Welcoming... YUKI TSUNODA
Maczka Hanzel
Maczka Hanzel 5 時間 前
The picture of the God of Wind is so cool!🌬🏎
Ngau Nguyen
Ngau Nguyen 8 時間 前
Can clearly see how the Marketing budget share internally at Red bull
yamato f
yamato f 9 時間 前
Thanks for japanese sub. I'll learn EngRish by next video.
hexlgaming 12 時間 前
he seems like a very talented guy that just selflessly delivers in the car, and on top of that seems to be very diversly skilled
Varano Edoardo
Varano Edoardo 14 時間 前
Però l’audio che si sente nel video ovviamente per il pilota è diverso, lui ha il casco e sentirà il suono più ‘’leggero”
nero DRIVE
nero DRIVE 15 時間 前
Pray for Downforce🙏
n2068dd 日 前
初めて正規のF1レースに出る人は、こういう流れをこなしているんだと、とても興味深かった。 今まで見たことは無かったから。 それにしても、彼の「走りたくてたまらなとい」というワクワク感は、画面のはしはしからとてもストレートに伝わってきた。とても良い記録だったと思う。特にユニホームを着てヘルメットをかぶり、小走りに車のところに行くところなと、まるで子供のように体中から喜びが発散していたと思う。 チームの戦略ミーティングやセッティングのミーティングなどは、高度に進化したF1の凄さが良くわかる。理解力、直観力、洞察力すべてが必要だけど、彼は頭が良く苦も無くこなしているのが素晴らしい。 それと、チームの提供するイタリア料理の、なんと美味しそうな事。 イタリア料理なので美味しくないわけがないし、こういう環境でレースに参加できるのは本当に素晴らしい。 良いチームに入った! と思う。チームの皆さんに感謝。
Mamards Gaming
Mamards Gaming 日 前
I didn’t know pierre is such an emotional person. You got an army behind you pierre, keep pushing! Anthoine is always there for you!
Marianne Iya Colobong
Marianne Iya Colobong 日 前
i need more of this!!!
Miguelo Vergara
Miguelo Vergara 日 前
So mirrors are almost flat ? is that regulated by the FIA ? I'd love to have a picture of the angle they cover
V19 Secondaire
V19 Secondaire 日 前
French traduction 😭😭i understand only English a bit
aimlesfez 日 前
He knows how to juggle a football. He will be loved in Italy
S B 日 前
Great guys, great team! wish you all the best, guys!
김지태 日 前
우리 아기 유키 카와이이ㅣ
xobite 777
xobite 777 日 前
good luck yuki and gasly in emola you have a good chance to make a podium
Talapino Music
Talapino Music 日 前
Wonder what there hiding
Elliott bluemedsea
Elliott bluemedsea 日 前
Fantom sponsered Pierre <3
malena felici
malena felici 日 前
I just love the way the video is made! Really thankful for that incredible content! And I loved the way that the helmets are so miningfull and personal at the same time. I wish both the drivers and the team an incredible race weekend!
Iciee 日 前
God damn... Gasly is a really special driver to have. We must protect him at all cost. <3
Leando Souza
Leando Souza 2 日 前
Nova promessa da f1 muito talentoso!
Dwayne Errol Badua
Dwayne Errol Badua 2 日 前
I like Gasly's helmet last year. FULL GAS.
motoking 2 日 前
Gasly and yuki have become my favorite combo in F1
opepar 2 日 前
I didn't know that Pierre using Bell helmet. I think He use Arai helmet last year
James Faulkner II
James Faulkner II 2 日 前
I'm sorry you have to make so many autographed cards and I would never asked anyone for one because I know it must be the shittiest part of life. Well other than having some asshole film everything you do.
Roy van Diest
Roy van Diest 2 日 前
The subs are so wrong :-P altough Jos was shitting his pants ^^
RyanMCR 2 日 前
Japanese porn is always censored
I'm Jared
I'm Jared 2 日 前
Yuki's ability in soccer is good as driving, very nice. Wishing him best of luck in the rest of the season!!
Kakao 2 日 前
Yuki going out of his way to fist bump everyone is the best thing ever
Joleen Josephs
Joleen Josephs 2 日 前
Pierre have gone true some hard stuff 🥺
Joleen Josephs
Joleen Josephs 2 日 前
Yuki’s helmet Storie is really interesting
Sushifu 2 日 前
Yuki is my favourite driver!!
Hamza Chaudhry
Hamza Chaudhry 2 日 前
Hamza Chaudhry
Hamza Chaudhry 2 日 前
Lord Dobi
Lord Dobi 2 日 前
it's really tragic to hear how many friends Pierre has lost
Nicola Fox
Nicola Fox 2 日 前
Hi and thanks 😃 wish you all a successful weekend 👍😎
Vynnx A
Vynnx A 2 日 前
Strong team this season, rooting for you guys to take p4 overall!
Pauline John
Pauline John 2 日 前
It's so nice and touching to see the emotional side of Pierre. He genuinely cares for people.
