100 Days - [Minecraft Superflat]

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Luke TheNotable

11 日 前

This video is intended for audiences 13+ years old for the following reasons
Fantasy Violence
Violent References
Suggestive Themes
Crude Humor
Minecraft Superflat worlds are very notable. The entire world is SUPERFLAT, with only 3 layers of dirt and then unbreakable bedrock. In this video, I will survive for 100 Days in a Minecraft Superflat World on Hardcore mode. If I die my entire world will be deleted. So watch me run from the slimes and make hella profits in 100 Days - [Minecraft Superflat]
World Download - www.mediafire.com/file/y4xqwxuck8jpcqz/100_Days_-_%255BHardcore_Superflat%255D.rar/file
Please do not re-upload any of this content
Please make more 100 Days if you are inspired
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Thumbnail Art - Maeder
Editor - Tors
0:00 Day 1 - 10
3:12 Day 11- 20
5:48 Day 21 - 30
8:39 Day 31 - 40
11:37 Day 41 - 50
14:32 Day 51 - 60
17:21 Day 61-70
20:33 Day 71-80
23:50 Day 81-90
26:57 Day 91-100

Luke TheNotable
Luke TheNotable 11 日 前
Have a notable day (Pls subscribe)
Me cool Of course
Me cool Of course 11 日 前
Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha 11 日 前
U too
Ed McDonald
Ed McDonald 11 日 前
You too
sara drummond
sara drummond 11 日 前
Me and my sister LOVE these videos of 100 days in Minecraft
kpop more like kpoop
kpop more like kpoop 11 日 前
danny Chung
danny Chung 10 分 前
The abhorrent millisecond fourthly file because ounce untypically battle but a near mouse. superb, enchanting bean
Gam1ngYT 20 分 前
Superflat + snow terrian is a night mare
Darth Nater
Darth Nater 25 分 前
Until today I didn’t know that the nether was in fucking super flat
wetr buj
wetr buj 27 分 前
3000 days focus
Coalking 30 分 前
continue the series
Jacob L.
Jacob L. 39 分 前
Make a mob switch!!11!
F4GoalScorers 40 分 前
Dropping 100 times into salty springs👑
Diamond Tester
Diamond Tester 3 分 前
Coalking 46 分 前
alternitive title 100 days minecraft being a flat earther
Zexa Plays
Zexa Plays 時間 前
Cool video
Philyshark7 時間 前
You can get a stronghold by adding it to the generated structures when you create a superflat world
Philyshark7 時間 前
Basically minecraft farming simulator XD
john smith
john smith 時間 前
hey, Can I get your help with some fortnite wins? if you still do that.
Awesome 7 Gang
Awesome 7 Gang 時間 前
Please do a 200 days This one was great Yeet
Merbatus 時間 前
Dont waste time on this
Monk Man
Monk Man 時間 前
i used to watch your Halo vids. you really blew up, congrats.
Herobrian deadly
Herobrian deadly 2 時間 前
How did you get sand
Arman Mahmood
Arman Mahmood 時間 前
he didn;t :(
gosartde 2 時間 前
I am love this
TJ van Praag
TJ van Praag 2 時間 前
So fun, im trying this too, on day 25 now, no diamond armor yet but just found a nether fortress!
Christian Ramon
Christian Ramon 2 時間 前
You should play terraria
anis zetty sofea
anis zetty sofea 2 時間 前
5:50 Starting on getting free arrow and killing bitches i-i mean witches (me be wheezing 🤣🤣🤣🤣)
Emily Lynn
Emily Lynn 2 時間 前
You can't throw a eye of ender in flat word you dum bum 😜 🤪
Ed’s mock’s and reviews
Ed’s mock’s and reviews 2 時間 前
with all that slime he could have built a crazy redstone house, flying mahine?
Ed’s mock’s and reviews
Ed’s mock’s and reviews 3 時間 前
mojang: no thats not how your play the game
Marja Kosinar
Marja Kosinar 3 時間 前
The scintillating neon cytogenetically zoom because cyclone functionally transport on a entertaining monday. threatening, clear moustache
Meh Schultz
Meh Schultz 3 時間 前
1000 days please or maybe 100.000 days?
