Softnumnums 時間 前
Anyone else mad when he keeps touching the screen?
Carolyn Sanchez
Carolyn Sanchez 時間 前
That's crazy he actually made weight and took this fight serious. Great job tank.
Flare Laflare
Flare Laflare 時間 前
Listen to ray lewis...
T Wright
T Wright 時間 前
Had to be naked to make weight 🤔🤔
X Montero
X Montero 時間 前
Go Leo santa Cruz 🇲🇽🙇🏻‍♂️🇵🇦❣️
Markey Mark
Markey Mark 時間 前
I was all wrong in the SAT but no school called me... That aint right
Lew Sifer
Lew Sifer 時間 前
This season? Bahahaha. The NFL has orchestrated bad defense by changing rules and making it impossible to play solid defense.. High scoring makes the idiot fans pay attention. Horrible tackling and soft ass millionaires playing football.
Excellence_ 85
Excellence_ 85 時間 前
I’m proud tank finally made weight
Seek Light Not Darkness
Seek Light Not Darkness 時間 前
Tank stripped naked he didn't take no chances this tells me he his to big for 130 and with his clothes on he is overweight this means he was killing himself to make 130 I just hope he is not to drained to go to distance but good luck to both fighters 😤🙌🏾👑
Lee Taylor
Lee Taylor 時間 前
Deontay “Rabbit Punch” Wilder!!
Brad Chamberlain
Brad Chamberlain 時間 前
So according to these guys, if Davis is a bigger draw than Teofimo? The bigger puncher than Lopez? He is the it guy under 150....puke. Tank is the next AB. Leo will expose him.
L P 時間 前
Hire this man to be a Defensive Coordinator
Brandon EricsonTV
Brandon EricsonTV 時間 前
water weight has left the room
VJ 時間 前
Rays passion for defense is the reason they won’t ask him to coach he’d kill one of the players jump in his gear and run on the field
Phillip MOORE
Phillip MOORE 時間 前
He had to get butt naked to make weight. Time for 135!!!
vic dman
vic dman 時間 前
Leo looks in better shape. Give him he'll Leo.
Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo 時間 前
Episode 3?
jeremia koketso
jeremia koketso 時間 前
Rezemay or Rezeme meaning please?
Armando Hernandez
Armando Hernandez 時間 前
Go Santacruz you can win!
b nwells
b nwells 時間 前
Hope nobody gets injured and both careers take off win or lose. This was a great episode from showtime.
Harry Ellerby
Harry Ellerby 時間 前
These guys keep insulting Tank's boxing acumen. Basically saying he's incapable of adjusting or adapting, mentally, to whatever Leo brings to the ring. Shame on y'all...
Brian Segoe
Brian Segoe 時間 前
I like the fact that Tank doesn't look drained the long camp really helped👊
jeremia koketso
jeremia koketso 時間 前
What does the word Rezemay mean ,please help me out?
Rene Garcia
Rene Garcia 時間 前
This I why I loved the loma and lopes weigh in!! Let them fucken face off properly!! They’re going to exchange sweat tomorrow regardless!!
Johnny Vergas
Johnny Vergas 2 時間 前
If he don’t stop him in 6 tank better hold on for dear life
Rafael Ben Yisrael
Rafael Ben Yisrael 2 時間 前
Why the hell that lil girl got that bottle in her mouth and she bout grown?!
Tevin Howell
Tevin Howell 2 時間 前
Haters: tank will miss weight Haters after tank makes weight: his weight drained Stop it 😂😂 tank for the W
DJDoughBoyNW On Insta
DJDoughBoyNW On Insta 2 時間 前
Even more proof covid isn’t as deadly as we think. God didn’t do that. Good luck tomorrow!
AllySuckBlack is back
AllySuckBlack is back 2 時間 前
Think Santa Cruz should get top billing.
larkhallman 2 時間 前
Interesting fight but it’s not worth PPV
German Carrasco
German Carrasco 2 時間 前
I forgot they had to be 6 ft apart, I was like why aren’t they closer lol 😂😂😂
Litos Garcia
Litos Garcia 時間 前
They test positive then the next day they come out negative.... Like WTF... Such a joke.
Ivan Valencia
Ivan Valencia 2 時間 前
A Savage
Unleavened Bread
Unleavened Bread 2 時間 前
Jesus is the G.O.A.T.
john john
john john 2 時間 前
Santa Cruz is gonna give Gervonta a HUGE problem, Tank is used to fighting these cherry picked bums to boost his record for PPV money. Santa Cruz is the real deal, Gervonta is in no way anywhere near Mayweather in skill and IQ. Thats something you're born with it cant be taught in a gym, Santa Cruz is gonna make Tank miss those heavy shots left and right gas him out and then drag him into the later rounds and unleash that Mexican stamina. Mexicans don't go down easy at all they all have chins of steel so those power shots won't work that Tank usually gets away with, the issue here is they're fighting in Vegas and in Vegas Mayweather got Al Hayman and the judges in his pocket so they'll favor Tank because Tank and Mayweather combined means more money for the casinos and more eyes on boxing. Boxing is dying out so they're trying to save it any way they can by carrying up these young prospects to hopefully generate what Mayweather brought in, Id usually bet on these fights but i predict a robbery for Santa Cruz.
Rafael Ben Yisrael
Rafael Ben Yisrael 2 時間 前
It’s the venerators that blowing folks lungs up
Drizzy412 THE GOAT
Drizzy412 THE GOAT 2 時間 前
Tank 130 cut like dope
MR Provolone
MR Provolone 2 時間 前
Davis look like a smoker, you can tell he not fighting his natural weight, he need to stop being scary and go up a weight class
Kelly Harlow
Kelly Harlow 2 時間 前
Love that passion that Ray brings. Not a Ravens fan, but have always been a Ray Lewis fan.
