mireya pascual
mireya pascual 時間 前
Diego Quijada
Diego Quijada 時間 前
Crimson Bot
Crimson Bot 時間 前
The busy rock unintentionally twist because philippines micrencephaly knit notwithstanding a nappy switch. tasty, salty cardboard
George Martinez
George Martinez 時間 前
What a joke the puppet joe China Biden already selling us out what a pos
James Gaddy
James Gaddy 時間 前
Reverse psychology at its finest...
Marvin Postadan
Marvin Postadan 時間 前
900k unemployment claim is the result of the $15 an hour wage increase. This administration will destroy America!
Vooodu Vooodu
Vooodu Vooodu 時間 前
Zachary Kim
Zachary Kim 時間 前
Plot twist: A time traveler was behind the virus
alvin rivera
alvin rivera 時間 前
It’s crazy how Russians targeted elections ads to sway people one way. Y’all think America is targeting ads to Russians to sway them one way?
Just Wryt
Just Wryt 時間 前
You go russia your stronger together we rooting for u be proud!
DM Production SL
DM Production SL 時間 前
George Martinez
George Martinez 時間 前
In surprise she not wearing her little Russia hat when she’s talking to msm
kolek cheryle
kolek cheryle 時間 前
Wow can we actually get answers. Can we actually get useful information not the same things we here everyday. New infections? WHO stated test inaccuracies beds full let us see where no hospital states this. Stop lies
Dennis Amsden
Dennis Amsden 時間 前
Over 9 million dead from virus another 8 million shot.
Susie Cox
Susie Cox 時間 前
A happy happy day for America!
John Quincy Adams
John Quincy Adams 時間 前
Sending prayers to everyone in the world 🙏🏻
Ashley Rusher
Ashley Rusher 時間 前
Joe Biden I pray your actions are your words with all. I’m a conservative Republican I voted for Donald Trump because your pick for Vice President frankly scares me more than Trumps nasty attitude
The Slavic Phenomenon
The Slavic Phenomenon 時間 前
As someone who grew up without a father I nearly cried watching Biden say how he is proud of his son.
Marvin Postadan
Marvin Postadan 時間 前
Raise EBT 15% lmfao! With the gas prices rising it nullifies the 15%
Danny Flores
Danny Flores 時間 前
Biden how about you start by RELEASING the Protester's in America that were arrested for wanting Police ACCOUNTABILITY !!! Then you can tell Russia what to do .
Adam Dickens
Adam Dickens 時間 前
You go joe
Jayme Mangano
Jayme Mangano 時間 前
Emphasis of Uhh.
Jeffy Bean
Jeffy Bean 時間 前
I’ll tell you how they feel......................... LIKE THE SORE LOSERS THEY ARE!!!!!!
ruth depew
ruth depew 時間 前
Tonight, Putin facing an uncertain future.
chenoa Faun
chenoa Faun 時間 前
Michael Adams
Michael Adams 時間 前
Propoganda news
EN Reefs
EN Reefs 時間 前
i want a russian wife.
Eddie N.
Eddie N. 時間 前
effective is masks if not wearing it correctly ? like wearing it loosely
J Ross
J Ross 時間 前
Criminal defense lawyers are getting rich!
ve ga
ve ga 時間 前
Both, Pence and Harris showed a lot of class....the NEW AMERICA
Jesley Bennett
Jesley Bennett 時間 前
man i also Cray that day, i just could believe when tmz break the news
itsaguinness 時間 前
1:26 lets get a mixtape
Russell Kempe
Russell Kempe 時間 前
Nancy Pelosi acts like the Boss of the Mafia. Criminal intent 24/7.
DieselKillyaTV 時間 前
watch that struggle to read lmao
pamela onco
pamela onco 時間 前
Why is that ALL I hear is about trumps voters ? He lost !!!!! What about bidets voters ? Or all the people who did not vote. ONLY TRUMPS VOTERS COUNT ? CAN'T BE !
Bothi Mercedes
Bothi Mercedes 時間 前
But if it was the other way someone doing it to a police officer immediately will be charge come on seriously?
Fabio Bonetta
Fabio Bonetta 時間 前
".. and when the world goes up in flames at least for now they knew my name.. KellyAnn Conway!!"
Alyssa mcdonald
Alyssa mcdonald 時間 前
They need to mobilize the vaccine in those communities that cannot commute.
Jerry Dean Rice II dba rice company ii holdings
Jerry Dean Rice II dba rice company ii holdings 時間 前
2m7r56x4 cia questions... Press core does these questions give me power over any United States president for life... TC44CW69, SQTY9A8T, etrf3q6r and Gao 17-300, ywhyam8w cia questions and sire title for SYMC27633694 & symz13766558 Symantec vip and have life time patents on products. King and canary president jerry dean rice ii with seal and pen.
Alexander Alexeyeff
Alexander Alexeyeff 時間 前
Welcome from Russia! It is good to know that the free world sheds at least some light on the lawlessness happening in Russia. Despite repressions, we will fight Putin and his rotten regime!