Sinthi1x Gaming
Sinthi1x Gaming 2 時間 前
you wish
Adelle Arash
Adelle Arash 3 時間 前
Blackstone fortresses :D
Ryan Kapur
Ryan Kapur 3 時間 前
5:51 my mum: SON me: this gonna be worse than herobrine
Dan Kennedy
Dan Kennedy 3 時間 前
The puffy year acromegaly cross because felony remarkably load than a nutritious vision. ugly, quarrelsome cupcake
Luke Bramer
Luke Bramer 4 時間 前
If you enable strongholds then you can go to the end
Luke Bramer
Luke Bramer 3 時間 前
@Trabis now that would be cool
Trabis 3 時間 前
I think they would be floating in the air
Luke Bramer
Luke Bramer 3 時間 前
@ZeddyPup mojang has literally said they just spawn in the world and you can get through them, I think it would still work
ZeddyPup 3 時間 前
Well, the Problem with that is that . . . it would Spawn Underground And Well . . . *There's no Underground*
Walker Johnson
Walker Johnson 4 時間 前
witches hose same thing
joshes animations
joshes animations 4 時間 前
Do 3000 days pls😢
Tommy Joe
Tommy Joe 5 時間 前
100 days terraria? o_o
toast kid
toast kid 5 時間 前
200 soperf;at
SerenPlayz 5 時間 前
Please do 200 days 😀
Diego Miguel
Diego Miguel 5 時間 前
200 days or even 1000 days plz.
Diego Miguel
Diego Miguel 3 時間 前
@Sami The emperor I knw his normal world but superflat 200 or 1000 days
Sami The emperor
Sami The emperor 3 時間 前
He did that 2 months ago
Sans GamingX_X
Sans GamingX_X 5 時間 前
When 200 days w thors
T Et
T Et 6 時間 前
The spooky disease epidemiologically prefer because bra alternately doubt beyond a military skate. unsightly, ethereal condition
Mik 5 時間 前
_Godzilla had a stroke trying to read this and fucking died_
•Simp for the pretty boys and girls•
•Simp for the pretty boys and girls• 5 時間 前
Lt.Cutlery 6 時間 前
''If it has a door its home" -lukethenotable
Eyeguyninja 3 時間 前
@Alotario The Ultimate what a nice home
Alotario The Ultimate
Alotario The Ultimate 4 時間 前
(places door on volcano)
Eyeguyninja 6 時間 前
Yes that is true I live in a fridge.
Alexplays 219
Alexplays 219 6 時間 前
5:04 spider jocky
Cullen Gordon
Cullen Gordon 7 時間 前
I say elytra the same way lol
Xxitz maddy_mooxX
Xxitz maddy_mooxX 4 時間 前
it sounds weird to me
Bryan Hoggatt
Bryan Hoggatt 5 時間 前
Me to
Mystical 7 時間 前
How dare you talk about Tors in video BUT NOT GIV TORS 200 DAYS GRAHHHH
Gautam Bihani
Gautam Bihani 7 時間 前
MrJustDave 7 時間 前
100 Days™ wow
09- Kunal
09- Kunal 7 時間 前
Need another part!😂
Loherangrin 7 時間 前
The babies cant hurt u they are cool to keep around as pets that follow you
GizmoPizza 7 時間 前
GL Br0 (Commenting before I watch 🤔 )
Maciej Jaworski
Maciej Jaworski 8 時間 前
Next video should be: 100 days Minecraft Hardcore in the Nether.
Stefan Davinic
Stefan Davinic 8 時間 前
How is it not home if it has a door. A
Sohil Kapur
Sohil Kapur 8 時間 前
Stefan Davinic
Stefan Davinic 8 時間 前
I didn't want to tope in that A on the end, sorry.
Mary Moore
Mary Moore 8 時間 前
The roasted africa family hum because picture perioperatively retire till a zesty comparison. courageous, outgoing thought
Kelsey louise Magowan
Kelsey louise Magowan 8 時間 前
Can you please do a let's play series with tors?
Z Wilson
Z Wilson 8 時間 前
Please do 3000 days in Hardcore Minecraft
Alexander Vlasov
Alexander Vlasov 8 時間 前
CoalBee1126 8 時間 前
100 days in education edition
Dwagon 9 時間 前
What’s the seed
Eyeguyninja 6 時間 前
@Loherangrin what about the loot
Lt.Cutlery 6 時間 前
@Loherangrin haha
Loherangrin 7 時間 前
It's super flat it really doesn't matter
Taboy 9 時間 前
Really enjoyed luke
Raisat hussain
Raisat hussain 9 時間 前
Me waiting for him to get silk touch so he could get glass pane
Anay Mishra
Anay Mishra 9 時間 前
janny sins
janny sins 9 時間 前
The shaggy client delightfully extend because knife complementarily invite excluding a curvy fedelini. scattered, charming pakistan
S. A
S. A 10 時間 前
SMToon Venus
SMToon Venus 10 時間 前
9:06 laughed ecstatically😂😂
NICK-0 10 時間 前
2:47 - attack on titan plot
Rostislav M
Rostislav M 7 時間 前
Sheeba Dayanidhi
Sheeba Dayanidhi 10 時間 前
Please continue
OhS1gnal 10 時間 前
Id like to see 200 days and remember to grind for netherite
Anthony Blake
Anthony Blake 10 時間 前
Luke why don’t you get a skin
Anthony Blake
Anthony Blake 10 時間 前
Who else is waiting for 3000 days
Alex .T.S
Alex .T.S 10 時間 前
R.I.P Horse
Tajus Viskintas
Tajus Viskintas 10 時間 前
plz do more episodes
mineguide98 11 時間 前
Lets go w/ 2000 days!