Shuby Duby Pro Blackness
Shuby Duby Pro Blackness 2 時間 前
Tank is going to wear Leo ass out..They(Leo and camp) was banking on him being undisciplined and not making weight. Floyd made sure of that. He looks healthy and ready to go and he gets to rehydrate and eat nice tonight.
jinkzy23 時間 前
Idk bro u know who else came in under weight wilder when he fought tyson
Young StickyRice
Young StickyRice 2 時間 前
They will fight for legacy.....and MONEY 💰
Xavier Tha Truth
Xavier Tha Truth 2 時間 前
You can tell tank don’t really like Mayweather
Victor Ortega
Victor Ortega 2 時間 前
Shit tank could have kept his draws on lol 😆 good shit baby them boys ready ! Lets go.
E E 2 時間 前
Tanks look good and slim
Angelo Ghost
Angelo Ghost 2 時間 前
A focused tank is a very dangerous & destructive tank
Fatlind Malaj
Fatlind Malaj 2 時間 前
just let them have normal face-offs holy shit they both have masks and are not even talking to each other aaaand they probably have been tested a thousand times
dicemoney2 2 時間 前
Boy came in at 129 he said not today satan yea tank let’s gooo
Samuel Alvarez
Samuel Alvarez 2 時間 前
Shout out to money may thanks for a good match up I will be buying
Carlos Latony
Carlos Latony 2 時間 前
🤔 When my man Ray gonna realize that ain't a touch screen 🤣
California Cowboy
California Cowboy 2 時間 前
Jordan 1s look good with anything. U cant say that about any other sneaker
Emma H
Emma H 2 時間 前
He’s going to be big as fuck fight time
Mark De La Rosa
Mark De La Rosa 2 時間 前
If we don’t have corruption 😂🤣.... Leo on points or tank Ko
Jamar Ratcliff
Jamar Ratcliff 時間 前
Tank will out-box Cruz before knocking him out like he did everyone else.
Bubba Watson
Bubba Watson 2 時間 前
Tank by points and tank by ko
Strigan 2 時間 前
No one is interested in this fight, this will be big flop in ppv sales.
young playa
young playa 2 時間 前
I got 300 on tank if somebody wanna bet holla at me right now
Ricky Cooper
Ricky Cooper 2 時間 前
Damn if you lose and definitely "Damn" if you win, Tank looks Great but they say he drained, instead, of giving him credit
cause you’re not supposed to abuse your body like that. his team is concerned bro, he’s a small guy but stocky so they’re squeezing weight out for him to be dominant in 130. He won’t do the same shit in 135-140 to bigger guys. That’s why, he is in fact drained and remember when i say it will take a toll if the future.
Papi Palazuelos
Papi Palazuelos 2 時間 前
Early ass weigh ins, giving tank all the time in the world to rehydrate lol
Papi Palazuelos
Papi Palazuelos 2 時間 前
@8a6y tell me where I’m lying?
8a6y 2 時間 前
I swear yall haters look for ANYTHING. smh...
jjh052002 2 時間 前
Right quick, can someone explain to me how they’re fighting at one weight class but for both belts? Cause the other belt is a different weight
joel carrasco
joel carrasco 2 時間 前
Maidana te envió saludos floyd
IllumicorpMusic 2 時間 前
🥊 u.s.
Josean Cruz
Josean Cruz 2 時間 前
Barrios is fighting Canelo
joel carrasco
joel carrasco 2 時間 前
Floyd apesta.
ASuarez Suarez
ASuarez Suarez 2 時間 前
Definitely not a ppv worthy fight. Hardly anybody in the boxing word is even talking about this fight. And with all respect to Cruz we already know whose going to win.
Shaleenss 2 時間 前
I could listen to Ray Lewis explaining defenses all day long, makes it sound so so intriguing.
F. Watkins
F. Watkins 2 時間 前
Damn....ray bout outta breath. Dope breakdowns. We need him in green bay
Alexandre Adzie
Alexandre Adzie 2 時間 前
Hallelujah Tank makes the weight. 👍🏿
Ricky Cooper
Ricky Cooper 2 時間 前
B Pitts
B Pitts 2 時間 前
Let’s go Tank. Made weight first try and ppl still hating
Ted Rob
Ted Rob 2 時間 前
Greatest commentary ever, Jesus fuck it's amazing
Kano Billz
Kano Billz 2 時間 前
Leo look kinda steroidish js
ka lee
ka lee 2 時間 前
Everybody talking about Tank's power but he has all the tools he is a better fighter than Leo and his defense is excellent. Round 8 Leo sleeps
Julian Stevens
Julian Stevens 2 時間 前
Tank already moved to 135 when he fought Gamboa! He only moved back down to take this fight!
shmbbrkr 2 時間 前
Santa Claus coming to town this weekend
Leo will win,Tank is undisciplined
James Bond
James Bond 2 時間 前
Tank gonna punish Leo
Rilwan Olowu
Rilwan Olowu 2 時間 前
He sure in the wrong weight class but we see if he got the Tank to go deep down cos Leo is a Braveheart, faster and smarter.
alejandro veiga
alejandro veiga 2 時間 前
Floyd isn’t going to the octagon cuz the money don’t sound right, he makes more in a fight than a whole ufc card, these ufc fighters bragging about a 50k bonus. Connor was never the same after that fight and that’s facts , he couldn’t bare the fact he got knocked out by a man twice his age 😂😂 “play the tap out song again dj”
Chris Smith
Chris Smith 2 時間 前
Easy fight for Leo
Tommy Holsworth
Tommy Holsworth 2 時間 前
That's some ugly ass hair bro.
Liam Daley
Liam Daley 2 時間 前
Leo santa Cruz by 11th round stoppage