aespa 에스파 'Black Mamba' Techwear ver. Dance Practice

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16 日 前

‘Black Mamba’ hits 100M views!
Thank you so much for your love and support💜
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hAai HeEllo anYeOng
hAai HeEllo anYeOng 時間 前
vote in mubeat please
kao gao
kao gao 2 時間 前
Miss them so much
im kpop
im kpop 6 時間 前
Choreography was very good to copy🙂
Forever Young
Forever Young 8 時間 前
MYs vote on Mubeat app now
putri kilav
putri kilav 9 時間 前
gasskeun vote di mubeat my
adil Müzəffərli
adil Müzəffərli 9 時間 前
AZERBAYCANDAN Salam Hammizi cox sevirem cok iyisiniz😍😍😍
Edelweiss Xu
Edelweiss Xu 9 時間 前
OMG winteeer :(((
Aya Mira
Aya Mira 10 時間 前
Hello MYs (fandom name of aespa) please vote aespa on Mubeat for the Rookie of the Year (Female). Let's secure their 3rd ROTY. Thank you so much
black mamba
black mamba 10 時間 前
I MISS THEM :'((((
Fatima Ventas
Fatima Ventas 10 時間 前
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ahmad ghafar
ahmad ghafar 14 時間 前
Devi Parawansa
Devi Parawansa 14 時間 前
Vote aespa --- mubeat app
Noemi Pérez
Noemi Pérez 14 時間 前
0:11 Ning is so cute hahaha ❤️
1TO7GAMER 15 時間 前
Karina use the moon outfit like jennie and other
Florencia Luque
Florencia Luque 17 時間 前
The dancers dance much better than the 4th of you🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮
I miss
Nisanur Güngör
Nisanur Güngör 18 時間 前
Can we appreciate the back dancers they slayed omg they’re also beautiful like aespa
N A 20 時間 前
i still dont understand for they who said aespa is copying blackpink. just shut your word if all you know about kpop gg is blackpink😂 its remind me too when they said itzy was copying blackpink. why everything have to compared with blackpink🤦‍♀️ im not blackpink haters or something. i like blackpink too. but it pissed me off everytime i see comment about this or that copying bp 🤬
Study Love Best
Study Love Best 20 時間 前
Winter is Gorgeous and her voice is amazing...I am shocked.
Jendeukie _nini
Jendeukie _nini 20 時間 前
Panashe Tangai
Panashe Tangai 20 時間 前
Giselle's voice tho
Y Shin
Y Shin 20 時間 前
카리나인가 저 친구말고 얼굴이 죄다 아줌마스럽다고 할까;; 왜케 생긴게 촌스럽지
Heart_sick 21 時間 前
Can someone tell me which one is Karina? Everyone is talking about her 🤔🤔
Heart_sick 5 時間 前
@Eunice Otu thank you. She caught my eyes
Eunice Otu
Eunice Otu 19 時間 前
She’s the one wearing the moon top, with a ponytail
exo exol
exo exol 23 時間 前
nicole salas
nicole salas 23 時間 前
Jυѕт arмyвlιnĸ
Jυѕт arмyвlιnĸ 日 前
The biggest proof that blackpink Paved the way for them
5o5a a
5o5a a 3 時間 前
another blonk who is inscure about their favs 😂😂😂so black pink are not talanted as i can see
Haechan_Vocals amazingly ACE
Haechan_Vocals amazingly ACE 6 時間 前
SM Vocals really amazing.. Even the top tier choreography..
auracle 9 時間 前
Lmao in your dreams
hAai HeEllo anYeOng
hAai HeEllo anYeOng 12 時間 前
huh ??? 😌
lesyeuxdeqis 23 時間 前
허허 日 前
Aline Yang
Aline Yang 日 前
Keep up the hard work!!! 😁
salma padilla
salma padilla 日 前
올해 최고의 바이브는 없는데 데뷔로 운이 좋으면 좋겠다.
Tiara Zamroni
Tiara Zamroni 日 前
yu jeong
yu jeong 日 前
hi guys yg blm ngerti cara vot3 mubeat nnti kuajarin,yuk beberapa hari lagi kok😭
Doni Brasco
Doni Brasco 日 前
Vote aespa on mubeat
Maria Aya
Maria Aya 日 前
كثير حلو بطلو تتنمرو عليهم 🍃💖💖💖💖💗🌆🌆🌆🌆🌆🌆🌆🌆🌆🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸
hAai HeEllo anYeOng
hAai HeEllo anYeOng 日 前
minjeong 日 前
Альбина Нурадилова
Альбина Нурадилова 日 前
왜 블랙 핑크를 표절합니까? 안무는 이해하지만 블랙 핑크에서 같은 전설을 훔친 이유는 무엇입니까? 일반적으로 수호 천사, 특히 카리나 나 지젤의 옷은 폭스 옷처럼 생겼습니다! 이것은 SM에서!
