Meek Mill - Pain Away feat. Lil Durk [Official Video]

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Meek Mill

11 日 前

Meek Mill - Pain Away feat. Lil Durk
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Meek Mill
Meek Mill 9 日 前
BigSavv Thirty4
BigSavv Thirty4 5 日 前
Chris Velasquez
Chris Velasquez 6 日 前
💎 💎 💎 💎 💎 💎 this shit on reply. Damn man perfect timing ⏱
Jason Mason
Jason Mason 6 日 前 😂
Maine x Gaming
Maine x Gaming 6 日 前
I like your your moive and music
Christina 7 日 前
This kid low key fire 👻🔥
John D. Richardson
John D. Richardson 7 分 前
I been waiting on this Meek!!!!
Rashar Brown
Rashar Brown 15 分 前
Sammy Gomez
Sammy Gomez 18 分 前
It sucks
Dadrein Cooper
Dadrein Cooper 19 分 前
It's just okay🤷🏾‍♂️
Fisher Amen
Fisher Amen 時間 前
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Sets And Sons
Sets And Sons 時間 前
Wow, Durk. Talk about coming from the bottom. God bless both rappers. I pray peace for both your careers
Barry Smith
Barry Smith 時間 前
read between the lines
Gbenga Webo
Gbenga Webo 時間 前
Durkio is good Aswearugaad
Diamond Zieman
Diamond Zieman 時間 前
I love the lyrics but it doesn't seem to match the vibe of the beat.. for me but I can learn to love it just cause of the lyrics
Artabition Tour
Artabition Tour 時間 前
Meek mill u shud a do this song by ur self
Nipsey Hussel
Nipsey Hussel 2 時間 前
This is Lil durk welcome 🙏 to the game it’s sad he had to sacrifice king Von to make it but it’s FACTS!!!
I felt this whole song🥺
Miami Marlin real
Miami Marlin real 2 時間 前
Dam this so real I feel it 100 percent like durk say all angles
Lion Ent.
Lion Ent. 2 時間 前
Highlesshippie 2 時間 前
Looks like fake money bro.
Chris Rowland
Chris Rowland 2 時間 前
King Of Philly
Willie gee
Willie gee 2 時間 前
This Video Too Hard!
What did I tell you about that tattoo
omphemetse maloka14
omphemetse maloka14 3 時間 前
JOJO __Y.O 3 時間 前
Frank Beard
Frank Beard 3 時間 前
Why he look like the dude asking for a lighter out in front of 7/11 at 2am on Las Vegas Blvd
Abbie Bamboozler
Abbie Bamboozler 3 時間 前
Worst rappers in the game
maybach music group
maybach music group 3 時間 前
Shaquanna Watkins
Shaquanna Watkins 3 時間 前
Young fflackito
Young fflackito 3 時間 前
“I feel like El Crip because I can’t even trust my blood”🩸
Da BrokeBoi
Da BrokeBoi 4 時間 前
Marc Galvez
Marc Galvez 4 時間 前
Fuck it im calling it. Best song of 2020 give a fuck. To bad its not longer.
Dark Angel
Dark Angel 4 時間 前
E J 4 時間 前
Damn meek haven’t been the same since Nicki&Drake 😞
Dj Sleep
Dj Sleep 4 時間 前
Lil Tyke
Lil Tyke 4 時間 前
I’m be be bumping this in 2060
Lil Tyke
Lil Tyke 4 時間 前
YOU CAN FEEEL THAT PAIN SHEEESH this gon be legendary when old
Baby J
Baby J 4 時間 前
I feel like a Crip cause I can't trust my own blood ~Meek Mill ~⭐
Tenaj M. Pedican
Tenaj M. Pedican 4 時間 前
Meek raised me like I was son. Blessed to the music meek!!!
Nathan Perry
Nathan Perry 4 時間 前
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Kshy 8762
Kshy 8762 5 時間 前
Lil durk: rainyy 🔥
Lonnie 1Love
Lonnie 1Love 5 時間 前
Wonder if Meek AK is real
Herefor 1thing
Herefor 1thing 5 時間 前
Kweazi x
Kweazi x 5 時間 前
GOD BODY 💎💎💎💎💎💎 💎
Chuck Juice
Chuck Juice 5 時間 前
Damn this jawn is fire 🔥 No cap.
Golinthonzomule Smethedovich
Golinthonzomule Smethedovich 6 時間 前
imagine yall caught these niggas doin rituals n jay z pipin this nigga down in a dark room covered in babyoil. half of yall want to participate thats y its cool to u UNTIL u see the pizzagate shit.....
Kelly Tatiana
