Stephen Colbert Hosts "2020: The Year That Took Years, What A Clusterfond Look Back"

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The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

2 ヶ月 前

For his final monologue of 2020, Stephen Colbert recaps the year that brought us the clumsiest coup in history, a global pandemic, one of the most active hurricane seasons on record, a presidential election, and so much more. Join us for this epic trek down recent memory lane. #Colbert #ALateShow #Monologue
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skittle111 12 時間 前
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Abby L
Abby L 12 日 前
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Michael Raad
Michael Raad 17 日 前
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A F T 28 日 前
*I hereby apologize to 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, and 2015 for telling them off and cursing at them. 2020 makes those years seem like joyrides.*
TerminalVelocity 29 日 前
"back for a limited time only segment" Hah! good one, like that could ever happen again right? -young and naive me from the beginning of the month.
Red 13
Red 13 ヶ月 前
The dexamethasone joke!😆 That reminds me of a joke Conan O'Brien told; "It's been reported that a fire broke out at Ozzy Osbourne's house the other day. According to reports, Ozzy was stunned and confused....and then the fire started!"😆
Lala Isis
Lala Isis ヶ月 前
I think the Occupy movement was bigger, no. I know it seems like years since we lost George Floyd, but it's only been months. Occupy was active world wide for 2+ years. BLM was on signs all the way back then, right? I have every faith that BLM will be a forever at this point tho! We are just getting started fighting that fight. I could be mistaken on the year of BLM's birth date. I have trouble with the concept of time in general & more so since covid. Seems like time has just stopped.
Il Infestissumam
Il Infestissumam ヶ月 前
I took Dexomethasone this summer and I only climbed two buildings.
Ella Ella
Ella Ella ヶ月 前
Kinda stunning all this happened just last year. What a long ass year it was.
Sir Casino
Sir Casino ヶ月 前
Except George Floyd wasn't killed by police. He was intoxicated and he asked to lay down. For fucks sake it's like you guys rather pretend the 2nd video doesn't exist.
Eddie Arafa
Eddie Arafa ヶ月 前
"Presidential lawyer and man who comes pre zombied" 😂😂😂
Rennis Tora
Rennis Tora ヶ月 前
We were also celebrating Biden's win here in Canada!
Christian Brinkhoff
Christian Brinkhoff ヶ月 前
I meen no fires in either the states or australia mentioned? Or murder hornets or Kobe? Or ww3? Or anything els crazy that happend 2020?
Kelsey M
Kelsey M ヶ月 前
No ones going to mention that Giuliani’s head melting looks eerily similar to Zorg’s in the 5th element?
Plasma_ Panda
Plasma_ Panda ヶ月 前
Oh little did he know 2021 is just 2020 all over again....................🤦‍♀️
Erin ヶ月 前
Correction. 2021 brought us the clumsiest coup in history. Sadly, it was the clumsy behaviour of those tasked with protecting the capitol that truly allowed the shit show to get to the point it did. Let's just hope that the new tradition isn't annual coups.
InspiredDestiny ヶ月 前
Look at that asshole blasting peaceful protesters then turning around and inciting mob violence to over throw our democracy. What a pathetic future prisoner.
Chris George
Chris George ヶ月 前
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Kellz Garrett
Kellz Garrett ヶ月 前
Nope 2021 is 2020 part 2 on steroids
Elise G
Elise G ヶ月 前
What's with not showing the name? I've seen people **** it out on a few platforms
Daniel Yawson
Daniel Yawson ヶ月 前
Drake Shoeman
Drake Shoeman ヶ月 前
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david rodriguez
david rodriguez ヶ月 前
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sxli3340 ヶ月 前
Alexandre Martins
Alexandre Martins ヶ月 前
there are several things that need to change in order for the US to recover as a nation. 1. the notion that the US are/were the leaders of the free world. That was never the case, just look at history and all the social issues still ravaging the country. 2. a close notion to the one before, the notion that the US is the greatest country in the world, creating a sense of superiority, is a general feeling of the population that needs to go away, because once again does not reflect the reality. 3. a total reform in the republican party for the sake of the health of the country and a system that gives more relevance to other parties. having a "bipartisan" system is bad for the society in general. those 3 points are fundamental for a serious change in the country, otherwise this will eventually turn into a bloodbath
Smith Mitchell
Smith Mitchell ヶ月 前
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Smith Mitchell
Smith Mitchell ヶ月 前
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jean witherspoon
jean witherspoon ヶ月 前
Georgia Loves YOU 💙 Colbert 💙
Midorikonokami ヶ月 前
12 year long year
David A Perks
David A Perks ヶ月 前
Trump was never infected, All a con to show how strong he is and how insignificant the virus is, to gain sympathy and sway public opinion. . Miraculous recovery for an elderly man with many health problems.
