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Doodle Vaush 14 分 前
On this episode of game theory we watch Lockstin
E Amos
E Amos 14 分 前
Glad to see you putting that Musical Theater background to good use, Pat.
Canadian Food
Canadian Food 14 分 前
Naw, Clauncher is definitely based on a pistol shrimp.
Enrique Miranda
Enrique Miranda 15 分 前
Why can’t they teach us this in living earth
KateSinging InTheSnow
KateSinging InTheSnow 15 分 前
Ok so you inspired me to look at my fnaf book "the freddy files" and this may not be important at all but the beginning picture for chapter 2, it has a picture of the puppet giving a present to a little kid with red hair and freckles. You mentioned in an earlier video that Fritz, the one who posseses foxy, has freckles. Well in the background of this image, there are 5-7 normal foxys, and 2-3 funtime foxys in the background. Idk maybe this means absolutely nothing but I thought it'd be interesting to point out
Petar Đuričin
Petar Đuričin 15 分 前
What's next? You say warzone is all a dream of a dying soldier because you can't kill the birds that te flying around the place?!?!
Ayman Yashar
Ayman Yashar 15 分 前
Where can I download the song at the start on Spotify
DunEx YT
DunEx YT 15 分 前
I got a Japanese pikachu from Pokémon home. 🎵Gonna go make some pichus!🎵
Angelic Rose
Angelic Rose 15 分 前
That's so weird- There's like Only one Character in sun & moon who isn't 10 or 11 and that's Gladion since he's like 14
Endersoul 46
Endersoul 46 15 分 前
:( i sod for shiny
EcHokage 15 分 前
That opening was mad cringe mat 😂
TheJester 15 分 前
if i had a switch i could help someone bc i live in italy HAHAHHA
Alex Wixom
Alex Wixom 15 分 前
Everyone knows it's all about them sparkles!
Parker Talbot
Parker Talbot 15 分 前
Love it but could you talk more about Wanda vision
PizzaPartyDude 15 分 前
6:18 I feel bad for the audio viewers
Aris 16 分 前
Sooooo.... What about shiny legendaries
Miss Vidzy
Miss Vidzy 16 分 前
What I got from this is catching them is a good thing since they wouldn't survive in the wild
Yes seY
Yes seY 16 分 前
Green is the protagonist of Pokémon green
Melon 16 分 前
I have a shiny Regieleki I got from wonder trading
Rusher Ranker7
Rusher Ranker7 16 分 前
This sounds like a dorkly story
Gacha club freak!
Gacha club freak! 16 分 前
Yall be quick
Ariel perez
Ariel perez 16 分 前
6:23 omg those kids are monsters
Jérémie Barrie
Jérémie Barrie 16 分 前
You should do a terraria one
MrPlots 16 分 前
So shinies are just incest Pokémon?
Nicole Griboski
Nicole Griboski 16 分 前
I just love the subtitles, thank you for who ever made them
BoogieZushio 16 分 前
avatar = insest ?
Yolo Swagger 6000
Yolo Swagger 6000 16 分 前
scott: Haha, new game! MatPat will have to make another theory! matpat: no u
Cameren Hotmap
Cameren Hotmap 16 分 前
My... my... EARS... my so sorry but.... that song is CRINGE
Skelly 16 分 前
I am intimidated by TaMAToa
SoapBar 17 分 前
RT spent ALL of that time looking for a shiny wooloo. Well..
Cobalt Animations
Cobalt Animations 17 分 前
*Has never played a main line Pokémon game* Mmmmmmhmmmmmmm
Douglas Crespin
Douglas Crespin 17 分 前
Beanos boy
Jose Berger
Jose Berger 17 分 前
matpat exists as tamotoa me: i thought this was a shiny pokemon video matpat a few seconds later: cuz my pokemon are shiny me: ohh now i get it
Jesse Ferdinand
Jesse Ferdinand 17 分 前
My town doesn’t have any birds of prey, and coyotes are rare, so there’s a family of albino squirrels that do pretty well for themselves.
Drew Hahn
Drew Hahn 17 分 前
Just for that intro this gets a like, already amazing
Paulthemailman Fawfulthemailma
Paulthemailman Fawfulthemailma 17 分 前
The shiny thing wont get outdated because its already outdated
L-H Guy
L-H Guy 17 分 前
it's not shiny it's *SHI NEA*
Glacial Rend
Glacial Rend 17 分 前
The title:Your shiny Pokémon are doomed Me:in sword with my shiny machop named one punch man
Jack Schoellkopf
Jack Schoellkopf 17 分 前
I got a shiny shedinja. Checkmate.
