley Maples 2 時間 前
This looks like a fun way to challenge myself on my slow computer. I'm going to try it :)
ItzSlowin 2 時間 前
Good luck
ItzSlowin 2 時間 前
Good luck
ItzSlowin 2 時間 前
Good luck
The Creature beneath the depths of the Swamp
The Creature beneath the depths of the Swamp 2 時間 前
good luck.
Daniel Ricci
Daniel Ricci 2 時間 前
Luke TheProfitable
Dang Nguyen
Dang Nguyen 2 時間 前
Ithurius Gaming
Ithurius Gaming 2 時間 前
I just want to say thanks to your series it inspired me to stop play survival peaceful and go on hardcore. I'm on day 3 now.
Kirole 54
Kirole 54 2 時間 前
What happened to mader
The4TKnightBoy 2 時間 前
Wow thanks, my main and only platform for fortnite from season 7 to 13 was mobile
Victor 2 時間 前
Ik this sounds stupid but the bridge looks like a flat hot dog lmao
Kai Monahan
Kai Monahan 3 時間 前
I have Hardcore
Blythe G
Blythe G 3 時間 前
the comments are so fresh
X Gamer5
X Gamer5 3 時間 前
New infector him he created the virus :0
Peyton YT
Peyton YT 3 時間 前
I have watch the whole series and am 20 minutes into 2000. I also watch 100 in super flat
Killercutter 3 時間 前
finally i built the wall, now monsters wont get in creepers: am i a joke to you?
LAPLA 16 3 時間 前
It looks so weird in 2000 days and 100 days and make 3000 days please
I am bored All day
I am bored All day 3 時間 前
xeno 3 時間 前
paradise palms was paradise ngl
Lee arto
Lee arto 3 時間 前
Do 200 days pls
LPS Jilljill 2011
LPS Jilljill 2011 3 時間 前
Please do 3000 days plz
CARMEN Rodriguez
CARMEN Rodriguez 2 時間 前
He announced on twitter that he is discontinuing the series
Nosipho Bwowe
Nosipho Bwowe 3 時間 前
I like minecraft and I play on hardcore
DARK GEM 3 時間 前
Do 100 days hypixel skyblock
Killercutter 3 時間 前
8:22 that made me hungry and remember that there is pizza in my freezer
Leilani Schaefer
Leilani Schaefer 3 時間 前
Sho‘s Chill Corner.
Sho‘s Chill Corner. 3 時間 前
1:00:08 *your mom likes this one*
The Papoose
The Papoose 3 時間 前
I'm subbed
Antonio Zuniga
Antonio Zuniga 3 時間 前
200 days with tors please
ElectricityShock 3 時間 前
YOU HAVE 33 DEBRIS FROM 2 SSTACKS? i used 4 stacks nd got 8
ッ 昭和Confetti Panda昭和ッ
ッ 昭和Confetti Panda昭和ッ 2 時間 前
EllieVlogs 2 時間 前
Do it at Y9
Ult 3 時間 前
Idea: 100 days in hypixel
Rim Hellworth
Rim Hellworth 3 時間 前
On the old Xbox version the nether is super-flat
s sc
s sc 3 時間 前
The meaty security coincidingly question because tyvek informally file aside a questionable japanese. gaping, subdued adult
David Nelson
David Nelson 3 時間 前
You should play with Tors again.
Ryanzland 3 時間 前
KadesBrickarmsReviews. 3 時間 前
Although tilted is the most iconic location in fortnite I just miss the og loot lake before it was destroyed and before the cube. It’s sad to go back to all the memories😢
TinyWildCat33 :D
TinyWildCat33 :D 3 時間 前
im khro -
im khro - 3 時間 前
Tadiwa Chekai
Tadiwa Chekai 3 時間 前
So excited for the 3000 days ah 🥴
Super Parker Bros
Super Parker Bros 3 時間 前
29 seconds ago lol
Amit Abbas Ramezani
Amit Abbas Ramezani 3 時間 前
Who remembers a skeleton ride on a spider
Venom 3 時間 前
Fact: at 3:28 you said flint cant be found on a superflat but guess what youcan because if you go to the nether you can mine flint there
That Rubik Guy
That Rubik Guy 2 時間 前
In superflat
That Rubik Guy
That Rubik Guy 2 時間 前
It would take forever because only blacksmiths are the only places where you can get lava
Caleb Roehrig
Caleb Roehrig 3 時間 前
It enrages me that he just refused to get netherite
die die
die die 3 時間 前
3000 day plzzz
The UnDead
The UnDead 3 時間 前
Me really happy watching but my boomer sister said Philza did 5 years of hardcore Me: Shut Up My sister: Mom help
L C 3 時間 前
I like Luke's character arc from ruthless capitalist to caring about the welfare of his employees XD
Venom 3 時間 前
So superflat for some reason has a stupid amount of slimes but thats ok because you hardly ever see a slime in a regular world
Somedarkgaming 3 時間 前
He said I have to stock up on that white stuff
Dani Riley
Dani Riley 3 時間 前
Gotta stay strapped✋😭
Finnthebot Plays
Finnthebot Plays 3 時間 前
Who knew this would grow to 2000 days.
Ryanzland 3 時間 前