David A Perks
David A Perks ヶ月 前
Trump held the bible upside down and backwards. That says it all.
Benjamin Gal-Or
Benjamin Gal-Or ヶ月 前
PART A: \\\\ OPEN LETTER to the 638 LAWMAKERS of the New Congress //// Beyond the runaway horizon of DOMESTIC UNITY, that,collectively, all wish to heal, an unwritten duty-destiny rises: -- to preserve our WESTERN CIVILIZATION under the United States Proven Cultural Leadership. Last challenged by a growing new reset at WW-I end, is perhaps best described by NYT #1 BESTSELLER "EINSTEIN'' by Walter Isaacson. At least a decade before Hitler, post his worldwide acclaimed confirmation of his Gravity Physics, [General Relativity], he left it all to alert the world about the danger of rapidly deteriorating Western Civilization in Germany. None took him seriously, at that time. Avoid politics, stay with your science, his supporters scorned him, one quoting PROVERBS 9:8 "Reprove not a scorner, lest he hate thee; rebuke a wise man, and he will love thee Perhaps a somewhat similar SERIOUS ISSUE IS AT THE DOOR, to be presented before you on Jan 6, entrusted in your voting hands by the great wisdom of the UNITED STATES UNIFYING CONSTITUTION. ***** PART B: \\\\ RETURNING TO 1,OOO YRS RETARDED CIVILIZATION SINCE HYPATIA? //// Nobel Prize was awarded to discoverers, in 1998, that EINSTEIN-HUBBLE PROOF of expansion of the universe, is NOT SLOWING DOWN BY GRAVITATION, AS ASSUMED BEFORE, BUT IS ACCELERATING. [Dozen free books, YOU-tube, ''Cosmology, Physics and Philosophy," Amazon, 'in' and at least 10M citations by Google]. Armies of theoretical physics have since claimed that NEWTON-EINSTEIN-SCIENCE-CULTURE IS WRONG AND IS REPLACED BY THEIR MYSTERIOUS, NO-SHOW, DARK ENERGY AND DARK MATTER. ENDORSED by many, the new science requires NO NEED FOR VERIFIED SCIENTIFIC FACTS. Protests by conservative scientists are conspiring theories. Political ramifications followed and the rest is known. ***** PART C: \\\\ Wikipedia: "where two returns (Electoral from any State) claiming the safe harbor are received, AND "[i]f the Houses cannot agree ... no vote from the state in question is counted. This result follows regardless of the governor's action."[21]:343. In 2001, a Congressional Research Service report authored by Jack Maskell "embraced Wroth's view of the statute, citing and quoting Wroth's article extensively."[48][47]:357. Maskell's CRS report also added more arguments based on the legislative history of the Electoral Count Act.[48][47]:357." ***** PART D: SELF-FREEING Accountability of States GERRYMANDERING that tilts their electoral redistricting numbers ---- Georgia [Mar 9, 2017, YOU-tube], ''Washington[127], Arizona[128], California[129,130], Rhode Island [131], New Jersey[132,133]" [Wikipedia] & Oct 17, 2019, Id.: "The man who rigged America's election maps", is STATES-IMPOSED on the new Congress/
Vu Hoang Phat
Vu Hoang Phat ヶ月 前
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Katie Arbuckle
Katie Arbuckle ヶ月 前
And don't forget a Wildfire that covered the entire West Coast, that was started by a Gender Reveal party.... along with some idiots trying to claim it was Rioters & Arson. It got so bad some Oregonians nicknamed it "Mt. Saint Helens part two. " while my friends and I called it "Pompeii Flashbacks."
Sanae LOUIZ ヶ月 前
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kim phan
kim phan ヶ月 前
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Kassidy Ryzer
Kassidy Ryzer ヶ月 前
Remember when we all thought Iran was going to be 21st century Vietnam turn WWIII? That wasn't a fever dream, right? Cause "Possibility of going to war at the beginning of the year" is something I don't think should be overlooked, even if the US had a military advantage.
Rebecca Prigmore
Rebecca Prigmore ヶ月 前
Sorry Stephen, you are not Carson, not Jay Leno and certainly not, DAVID LETTERMAN! Please, do us all, a favor, just go silently in the good nigh!