ChemicalExplosions 17 分 前
Minor correction for 9:59 in the video: It is not a lack of genetic diversity that causes mutation. The mutations were either already present or will arise randomly. However, there is typically still a good copy of the other gene to mask the effect of the bad gene (assuming Matpat is talking about recessive genes), and in a large, diverse gene pool the individual is less likely to have both copies of the gene be mutated. The lack of genetic diversity increases the probability the the offspring will inherit two mutant copies of any given gene (one from each parent), resulting in them express the mutant phenotype. There are exceptions to this, but in the vast majority of cases this is what happens.
cupcake kitten
cupcake kitten 18 分 前
Mat: says they're all gonna die Me: yeah, probably gonna say something like it's a super rare very deadly genetic disease. Or that the others would actively seek out it's death because they don't recognize it or something
Frikiko Frikiko
Frikiko Frikiko 17 分 前
lucky loki 07
lucky loki 07 18 分 前
Me with a completed shiny living dex except for shiny locked Pokémon: oh no anyways
werewolf914 18 分 前
*flashbacks to RTGames Woloo genocide*
Alien from Space
Alien from Space 18 分 前
I kinda like the idea of meeting foreign players and befriending them in order to increase your chances of hatching a shiny pokemon
Kevin Lassig
Kevin Lassig 18 分 前
Three months I've cried aimlessly into the void, hoping my voice would be heard. No more... The Game Theorists The Game Theorists The Game Theorists *_HAHA!_*_ Now that I have your attention, I would remind you on behalf of the Minecraft community that Ỳ̶͔́̃͠O̵͉͇͒̽̂̐̓̔̅̅͝Ų̴͇̯̱͎̠̺̫̩̖͐͑́̊̈́͠ ̷̨̫͉̗̈́̔̓͑̑̅͝P̴̨̣̩̙͙͎̦̻̻̑̿̈̇̓͂̾͘Ŗ̸̦̱͚̟̝̲͔̺̜̔̆̅̓̚O̴̢͙͇̺̬̝̠̿̄̈́M̴͇͉̯͋̊̅̄̓͌̚Ȉ̶̱̅́̚S̷͍̻͕̬̭͖͉̎͛̊̾͂͒̀͠E̸̢͇̖̝̲͖͍̋̐́̎̈́͘Ḍ̶̡͍͚̼̙͙͕̐́̄̍̽̒ͅ ̸̡̙̟̥̬̻̰̞̎̊̾̈́͆̈́̂̾̅U̴̞͚̺̝͖͚̦͓͆̊S̷̭̜̲̈́͗̉ ̸̨̡̧̝̭̞̖̼͍̍̿̇̑̐͂́͘H̶͖͖̃̕E̷̱̱̻̳̥̺̘̗͐͊͌͒̈̑̀̀͜R̶̼̭̫̀͑̅͋ͅO̵̡̿͛̓̀́͊̈́̌͒̚B̷̟̮͉̖̭̣͖̗͓̒̐̄̈́́͂͐͊̋̕R̵̨̳̭̹͚̅Ï̶̡͚̰̘̪̻͓͈̲̐N̶̬̘̯͘E̴̫̫̞̳̓̇̐͂̂́̉̽̄̍!̴̻̳͚̠̎̃̽͂̄̊̆̈́!̶͈̐͗̅̍̄̉̽͋̓̐!̴̞͕̫̀̉͂̑̋_ jppost.info/project/0pGNkcSdn56zYt0/bideo.html&t P.S. You should read _The End_ by Catherynne M. Valente, it gives some interesting insight as to what makes the End a prison for its inhabitants. Thanks! :)
lolman123sirxd _
lolman123sirxd _ 18 分 前
Fugates: have blue skin because of stuff... Alabama:Finnaly a worth opponent. our battle will be legendary
Raul Moreno
Raul Moreno 18 分 前
Jordau 18 分 前
All animals and living things in general are doomed to die. lol this theory is dumb
Frikiko Frikiko
Frikiko Frikiko 17 分 前
Dat ArtBunches
Dat ArtBunches 19 分 前
Me who has only had one shiny Pokémon in Pokémon brick bronze (that Roblox game): * visible concern*
Daniel Romo
Daniel Romo 19 分 前
thats why my shiny lickitunge looks like it needs to go to the hospital
Mike and Lynn Callahan
Mike and Lynn Callahan 19 分 前
Photophobic, not photosensitive. It’s an odd name for a translucent iris for certain, but that’s the proper name.