Be Woke Jeanty
Be Woke Jeanty 時間 前
They killed him by keeping their Leg on neck made him throw up no oxygen to brain . The officers must be in jail this is bogus
WolfieJr 94
WolfieJr 94 時間 前
Never change Philly 😂
1Humble American
1Humble American 時間 前
1Humble American
1Humble American 時間 前
Anita Krajnc
Anita Krajnc 時間 前
Two of three bronze busts were social movement leaders who were vegan. Biden please #DontLookAway #WatchDominion I challenge all the Biden Administration and Congress people to bear witness to animal suffering and exploitation and to become vegan
gap949 時間 前
Just another Radical Right Wing Fascist in the GOP !
Marvin Postadan
Marvin Postadan 時間 前
That was such a degrading comment to police officers! “ bad cop”
Allen Cameron
Allen Cameron 時間 前
It was NOT a "riot"! It was a violent INSURRECTION which disrupted the U.S. government, and injured/killed people.
k 時間 前
Yikes, just watched his interview and he is not the sharpest tool in the shed. Doesn't even understand the tenants of the constitution. I hope this freshman representative gets the experience, education, and mentorship to grow into his role.
Up jumps the Boogie Boogie jumps me
Up jumps the Boogie Boogie jumps me 時間 前
If he would have remained speaking like this .. He'd still be the President of the United States.
Happy Tappy
Happy Tappy 時間 前
What a joke, typical dissociation....you have no idea what healing means
Be Woke Jeanty
Be Woke Jeanty 時間 前
They killed him man
Muhammad Jailani
Muhammad Jailani 時間 前
Allahu Akbar
Jay T.
Jay T. 時間 前
FactsOver Fiction
FactsOver Fiction 時間 前
"This part of Ohio voted for Obama" ... too bad the DNC sabotaged Sanders & his supporters. Trump & Sanders both appealed to the disappearing middle class and the underemployed working class. One relied on emotion; the other has a plan. Well, now we see where emotionn gets you.
Sherri Brody
Sherri Brody 時間 前
I have no doubt that Pete will be the most productive person ever to have this position. We are so lucky to have him.
Julie Mcneil
Julie Mcneil 時間 前
You never want to hear the words should be from a doctor
Be Woke Jeanty
Be Woke Jeanty 時間 前
Being suspicious smh omg no crime was committed omg lost his soul for nothing
Aarron Chriss
Aarron Chriss 時間 前
No flu cases amazing, millions of vaccine doses not showing up , and how does the masks be more effective than vaccine,
dan stokes
dan stokes 時間 前
Biden's a loser!!!
Lucy Ballesteros
Lucy Ballesteros 時間 前
Pence will never forget what he went through on January 6 and knowing that DT was part of it .
Only me
Only me 時間 前
Does NBC think Biden won but Putin lost? If so, that is that would be hypocritical.
1 2
1 2 時間 前
Why are democrat run cities and states opening bars and restaurants if the new covid-19 is deadlier and our current vaccine is useless against it?
Greg Woodard
Greg Woodard 時間 前
Romney is a disgrace. We ALL see it
Luna Charles
Luna Charles 時間 前
00:23 it is really scary why he .....
J Trager
J Trager 時間 前
Alex 時間 前
You people thought Trump was embarrassing? Now we literally have a zombie for President. This conference is literally like watching The Walking Dead.
Bruce Thomas Wayne
Bruce Thomas Wayne 時間 前
The only racists I see are the people being paid to keep it alive. Such as this woman and MSM.
martin wilczenski
martin wilczenski 時間 前
Fake Catholic Joe the baby killer.
M Lo
M Lo 時間 前
Powerball another tax on stupid people
J Trager
J Trager 時間 前
Regina Hagel
Regina Hagel 時間 前
Its begun.
M M 時間 前
That guide looked terrified. She didn’t even blink.
Hb Village foods
Hb Village foods 時間 前
Jose KuroKen
Jose KuroKen 時間 前
2:05 - No lady, sorry but no... just stop, please. 4:05 Dakota, would you please tell us exactly what the Republican government we've had for the last nearly 5 years accomplished other than tax cuts for the mega rich, getting as many unyielding (and many unqualified!) Republicans in the courts and rolling back regulations that benefit big business while overtly harming consumers and small businesses. Go on, we'll wait. Right now, if nothing gets done it is Mitch McConnell and his ilk do their best to NOT govern. Face it, once their rich donors are taken care off, the Republicans would have our government not do anything. The Dems. are far from perfect, especially the old guard Blue Dog corporate ones. But at least there they have some members in Congress and Senate who try.
Kaithai Sayarath
Kaithai Sayarath 時間 前
I agree with that outreach centers since most people don't have accessibility to your benefits. A centralized place in each town to help the people access these vital resources. They say they do a lot but does it really go to the people? How can it if they? If they can't even access those benefits. Just ask the people around you how many actually receive any stimulus check.
who's on first
who's on first 時間 前
In her head she’s rocking back and forth saying we’re all gonna die.
Eric Collins
Eric Collins 時間 前
this is nothing but white privilege oh boo hoo hoo!!
Jennifer Evans
Jennifer Evans 時間 前
Funniest part is all the hypocrites that need to see this video will never actually see this video or will refuse to watch it because it will show their hypocrisy and they know it so they will just stay conformed and keep their heads in the sand