Home Cooking
Home Cooking ヶ月 前
Walking Around Year End 2020
Jason Olson
Jason Olson ヶ月 前
2020 2021
Dhwani Sanghavi
Dhwani Sanghavi ヶ月 前
Miss the days when Stephen Colbert was actually funny..
lisa pearson
lisa pearson ヶ月 前
Shame on you
Pepsi Max
Pepsi Max ヶ月 前
Tuan Nguyen
Tuan Nguyen ヶ月 前
Our President Never Quits By Tuấn Minh Nguyễn & Elijah Olig Born as an American tot, A charming boy much blessed by God. Eager to find His glory torch, Donald J Trump with Midas touch. Bold, clever, and so warm-hearted, He was held tight by Father’s love. “You are my Son, my Trump, my Truth. Never give up, never let loose.” So hard he fought, his firms grew large, Years of triumphs, years of bad luck. All through the long rocky roads he picked, He won, he lost, but he never quit. Dearest Father, a sweet grandpa, Struggled to stay far well away From “Game of Thrones’’ in the DC, Still, felt tons of pain cutting free. One nation, one people, by God, Yet treated like hell in dark swamps. “How men live without compassion!” Trump of hope blew, billions rose. Twenty sixteen, Demons were struck In the least way so unthought of. They brought up thousands of dirt fires, Constantly thrown at Man of Sire. Four years in Palace, thick despair, He’s put things straight and stood up fair. Monsters have bowed, trolls have been drowned. Finally, His Trump's sounded loud. “Oh, My Lord, please let us seek forth To the land full of morning fog, No miseries, nor getting lost, One nation, one people in God.” Then once more His Trump blows for us, In the freezing, in the red thirst. And in every tweet, he now speaks: “TO OUR PEOPLE, I NEVER QUIT.” - To President Donald J Trump
Ariel Y
Ariel Y ヶ月 前
Hello Mr. Jon Baptiste, you're wearing a nice hudson's bay company wool jacket todaaaaaay - from a Canadian
Frazier Milak
Frazier Milak ヶ月 前
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Tory Sama
Tory Sama ヶ月 前
Why do they disappear from time to time?? Him and Trevor and Seth??? Just gone for weeks!
i m robie
i m robie ヶ月 前
Thank YOOUUUU!!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻⭐✨
patrick hammond
patrick hammond ヶ月 前
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Alias User
Alias User ヶ月 前
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Chaturbate. Com
Chaturbate. Com ヶ月 前
Great job👍❤️
Jf H
Jf H ヶ月 前
Actually 2020 ends with the news that there are now modified versions (plurial) of the virus that are even more contagious. And we dont know if the vaccine will work for it.
Xavier Gauthier
Xavier Gauthier ヶ月 前
Spoiler warnings about the Sixth Sense.
tommyt1971 ヶ月 前
I’d almost forgotten about “person woman man camera tv”. Thanks for the laugh!
Andrew Strupp
Andrew Strupp ヶ月 前
lol - the actor was Bruce Willis the whole time - Joke already done by Always Sunny.
Carola Duarte
Carola Duarte ヶ月 前
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Tegan Griffiths
Tegan Griffiths ヶ月 前
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celso1 manalo ヶ月 前
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Franco Cousins
Franco Cousins ヶ月 前
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eric wilde
eric wilde ヶ月 前
the Vaccine is not. that is not how science works. how are you going to prevent something that has not been identified or isolated and when the side effects of the drug is bells palsy paralysis infertility and death. it isn't a vaccine when everyone is supposed to have the bug. they have been trying to identify the cov since 1960's and have tried every year since unsuccessfully. when you isolate your not exercising your immune system, wearing a mask/muzzle is a sign that you bought the poison prepared it yourself and gulped it down. so please do be sheeple and run to the shot and die off so there is less assholes and more food.
samari lussin
samari lussin ヶ月 前
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Ho No
Ho No ヶ月 前
Very nice….
BarricadeAD ヶ月 前
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Reverend Epigee
Reverend Epigee ヶ月 前
It went just as fast as other years.. and, for me, faster than any other. The title is just drama..
Riley Reid
Riley Reid ヶ月 前
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Jeff Goddin
Jeff Goddin ヶ月 前
Omg wet willies. What were we thinking???
Vinni Kodiak
Vinni Kodiak ヶ月 前
Let's just call it what it is. He's a national treasure.
Randi Feldman
Randi Feldman ヶ月 前
I thought this was brilliant and a keeper for the future. Colbert is terrific!!
Andrew Lam
Andrew Lam ヶ月 前
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Clar Ice Tayag
Clar Ice Tayag ヶ月 前
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cat elmes
cat elmes ヶ月 前
He keeps talking about trump when he doesn't have to now. Hmm.