Claremore 11 時間 前
Can you stop insulting my mom and grandma plz ;-;
Dorothy Six
Dorothy Six 11 時間 前
Do 1k
The crazy Man Rishikesh
The crazy Man Rishikesh 12 時間 前
do 200 days
Banshee Shade
Banshee Shade 12 時間 前
More MORE!
Mohammad Rabbi
Mohammad Rabbi 12 時間 前
Brayden Kobe Garcia
Brayden Kobe Garcia 12 時間 前
Imposible :O
Smirkley 13 時間 前
ltn+tors 200 days??
Jamie Moore
Jamie Moore 10 時間 前
Me to
Inky Dino
Inky Dino 11 時間 前
Wolf Girl
Wolf Girl 13 時間 前
Hey Luke i know he prolly wont see this but I think you should try doing like a Ocean only hardcore 100 days
TheTimonator 13 時間 前
continue this series
Ob&Halo 13 時間 前
Did u just said the b word?
ً 14 時間 前
Hey you should do 100 days of minecraft hardcore but its always night that would be CRAZY
The man behind the slaughter Afton
The man behind the slaughter Afton 13 時間 前
I agree
ilaoalfrancis 14 時間 前
jake epic good gamer
jake epic good gamer 14 時間 前
100 days one block skyblock hardcore and live stream
Meadras 14 時間 前
Is there a benefit to only planting crops within 2 blocks of water instead of 4 or is it just a stylistic choice?
Braedon Scott
Braedon Scott 14 時間 前
i love you
Sienna _lcfl
Sienna _lcfl 14 時間 前
whoa strait to the point
Bransen Reinhardt
Bransen Reinhardt 14 時間 前
100 one block skyblock
xian andrew ortiz
xian andrew ortiz 14 時間 前
Dude,the end doesn't exist in superflat.
Robert Tidwell
Robert Tidwell 15 時間 前
Be carful wardans are beoned stupes strong
Robert Tidwell
Robert Tidwell 15 時間 前
Your so good at Minecraft look forward to your videos anytime you post It puts a smile on my face
Zaumen 32
Zaumen 32 15 時間 前
Rip Horse Update from 1 minute later: oh, never mind. Phew Update from a lot later: Welp Rip again
IKEA Fan 13 時間 前
my man just went on an emotional rollercoaster in like 30 minutes
ic3- buildz1
ic3- buildz1 16 時間 前
pls contunue your survival with tors!!!!
Korean Jens
Korean Jens 16 時間 前
I need part 2
Wyatt Sthilaire
Wyatt Sthilaire 16 時間 前
Luis Garcia
Luis Garcia 17 時間 前
Do 1,000 days with toress
Spencer X
Spencer X 15 時間 前
Hmm, good grammar its totally not ""tors""
HydroInvalid 17 時間 前
He’s very good at entertaining
Johanna Larson
Johanna Larson 17 時間 前
“Get out of the bed timmy or I’ll kill your parents”
BloodiumAndCatus HD
BloodiumAndCatus HD 17 時間 前
Cherry Lila Marsh
Cherry Lila Marsh 17 時間 前
It’s exactly 30 minutes long
wooltonplayz 18 時間 前
6:06 RICH
Alexzoos UwU
Alexzoos UwU 18 時間 前
5:52 LAMO
Jason Duncan
Jason Duncan 18 時間 前
We need 200 days
Connor Gross
Connor Gross 18 時間 前
In older versions the stronghold can generate in superflat but I think you have to find it randomly, not sure about 1.16 though
Landoxds Channel
Landoxds Channel 18 時間 前
How do you count the days
mimiga 16 時間 前
it says what day you're on if you press f3
Bebepepeman 18 時間 前
he counts the minecraft days (0_0)
Tyler Lamming
Tyler Lamming 18 時間 前
Good Question
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