UnoReverseCaard 19 分 前
I just casually finished catching 4 shiny registeels inside of every game (took 1 month! thought it would take longer.), then this comes in my recommended of all things. That title.. also i LOVE GREEN SHINIES JHEJKHRFHJREHJKFRJKHFHJRK
Frikiko Frikiko
Frikiko Frikiko 18 分 前
childeharold2 19 分 前
love vids
Cynical Fox
Cynical Fox 19 分 前
Noooooooo jericho my shiny bulbasaur
Göran Ingesson
Göran Ingesson 19 分 前
Why a Moana song in a Pokémon episode?
Austin Berner
Austin Berner 19 分 前
You claim that shinies are the inbred mutants, but what if the shinies are the original and the common pokemon are the inbred variants, which would explain why taking pokemon from different parts of the world causes a color change when you increase the genetic diversity. And honestly, how many pokemon were bred, hatched, and released because they weren't shiny from the same two parents? That's a whole lot of brothers and sisters running around in the wild. It would also explain the prevalence of non shiny pokemon, as they were originally the unique special variants that everyone wanted. Now genetic diversity is non-existent so almost every pokemon is regular.
Infernoraptor 19 分 前
I unironically loved that intro.
HEET_ Snipez
HEET_ Snipez 19 分 前
Isnt that crab from moana???
Robby Metts
Robby Metts 19 分 前
Speaking of ball pythons I have a bumblebee ball python (a rescue, I know the practice is unethical). I love him to death
Cabbage king
Cabbage king 19 分 前
That intro made me die of cringe. Thanks MatPat. good vid tho
Shiloh Scott
Shiloh Scott 20 分 前
Before i watch the video they are doomed to die like white tigers are accept white tigers are man made
BlackX XDragon
BlackX XDragon 20 分 前
Damn nice intro😂
Etterra 20 分 前
Audible is screwing creators dude - the YT channel Stardock did a video on it and you need to go watch it.
Noah Bailey
Noah Bailey 20 分 前
Well I don’t have to worry about my shiny Pokémon dying cause I don’t have any! This video is also funny cause I recently learned about genetic mutation in my biology class lol
AngelRavensblade 9876
AngelRavensblade 9876 20 分 前
Oml "my pokimon are shiny"
Amelia Diaz
Amelia Diaz 20 分 前
This is true and can happen to humans as well with their hair or body.
CyDragon2.0 20 分 前
so i guess have them somehow bred the shinnies through imbedding
PegasxsFGC 20 分 前
for anyone who asked yes this is the longest intro he ever did.
Enrique Miranda
Enrique Miranda 20 分 前
First shiny Pokémon I caught was Magnimite, what was yours?
Undead 20 分 前
Matpat needs to make an album
Vishal Kalicharan
Vishal Kalicharan 20 分 前
Try doing a game theory on the hidden lore of Twisted Metal: Black.
Jesse Mendoza
Jesse Mendoza 21 分 前
Snake? Snake? SNAAAAAKE!!!!
DGK DAB 21 分 前
wait the blue lobter is the harder one to get i have 2-5 of those and only 1 normal
Newbie Gamelover
Newbie Gamelover 21 分 前
This would explain why our domesticated animals look so different from wild animals. (Of course, that is pretty obvious.)
Cute rat !!
Cute rat !! 21 分 前
:D D: 🙂 ☹️
jam sauce
jam sauce 21 分 前
8:03 its the stupindeum
Anthony Cardenas-Penaranda
Anthony Cardenas-Penaranda 21 分 前
a new fnaf game comin out
Michael Brown
Michael Brown 21 分 前
So albino humans are the Shiny version of humans
Squirt Nose
Squirt Nose 21 分 前
Matpat said the logbook was a children’s activity book A few minutes later we knew he was wrong It was a book for the actual fans not those dumb children
Davron Norkulov
Davron Norkulov 21 分 前
Make book theory