Will Diego Di Paula
Will Diego Di Paula ヶ月 前
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Gerry O Connor
Gerry O Connor ヶ月 前
democrats suffer from mental health problems
David Wolf
David Wolf ヶ月 前
thanks you too steve .... lol ... really thanks for all you insight ,,, humor and wisedom ... if we didn't laugh we would cry ... although sometimes we still cry ...
Thomas Panto
Thomas Panto ヶ月 前
The truth that created every life on earth has not been changed by whatever lies these various religions, nations, politicians, peddlers and their armies could enforce on our children at gun point. Life is UNITED by TRUTH and divided ONLY by LIES enforced by armies.
Maje Brennan
Maje Brennan ヶ月 前
Happy New Year!! I wish a better 2021 for all of us.
J Garbo
J Garbo ヶ月 前
The Colbert shill goes on. His Catholic sadism and schadenfreude shine through the vindictiveness. Always the buggered choir boy.
900fps 900fps
900fps 900fps ヶ月 前
stevey my boy you done forgot to thank your BIGGEST FAN EVIE she still laughs at your jokes her anything she wants, rub her feet and bring her wine happy bastille day
Carla Afrika
Carla Afrika ヶ月 前
As FAR away as Australia ... Thanks & Be Blessed Stephen ... We enjoyed every minute of every show you did during this shit time ... Have a GR8 2021!
Jean-Luc Martel
Jean-Luc Martel ヶ月 前
Donnie and the republicans proved ONE THING, murica has lied to itself for decades and allowed this to happen.
Fred Hollis
Fred Hollis ヶ月 前
Bartlett Mk
Bartlett Mk ヶ月 前
Stephen Colbert made America great again.
sheila winston
sheila winston ヶ月 前
Yes bye 2020!
drunkGfunk ヶ月 前
We all know that Evie is the true MVP of A late show
Radbug ヶ月 前
The Dental industry is really going to boom when masks are finally no longer needed
Anita Røbekk
Anita Røbekk ヶ月 前
CCP ? Hello? Yes im yours!!!🙌 lets laugh of our president and clap for work camps .. its so funny🤯
Shawn David Clare
Shawn David Clare ヶ月 前
Hillary Clinton loves you!
Lucy Marchewka
Lucy Marchewka ヶ月 前
Great show
Scott Baxendale
Scott Baxendale ヶ月 前
The slow motion coup began with the Birther Lie.
Karen Kane
Karen Kane ヶ月 前
YOU FORGOT THE FIRES OUT WEST!! It was pretty awful
Ava Jara
Ava Jara ヶ月 前
The dizzy yew pathophysiologically question because baker specifically escape after a unsuitable truck. supreme, offbeat trick
Michael Finnigan
Michael Finnigan ヶ月 前
when i heard the side effects for trumps covid treatment, i wondered "how would you be able to tell what was from the medicine?"
Thierry Perrenoud
Thierry Perrenoud ヶ月 前
So great , fantastic 👏 ! Congratulations from Geneva ( 🇨🇭 Switzerland🙂), thank you very much!
luis garcia
luis garcia ヶ月 前
Stephanie Whitehouse
Stephanie Whitehouse ヶ月 前
yes -the news is ignoring all the cheating of Joe Biden and his son and how they employ black lives matter to make riots - and they will probably make sure they are all eliminated if they get elected so they wont get caught if they are elected - and as they want America to be Communistic - Of course Joe Biden has done nothing to get rid of the virus - and hides in the basement just as you said . Biden has nothing to say .Biden does need to take the steroids - to make him seem psychologically weird - he does it perfectly well all by himself .
Kristel Buck
Kristel Buck ヶ月 前
Mr & Mrs Colbert you are Great American's! Thank you for helping pull us through the year that wouldn't end soon enough! Stephen & Evie your truth and humor helped so much! Thank you!
Kimberly Ellis
Kimberly Ellis ヶ月 前
Is the I need a haircut lady the same lady who testified about voter fraud with Ruddy? So many crazy trump supporters running around! Sad!
MrMJmusicLover ヶ月 前
Jason Blankenship
Jason Blankenship ヶ月 前
The Sixth Sense Bruce Willis joke was stolen from It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia.
Mary Ackerman
Mary Ackerman ヶ月 前
AND Mr. Batiste’s excellent and inspiring artistic musical flairs and responses to these times. You both have kept us steady throughout this insanity.
Ted Cruz's Favorite President Could Face Jail Time For Tax Fraud
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