A Bigger Badder Bowser - Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury - Nintendo Switch

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5 日 前

Bowser has become gargantuan and lost all control! Join forces with Bowser Jr. to stop his big bad dad in the Bowser's Fury adventure, included in the Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury game. Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury launches on February 12, 2021 only on Nintendo Switch.
Learn more: www.nintendo.com/games/detail/super-mario-3d-world-plus-bowsers-fury-switch/
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Dual Blade
Dual Blade 2 分 前
Omg i didn't know Mario was the one tail jinjuriki
BellaDaDragon 4 分 前
GG Gaming
GG Gaming 8 分 前
Looks fun i will DEFINITELY get it
carbon273 10 分 前
Pokémon Sword and Shield: Gigantamax Den raids, Mario 3D World edition.
Belle Barrie
Belle Barrie 13 分 前
Bowers death metal theme sounds like its from Super Mario Striker Damn I love it
Mephisto Pheles
Mephisto Pheles 16 分 前
*Looking at Giant Bowser* Me: TITAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!
Raveen Bikha
Raveen Bikha 23 分 前
The gameplay looks like odyssey gameplay the camera is following behind u instead up
un known
un known 23 分 前
bowser took a trip to dark souls it seems
David Junius
David Junius 25 分 前
Never understand why mario got animal theme power ups. Never look cool
Bizzaro Duck
Bizzaro Duck 26 分 前
Is it just me, or am I getting some serious Calamity Ganon vibes from Bowser?
Red Herring
Red Herring 29 分 前
looking forward to the Bowsette Fury fanart!
Gd Panaassis
Gd Panaassis 30 分 前
Imagine if Nintendo copyright himself for using Nintendo music
John Doe
John Doe 36 分 前
Silverback 36 分 前
Welp, Bowser is Godzilla now, can't wait to beat that.
John Doe
John Doe 37 分 前
Calamity Bowser
Anic 64
Anic 64 38 分 前
super cyan Mario goes brrrrr
Latoya Tealer
Latoya Tealer 40 分 前
so is sony is going to put sackboy a big adventure on the Nintendo switch or what so say something
Alejandro Ruiz-Esparza
Alejandro Ruiz-Esparza 42 分 前
so super sayain mario goes gigantamax vs symbiote shin-bowser-zilla.....take my money nintendo
Croc 47 分 前
Why do I get the feeling more people will want to get yiffrd by bowser now
Ghost465 48 分 前
cărţi magice
cărţi magice 50 分 前
I thought that the game was avaible in 2 nd. of December 2021, not 12 February 2021
LeVrai Raptor
LeVrai Raptor 52 分 前
Pacific rim family friendly
Armadillo Hamster
Armadillo Hamster 51 分 前
Logan Bragues
Logan Bragues 52 分 前
Ashley Zamski
Ashley Zamski 55 分 前
Woah he’s fat
Harmon Dushane
Harmon Dushane 56 分 前
Ending was like the end of the first God of War, I'm definitely not complaining
DekuChan 時間 前
Why did I think that that was endeavor in the thumbnail?
R00B 時間 前
Bowser's furry
Jrockcreeper 時間 前
2:03 new pokemon game Furry vs Triggered Turtle
Brittney Lynch
Brittney Lynch 時間 前
Mario's going Super Saiyan
Sergio Augusto Pinto Avila
Sergio Augusto Pinto Avila 時間 前
Super So- I mean Mario
Adam Finnigan
Adam Finnigan 時間 前
2:01 Your not dealing with the average feline mario anymore bowser he has realised the legend the legend you fear thats right bowser he has become the LEGENDARY SUPER MEOWRIO
WolfGuardian 時間 前
i'm glad to see my bowser tattoo feature in this game
마인스타 時間 前
Josefina uwu
Josefina uwu 時間 前
This game have multiplayer?
The Fire
The Fire 時間 前
Gotta love the Macro Furries
JelloDream 時間 前
Bruh they stole dynamaxing.
Juan Toledo
Juan Toledo 時間 前
Mario Ball Z
Jairo Valdes
Jairo Valdes 時間 前
woooo un nuevo mario woooo un nuevo mario vaya un nuevo port pero que novedad vaya.
Christopher Rivera
Christopher Rivera 時間 前
This is Mario 3D World with RTX *ON*
LTD_K1R8Y 時間 前
you guys should release call of duty on nintendo it would be very fun and I would be playing that more than fortnite and 2k
Damon Allen
Damon Allen 2 時間 前
Godzilla Vibes Mate.
E /E
E /E 2 時間 前
Fire bowser is literally the equivalent of fire Godzilla.
Cece Bebe
Cece Bebe 2 時間 前
Has somebody told seth everman
Johnny 2 時間 前
Is it all just one big level and i love that bowser jr is like a good player in this game
rayjaxter 2 時間 前
Mario, it's time to Dynamax! lol
Autumn Nguyen
Autumn Nguyen 2 時間 前
This isn't my dad's Bowser.
Rcgamer brothers
Rcgamer brothers 2 時間 前
this is my 100000000000000000000 time whatching im so addtched to whatching this
claybe 2 時間 前
i thought it said furry
James MacKenzie
James MacKenzie 2 時間 前
They forget the part where 3D world isn’t good
Aries Queen
Aries Queen 2 時間 前
1:59 thats super sayian cat mario right there
Aries Queen
Aries Queen 2 時間 前
Nintendo has made bowser look even crazier
Îm Lücīånøh
Îm Lücīånøh 2 時間 前
First time hearing a rock theme in a Official Mario game .,.