Karina ❤️
Mishika Irvine
Mishika Irvine 日 前
Zaine Otnixal
Zaine Otnixal 日 前
Ningning so so Pretty.
Zaine Otnixal
Zaine Otnixal 日 前
Ningning myluvs so cute
julia. video
julia. video 日 前
so only this one song??? afraid if only this song the group will gone
lesyeuxdeqis 23 時間 前
@Nordel Lagata haha she must be new lol
Nordel Lagata
Nordel Lagata 日 前
Are u new?
Hwang Youji
Hwang Youji 日 前
Ning ning cantik banget 😭😭
NCTzens 日 前
For those who vote in SMA do not delete the app yet until feb 1 because it will delete the votes
Justeen Marylle Anne Roque
Justeen Marylle Anne Roque 8 時間 前
Really? It's good that I haven't deleted it yet.
Coochie man
Coochie man 日 前
Karina is unreal she stole my heart
MYteumezen 日 前
Choi Choi Parodi#8YearsWithSuga
Choi Choi Parodi#8YearsWithSuga 日 前
I love you Aespa ♡♥︎
희희 日 前
에슾 하 .. 사랑해 우리 카릐나.. 우리 윈터 .. 우리 지줼.. 우리 닝닝 .. 유어갓 ..
Ae Spa
Ae Spa 日 前
My please vote aespa on the mubeat, we're already at 1st, but we have to last 5 days more
necnec hatdog cheesedog
necnec hatdog cheesedog 日 前
I wish I have winter or ning ning's body ahhahaa you know the feeling your slim but your belly fat is a traitor hahhaa Im on a diet but belly fat is fighting hahhaha
Eklesia Situmorang
Eklesia Situmorang 日 前
Mba winter kesukaan ku
SMent Future
SMent Future 日 前
howdy my name's Jae
howdy my name's Jae 日 前
1:00 everyone needs this one repeat
TIME TRAVEL 1 hour ago[5:42PM ; 1/26/2021] hey ladies, ear muffs winter i already stanned you. now the reason im writinf is bc of my work. i 46 as you may know a graduate of the johns hopkins university 1997, highchool in at detroit country day in birmingham MI. now that out of the way im like exactly the same as GISELLE tha ninja from private education on the island? right. anyway im trapped in a 46 year old body and need to be rescues by sync hero story line. (go with me here, ever seen averengers endgame " iron man 5 ,illion or somtehtin. whatever, they build a time machine and w=the whole series ends after they save the niverse using it and iron man dies. whatever AGAN right? )so okay you get where im going with this. i started a sub plot NOW get your SM lackeys to make a story baord and TAKE IT THE FUCK AWAY LADIES!!!!!! woooooooooooooooooooo hooooooooooooooooo!! i think about yuo all the time WINTER. at home when imm loneyl..nevermins. : P ------------- TIME TRAVEL 5 minutes ago (edited) [MSG TO AESPA TALENT] Here's the basic reason I need some help from the AESPA team. My proof on TIME TRAVEL using a guitar is 100% correct so I've been told to publish it - but I won't pay money to do it. here's what i wrote in response to getting it published: On "PUBLISHING" (time travel using guitar) "i may need help. 🤏 (little bit): I'm really a little scared. So far, what I've written is interesting and proves time travel first - but in doing so, the entertainment value of any artist's music poses a threat to him and his work (if they've ever been paid). It's not that cool, you know? Thank you for letting me post this on your page. FACEBOOK "blocked" me from doing this on a friend's personal page(s) - I did it on 20 pages before the platform restrictions took effect. Published enough, now maybe (?). What do you think?" I don't know. Pandora's box is already open and i'm gonna fucking run with it til my work on the guitar in WORLD EVOLTION is recognized. so much so that they can never deny that i spent my lifetime PUBLISHING the TRUTH - for free. thx ladies. So how am i dong Winter? alright just checking. thanks!! lol
Doni Brasco
Doni Brasco 日 前
Vote aespa on mubeat
Monique freefire
Monique freefire 日 前
Mano KKKKKKKKKKK E EU QUE TAVA ACHANDO QUE AS DANÇARINAS TAVAM DE MEIA KKKKKKKKKKK O SAPATO DELAS É IGUALZINHO UMA MEIA MANO *quero esse sapato* (sei que ninguém se importa mas só queria algum comentário em português mesmo ;^;)
• 23 years • and
• 23 years • and 日 前
I love ning ning's outfit sm
Tong Manatthaya
Tong Manatthaya 日 前
02:51 Ningning(?)
