I Asked Her to Be My Girlfriend...

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8 日 前

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ShermanTheVerman 7 日 前
Get Your Current Card HERE!--- www.current.com/Sherman
Amazing views from BC Girl
Amazing views from BC Girl 日 前
Bro just asking her out you act like you proposed holy shit 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
Estela Ortiz
Estela Ortiz 日 前
That was so cute!
Pimp Daddy
Pimp Daddy 日 前
Current whole lotta cap bruh
Des Fitz
Des Fitz 2 日 前
Congrats bro !
oMixed -Frost
oMixed -Frost 3 日 前
Goosebumps bro I remember the same thing I down to my gf
Vanshdeep Singh
Vanshdeep Singh 時間 前
Notice how he wrote “buy” but wanted to write “by”
The HodgePodge Lifestyle
The HodgePodge Lifestyle 2 時間 前
Who knew Anthony can be a romantic!
The Real CluttchNF
The Real CluttchNF 5 時間 前
Who else thought she was ashley ortega😂 (new people)
Youssef Shaaban
Youssef Shaaban 6 時間 前
congrats bro
opzz xsin
opzz xsin 6 時間 前
I just hope she isnt like Jackie
TalalShock X
TalalShock X 7 時間 前
0:38 he says “ This is the person I want for a very long time BUT NOT FOREVER “xD
Darren Stewart
Darren Stewart 7 時間 前
O i thought i could do surprises, but you top it all Anthony
opzz xsin
opzz xsin 6 時間 前
Road to 1 Mill
Darren Stewart
Darren Stewart 7 時間 前
Your a fantastic guy ,
Darren Stewart
Darren Stewart 7 時間 前
Congratulations hope it all goes well for you both
Nathan Matthew
Nathan Matthew 8 時間 前
Joey 9 時間 前
I watched him grow up from rug’s channel to here🥺
Jamil 10
Jamil 10 11 時間 前
He’s mocking brawadis 🤣
Agampreet sekhon
Agampreet sekhon 12 時間 前
I'm just a kid bro I just feel like saying like freaking bow do you have a girlfriend bro I don't know how to make a girlfriend because because my parents said it ain't no I don't want it I'm not stupid freaking I'm just a 7-Up cake bro there was a bad person backwards do a seven-year-old good bro you're
Junior Rackzz
Junior Rackzz 13 時間 前
Rose Saldarriaga
Rose Saldarriaga 13 時間 前
So cute!!
Tawahna Green
Tawahna Green 14 時間 前
I finally watched this and congratulations to Sherman and Leslie on their newfound relationship.
gspchris 14 時間 前
this a man‼️go crazy every girl who deserves this should experience this in life
Lito Urias
Lito Urias 15 時間 前
If she said no I would've cried😭
Britzia Benitez
Britzia Benitez 15 時間 前
she say yesssssssssss :)
You are soooo cute
CJ Johnson
CJ Johnson 16 時間 前
The Fuck boy has been reborn into Cuffed man.
Omar Juarez
Omar Juarez 18 時間 前
Road to 1 Mill
Galaxy Gaming
Galaxy Gaming 19 時間 前
What is Noir's youtube channel?
Blue X
Blue X 19 時間 前
Sherman not saying she’s bad for you but just don’t let her use you no disrespect
Vae Hydrum
Vae Hydrum 19 時間 前
sherman you did it came a long way bro im happy for you
Javaun Belezaire
Javaun Belezaire 20 時間 前
Pimp daddy369
Strade FN
Strade FN 20 時間 前
Shermaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan I remember when this guy was skinny and was on Brandon’s vids congrats bro
Brandi Todd
Brandi Todd 20 時間 前
This video was by far your best video and you did this girl so right anthony i am soooo proud of you!!!
D A R K .
D A R K . 20 時間 前
Man wearing the same clothes in the new Brawadis video
Cherell Warner
Cherell Warner 20 時間 前
Francisco Alvarez Jr
Francisco Alvarez Jr 22 時間 前
Damn Sherman u broke my 3 years streak of not crying congratulation
aydan ssimm
aydan ssimm 22 時間 前
F boy
Aya Mohammad
Aya Mohammad 22 時間 前
couple goals🌹❤️💋😘👩‍❤️‍👨🥂🍾🍻
Michael Ifante (Student)
Michael Ifante (Student) 22 時間 前
His girlfriend better not end up like Jackie
PaxzyFN. 日 前
ATLS Baddie
ATLS Baddie 日 前
If this is just to ask her out what’s the propose going to look like Gss he definitely got that slurp slurp after he brought in the dogs
ATLS Baddie
ATLS Baddie 日 前
He about to get them yams
number of times she said *cute* (not hating on them congrats Sherman)
Ting Ting Lim
Ting Ting Lim 日 前
Is it me or why does he and jentzen’s thumb nail look the same and they both are asking someone to be their gf
Fuat Mondal
Fuat Mondal 日 前
Congrats bro
bby hannu
bby hannu 日 前
Congrats Anthony 🥺🎊🎊🎊
nazbee 日 前
This is actually so adorable
Dang 日 前
she said "your so cute' more than the times i have exhaled during this video"
Bob Rodriguez
Bob Rodriguez 日 前
Proud of you bro💯💯
Shayan Akram
Shayan Akram 日 前
Bro u’re in love
Fatema Janabi
Fatema Janabi 日 前
He called her babe before he asked her out !