Joker 2 時間 前
Can't wait for Game Grumps to play this
Skibo Sketches
Skibo Sketches 2 時間 前
*bruh* thats literally Demise. .. :/
The Kfc Ranger
The Kfc Ranger 2 時間 前
God Slayer Bowser
THOMAS 2 時間 前
February the 12th, oh my goood!!! My 18th birthday is exactly this day!!!!!!!!!!!!! Edit : Sorry about my bad english, I am French :)
ChaosGami'N stuff
ChaosGami'N stuff 2 時間 前
They legit let Mario go off brand great ape super saiyan
Beaned Cans
Beaned Cans 2 時間 前
Where's yoshi when you need him
bruh boy
bruh boy 2 時間 前
Super Dark souls
Va Man
Va Man 2 時間 前
Is my is my mother goose club out.
The Genius bully
The Genius bully 2 時間 前
Mario go to ssj3
Transformer Present
Transformer Present 2 時間 前
Super Mario 3D Land Super Mario 3D world Bowsers Fury a.k.a Super sayian Mario Cat EternalZilla
Josh 2 時間 前
Bowser furry
Tbosss101 2 時間 前
They made bowser actually look like a true final boss rather than a ugly furry
Flash Thompson
Flash Thompson 2 時間 前
Never got hyped for a Mario game until now.
MonkeyJumbo 2 時間 前
Not even odyssey?
Pogostic09 2 時間 前
Edgy Turtle vs. Furry Plumber
Nathaniel Simpson
Nathaniel Simpson 3 時間 前
Mario Odyssey called. They want their DLC back...
Superfast Jellyfish
Superfast Jellyfish 3 時間 前
Astro kid
Astro kid 3 時間 前
Damn I can't wait
Joshua Farrelly
Joshua Farrelly 3 時間 前
Me: Mario tranformed from a cat into Shishi, a guardian lion from Japanese mythology. Most people: Super Saiyan Mario! 10 year olds: Super Sonic Mario!
Krystal Kemp
Krystal Kemp 3 時間 前
this game was one of my favorites and it’s coming back fsbfsfdjgsnfdjgsnfdbdsgdshfs 😭😭
Gabriel Frieda
Gabriel Frieda 3 時間 前
what's the song please !!!
Alberto Groppelli
Alberto Groppelli 3 時間 前
But Mario is a super sayan
Clorax Eso
Clorax Eso 3 時間 前
Oh no bowser hit his goth stage
Latoya Tealer
Latoya Tealer 3 時間 前
are you going to put those games in the Nintendo switch or what
Latoya Tealer
Latoya Tealer 3 時間 前
are you going to do it today nintendo or what
memespace 3 時間 前
Bowser just needs Bowsette and he'll chill out.
shannon heraty
shannon heraty 3 時間 前
Is this the return of super mario land and world games
Cathal s.m
Cathal s.m 3 時間 前
I low-key don't want to beat bowser in this game he looks so badass and Mario looks like some furry
Latoya Tealer
Latoya Tealer 3 時間 前
I was sad about it and was crying about it too so please put those games on the Nintendo switch can you launch it today
Joe Albertazzi
Joe Albertazzi 3 時間 前
Bowser looks sick AF
Ramon Vasquez
Ramon Vasquez 3 時間 前
I cant wait
aychristianx 3 時間 前
Let me choose my primary console on the fly Nintendo without having to wait a year. It’s onerous to your consumers, and a slap in the face to those who bought the regular switch because they enjoyed the switch lite so much. You’ve rendered my new investments useless. And someone should sue.
Pulse Musikitten
Pulse Musikitten 3 時間 前
Alright folks we seem to have our first kaiju in the Mario franchise now.
Latoya Tealer
Latoya Tealer 3 時間 前
nintendo can you put crash bandicoot 4 and sackboy a big adventure please I broke my leg it hurts so bad
RW Thunder
RW Thunder 2 時間 前
It is up to Activision for Crash Bandicoot 4. Sackboy: A Big Adventure is owned by Sony, so untill Sony decides to port their 1st party games to Switch... you are wasting your time begging for this one.
Latoya Tealer
Latoya Tealer 3 時間 前
I want the those games to be available and released
sin nombre aka
sin nombre aka 3 時間 前
Da Boi
Da Boi 3 時間 前
this is just Super Mario Sunshine + Paper mario color splash bowser
Manek Iridius
Manek Iridius 3 時間 前
Demise, get back to your own franchise.
Yob Ekorb
Yob Ekorb 3 時間 前
Mario Judah do be wylin 🤣
Layon Lavor
Layon Lavor 3 時間 前
Super Saiyan Mario hahahahahah
the admin boi
the admin boi 3 時間 前
Imagine extra dlc for this new version of super mario 3d world, it would help this become the greatest mario game ever.
Samuel Jackson
Samuel Jackson 4 時間 前
Oh my.... its mario vs Mega Charizard
Der Zlatarier
Der Zlatarier 4 時間 前
Bowser's Furry
Jake 4 時間 前
So bowser and calamity ganon combined
Kencilcase 4 時間 前
Mario literally became an super saian
Bruno Portilla
Bruno Portilla 4 時間 前
The gameplay here looks way better than the main game gameplay damn
Soy El Kor
Soy El Kor 4 時間 前
Mario Gigamax
Nota Word
Nota Word 4 時間 前
Can we talk about how the arrival of this version of bowser literally blocked out the sun?
Kenneth Lamb
Kenneth Lamb 4 時間 前
Alternative title: Mario becomes a bigger furry
Pvt Ducasse
Pvt Ducasse 4 時間 前
This should've been a 30 second teaser
Pólvora do Fim
Pólvora do Fim 4 時間 前
Who have Bowser the Dark Star again...
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