Дикая Вишня
Дикая Вишня 日 前
Добиваем 10 миллионов просмотров и 1 миллион лайков!
hassan raza
hassan raza 日 前
So beautiful and cute girl 🤩🥰
Anjeli Novita
Anjeli Novita 日 前
Avegail Lucero
Avegail Lucero 2 日 前
3.6M ✅
Winter Lim
Winter Lim 2 日 前
MYs please vote our girls on Mubeat app the gap is decreasing so fast guys. This rookie award is totally based on voting and we have to show our support and love for the girls. So please vote MYs our girls deserve to win this award. Vote and widen the gap... PLEASE MYS VOTE ON MUBEAT APP.
Elise de la Serre
Elise de la Serre 2 日 前
park_jimin 2 日 前
park_jimin 2 日 前
Ako Yu
Ako Yu 2 日 前
I really love this kind of outfits on them..they look stunning
Doni Brasco
Doni Brasco 2 日 前
MY's create alot account google to vote. Use some device to vote. Thank's.
phng Nguyễn
phng Nguyễn 2 日 前
Winter so beautiful👍👍👍👍
챱챱 2 日 前
sm 왜 그래... 테크웨어 할거면 제대로 해야지 이도저도 아닌 의상 뭐야.. 어휴
Az zahra Madu liviana
Az zahra Madu liviana 2 日 前
heyitsme 4
heyitsme 4 2 日 前
Karina is Aespa’s main dancer let’s appreciate her and her beauty she’s so pretty
Violet Angel
Violet Angel 2 日 前
Seriously that gal has taken my attention
Judy Hernández
Judy Hernández 2 日 前
Me gustó incluso más que el video oficial jajajajajaj
Doni Brasco
Doni Brasco 2 日 前
MY's please vote aespa on mubeat. Thank's.
Izzatul Hasanah
Izzatul Hasanah 2 日 前
1:01 karina hair flip really pretty
ლ뉴다 2 日 前
으메 춤 한 번 정말 난해하다...짐살라빔부터가 난해함 시작이였구만...
takoo -
takoo - 2 日 前
ningning the cuteeessst 🥺❤️
illBeeFȋ̈nȇ̈ 2 日 前
I’m addict to there outfits.
윤정 2 日 前
카리나 헤드뱅잉 할때마다 내 속이 다 시원함 너무 잘돌려
Putri Nurul Hasanah
Putri Nurul Hasanah 2 日 前
karina's outfit makes me remember with lisa's outfit
Nino Alania
Nino Alania 2 日 前
Yoongi'nin gülüşü
Yoongi'nin gülüşü 2 日 前
Winter my bias
Yelena Supremecy
Yelena Supremecy 2 日 前
2:13 I would honestly quit if I had to do that dance move if i was a back ground dancer
godforsaken mess
godforsaken mess 日 前
ikr its so awkward 😭
Misaka Hana
Misaka Hana 2 日 前
NazrinSaidin 2 日 前
Techwear? I thought their outfits gonna light up or change colors or they gonna do projection mapping shows like perfume.. or im expecting too much..
Jilian Cerojales
Jilian Cerojales 2 日 前
The long lost sisters of itzy
Hạnh Hạnh
Hạnh Hạnh 2 日 前
karina is *chef kiss*
Doni Brasco
Doni Brasco 2 日 前
MY's please download app mubeat on google play store. Vote aespa on mubeat for rookie artist female. Use multiple account google to vote. Thank's.
모레 2 日 前
음방 의상도 이렇게 해주지.. 음방때는 반짝이 속바지만 입혀놓고.. 이렇게 예쁘게 입힐 줄 알면서..
Latoya Criner
Latoya Criner 2 日 前
Powerful girls
Bryan Mark
Bryan Mark 2 日 前
i love youuu aespaa!
Pleuvoirz Z
Pleuvoirz Z 2 日 前
I want to be Karina’s hair :
Nur Nabila
Nur Nabila 2 日 前
Giselle body?
blu lemoned
blu lemoned 日 前
Nora Aj
Nora Aj 2 日 前
Izah Albertini
Izah Albertini 2 日 前
This makes more sense then their Music Video
ღKã Chañღ
ღKã Chañღ 2 日 前
æspa 😍
unni yeo
unni yeo 2 日 前
ningning -
jichuxdreeam_ 2 日 前
I love you Aespa💛🌻
김익명 2 日 前
테크웨어 누가 입혔나요.....? 존나 참각막 참안목 참센스
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