Alex Chung
Alex Chung 2 日 前
This kid is pretty special, shame Honda is on the way out
Térence Gros
Térence Gros 2 日 前
Yuki Tsunoda fait un très bon début de saison en F1 avec une neuvième place à Bahreïn prouve qu'il a vraiment sa place dans la discipline reine du sport automobile. L'AT02 est très compétitive avec un moteur Honda beaucoup plus performant et Yuki Tsunoda va jouer les podiums et les victoires dans une saison 2021 qui va être animé. Yuki Tsunoda est un futur champion du monde.
Alex B
Alex B 2 日 前
Love this series!
Guido Lusso
Guido Lusso 2 日 前
Good job in Bahrain
sarath Guttikonda
sarath Guttikonda 2 日 前
Have a Good season team🤍💙
Anthony Leung
Anthony Leung 2 日 前
a new super talent is coming
_tamtan_ 2 日 前
Enzo Luck
Enzo Luck 2 日 前
I think that the brands of the teams and the sponsors should not be so present in helmets, in the past the drivers helmets were much more unique. For example, Alex Albon and Lance Stroll helmets are 90% based on the teams they are on, with no personality at all. nowadays drivers gotta put an extra effort on design to stand out
Shush 日 前
I do think Albon's helmet looked quite good. It looked clean and had little toutches of the Thai flag which was quite cool. Although I do agree Lance's helmet was terrible, he probably had the worst lid last year. Also, I recommend you search up Albon's DTM helmet on google. Its very team based with the Alpha Tauri theme but still looks very clean. Its the same design as his RB helmet but with a different color scheme... Im also a big fan of the colourful visors he has on his helmets, they really make the helmet stand out and make the driver very visible in the cockpit.
SevenW25 V
SevenW25 V 2 日 前
Please give the drivers more freedom with the helmets! The logo really doesn't need to be that big, we know what team they're in
Adara Singh.
Adara Singh. 2 日 前
Pierre saying who the three people are hurt 😭
Can’t wait this weekend!!
Mirko Serafin
Mirko Serafin 2 日 前
rémY 2 日 前
That Ukiyo-e is a nice touch
hase toro
hase toro 2 日 前
thank you for japanese subtitles!
豆柴ハル 2 日 前
I am a Shiba Inu, a natural monument of Japan. Suzuka Grand Prix is ​​going to support Tsunoda 😃
Lyu_ 2 日 前
White Wolf
White Wolf 2 日 前
whoever is running the youtube side of things is doing a great job. great content. already loved the driver pairing but we get to see so much more of them in these videos and for that I'm thankful.
andy Vettel
andy Vettel 2 日 前
"Helmet design is important" : 80% of the helmet covered in logos, love you guys but please let the drivers do their thing on the helmets
Iciee 日 前
They can't. They're only allowed to do that on their home race (and team's home race) Blame Bernie Ecclestone for that dumb rule.
andy Vettel
andy Vettel 2 日 前
@ntlespino you really have to be a big piece of shit to hate someone like gasly, ignore him
ntlespino 2 日 前
@Christian Kane the fuck did THAT come from
Christian Kane
Christian Kane 2 日 前
Gasly is a materialistic pos
りー 2 日 前
Elysian Tattoo Travel
Elysian Tattoo Travel 2 日 前
Already a big big fan ... first race and already showed what he's made of! Scuderia made with redbull absolutely the best driver spots available
koke kokko
koke kokko 2 日 前
Yuki, this is "sumie", not "ukiyoe"...
Abdulrahman Alalawi
Abdulrahman Alalawi 2 日 前
Wiktor K
Wiktor K 2 日 前
it's not orange, it's bright red
Akhyar Rayhka
Akhyar Rayhka 2 日 前
Honda - Honda 1 2 3 4 LETS GOOOOO
Adhika Seta
Adhika Seta 2 日 前
Daniel 2
Daniel 2 2 日 前
This tow Drivers have their Heart on the right Place
Gerry 2 日 前
i love that "Ukiyo-e" Picture!
kneas 2 日 前
Thanks to Japanese subtitles
Muhammad Rohmat
Muhammad Rohmat 2 日 前
Suka yuki tsunoda semenjak dia masuk tim f1 alpha tauri
Joren HN
Joren HN 2 日 前
I just think that F1 2021 is basically MF Ghost at this point. Kanata, the newbie is Yuki and Shun Aiba, the veteran is Gasly. And they start at the back of the grid, then keep on elevating to the top, until they get the W. Of course, VTEC will kick in, yo.
Full GAS10
Full GAS10 2 日 前
GASLY❗️ Anthoine is always protecting you👍😊
Elanur 2 日 前
ZIM 2 日 前
another great episode...Thank you team!
sanchxe 2 日 前
日本語の字幕早くもありがとうございます。 字幕はよっ!て、文句言えなくなった!
TheGoodKid 2 日 前
Yuki "The God of Wind" Tsunoda
ÏgorPropov 2 日 前
kamikaze (japanese) = divine wind (english)
Ganapathy subramanian
Ganapathy subramanian 2 日 前
Please don't put pressure on Yuki ITS.BEEN.ONE.RACE
rémY 2 日 前
True, in ANY sport overhyping a rookie never seem like a good idea for them.
_ loop
_ loop 2 日 前
Great content
山田大暉 2 日 前
Vivi G
Vivi G 2 日 前
Thank you team💙
Euro 86
Euro 86 2 日 前
Letters we can't see in the naked eye damn