Keith Dimas
Keith Dimas 日 前
At 17:27 you know what she was gonna do after being surprised like that lol
Keith Dimas
Keith Dimas 日 前
She wanted a taquero lol
lets gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo f**kboy lmao
Alex Payan
Alex Payan 日 前
Serious question. Are girls supposed to pick up the roses or just follow them?
Chino Contreras
Chino Contreras 日 前
Why why Sherman you make bad ass content
Jessica Gubler
Jessica Gubler 日 前
She was a friend with benefits before now
Estela Ortiz
Estela Ortiz 日 前
Is your girlfriend Mexican?
Logan Kindall
Logan Kindall 日 前
What was the song?
Giovnni Ordaz
Giovnni Ordaz 日 前
good for bro
GoofyNino 日 前
wait u perly asked her to be your girlfriend but u calling her babe lol
youtubenino 日 前
Guys take tips
Congrats anthony
Leann B
Leann B 日 前
Do you guys realize how they were calling each other babe even before he asked her
SuffR 日 前
proud of u
Carlos Tellez
Carlos Tellez 日 前
Every member of the family be like: The Current Visa Credit Card
linda faust
linda faust 日 前
More like you getting her taco 👀
αии3 αρя1l
αии3 αρя1l 日 前
Corny af lol you simp you
Destiny Palin
Destiny Palin 日 前
Super dope y’all are so adorable 🥰💕
Vianey Rodriguez
Vianey Rodriguez 日 前
Omg.Dayveon215 日 前
She’s a real one❤️💪🏾
Ruthlessx xPosse
Ruthlessx xPosse 日 前
My Man! With the all black fit! 💯🔥 Congratulations Bro! All the way from the 808 state aloha! 🤙🏽
Abraham Arredondo
Abraham Arredondo 日 前
Fake ass fo
Abraham Arredondo
Abraham Arredondo 日 前
Y’all trying to get hella clout 😂😂
FNO Mimik
FNO Mimik 日 前
Bro shut up
Abraham Arredondo
Abraham Arredondo 日 前
And then you ask her out
Abraham Arredondo
Abraham Arredondo 日 前
Y’all cute and everything but why you call her babe when you start the vid?
Dont 日 前
good for you bro glad to see you happy
Brionna 日 前
He deserves to reach 1million subscribers by now
SS kxng
SS kxng 日 前
she is the one!
David Ordonez
David Ordonez 日 前
Bro I feel like she's a gold/cloutchaser
tyb Jose
tyb Jose 日 前
CEO of “you are so cute”😭😭😂😂
Almighty Millz
Almighty Millz 2 日 前
Congratulations bro 1.3M holy. 💯
vqbzt 45
vqbzt 45 2 日 前
dolled up she gettig dolled up ;lol
vqbzt 45
vqbzt 45 2 日 前
niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeee les go
brucie ortega
brucie ortega 2 日 前
You are the best bro ❤️❤️
sam hendriks
sam hendriks 2 日 前
Couple goals
Moey Dripz
Moey Dripz 2 日 前
so many times
Moey Dripz
Moey Dripz 2 日 前
she says ''you are cute''
P Dogg
P Dogg 2 日 前
And ignore all the hate comments. U and Leslie are a great couple. Stay blessed,stay happy,stay positive. And hope all your goals come true even all ur couple goals 🙏 much love from RockPointAZ 😁👍
R3verse_ Flamez55
R3verse_ Flamez55 2 日 前
Went from Sherman the virgin to Sherman the verman
P Dogg
P Dogg 2 日 前
Good job sherman stay safe and stay positive out there really hope to find a girl like urs honestly. Have a great day and prayers to u and ur family from where I live. RockPointAZ. Stay blessed 🙏
ELGUAPO Martinez
ELGUAPO Martinez 2 日 前
I miss having a girl friend I been single for 5 years
Nabeel Khan
Nabeel Khan 2 日 前
This is his most popular video in just 5 days...
yaliso gioouy
yaliso gioouy 2 日 前
“You are so cute” she said it one million times😂❤️
Erick Avila
Erick Avila 2 日 前
I like how she says cute for everthing
Effendi Chua
Effendi Chua 2 日 前
Dude I love how he's so confident that Leslie was gonna say yes, like he keeps mentioning "when she says yes"
yaliso gioouy
yaliso gioouy 2 日 前
He isn’t gay?!!
UnstoppleGhost 2 日 前
ahh shes a gold digger she didimt even went for a hug or a kiss she wemt for the designer pressent right away
Мусорщик 2 日 前
*Look how I make money climbing Moscow trash cans.*
Goatkid7 2 日 前
Rug acting like he dint know when he said it like 4 times on his videos before 2:57 lol
snipAR _YT
snipAR _YT 2 日 前
69 k likes omg
Spot AimX
Spot AimX 2 日 前
He spelled buy wrong when he said this is sponsored by current
dfwandres 2 日 前
TGCentral 2 日 前
This called me single in 50 different languages
so flea
so flea 2 日 前
she looks like ronnies fiance from the banks family o.o
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