Kelly Tatiana 6 時間 前
meek mill feel you boss the greatest in the making
Angel De Lucas
Angel De Lucas 6 時間 前
Rip von
Naven Prasad
Naven Prasad 6 時間 前
"Don't come to the show, if you not helping set the stage up." 💯🙏
Da Don
Da Don 6 時間 前
Rip lil snupe
Black Cinderella
Black Cinderella 6 時間 前
Odee4Shy 6 時間 前
334 Baby
334 Baby 7 時間 前
Lol I need that hunnid he wipe his eyes with 😩😂
john williams
john williams 7 時間 前 🏌️‍♂️💎
Beezy West
Beezy West 7 時間 前
Meek & Durk go crazy every time they drop🔥🔥🔥mud they just want love and Loyalty...R.I.P LIL SNUPE R.I.P KING VON😈😈🤞🏾
Ken Masonj
Ken Masonj 7 時間 前
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john williams
john williams 7 時間 前 🏌️‍♂️💎
Taylor Jackson
Taylor Jackson 7 時間 前
Skinny meek be snapping lol
john williams
john williams 7 時間 前 🏌️‍♂️💎
IIFormSupremacy Yt
IIFormSupremacy Yt 7 時間 前
“I feel like a crip because I can’t trust my blood” 💦💔
Nathan Perry
Nathan Perry 4 時間 前
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Trumpizwinning TheElection
Trumpizwinning TheElection 7 時間 前
i was ready to type "trash" before i listened but this a good song
john williams
john williams 7 時間 前 🏌️‍♂️💎
Raoul Kuhn
Raoul Kuhn 7 時間 前
When meek and durk link its always fire
Pacino Official
Pacino Official 7 時間 前 I'm heating up. #philly
James Hyman
James Hyman 8 時間 前
James Hyman
James Hyman 6 時間 前
@john williams checking him out now. Thank you for the link its fire
john williams
john williams 7 時間 前 🏌️‍♂️💎
Amina Ali
Amina Ali 8 時間 前
Official @ Steppa Kado on Facebook @ k Kado on Instagram ❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥
Mr. Universe
Mr. Universe 8 時間 前
I feel like a ♿rip I can't even trust my 🅱lood
zeek d
zeek d 8 時間 前
Unpopular opinion but this track better than the track durk made With drake
john williams
john williams 7 時間 前 🏌️‍♂️💎
BuckSquad 4L
BuckSquad 4L 8 時間 前
This Really Pressure 💪🏾🔥
solo solo siervo de cristo
solo solo siervo de cristo 8 時間 前
Escape eternal hell🔥🔥🔥. For God so loved the 🌎 world that whomsoever beleive in him shall not perish but have everlasting life! No matter the sin or struggle come to cry out to him! He forgives to the uttermost the one to come to God through Jesus Christ. Why live for few years in sin and hell when whomsoever repents and come to Jesus Christ shall be saved from sin and hell. He inherits everlasting life with Jesus Christ. He the Lord Jesus Christ is the author of life and all who come to Him in true repentance and faith shall live even if he dies. Bless the name of Jesus Christ, because God is abundant in mercy, loving-kindness, and by no means clears the guilty. His word the bible is a lamp unto our 👣 🚶feet.
john williams
john williams 7 時間 前 🏌️‍♂️💎
Tyrone Jordan
Tyrone Jordan 8 時間 前
Kphopeevila 9 時間 前
Josalyn Akina
Josalyn Akina 9 時間 前
"The Voice!!!!!, Call him the hope..He gave us all hope"❤️
john williams
john williams 7 時間 前 🏌️‍♂️💎
Tyshawn Goode
Tyshawn Goode 9 時間 前
Rasta Tizzymaxwell
Rasta Tizzymaxwell 9 時間 前
Dope Joint
john williams
john williams 7 時間 前 🏌️‍♂️💎
MBK MOOK 9 時間 前
Durk be outshining these Rappers on their own songs
Spaz Rodriguez
Spaz Rodriguez 9 時間 前
Yeah this crazy
No Paper No Pen Music
No Paper No Pen Music 9 時間 前 No Paper No Pen Presents: I Am Volume 1 by Supakool
jewells mondragon
jewells mondragon 10 時間 前
Dope song 🎵 👌
Mrs. AB Benjamin
Mrs. AB Benjamin 10 時間 前
My sister died in a stranger way 😖
Ree Moe
Ree Moe 10 時間 前
Reese medley
Clark Kelly-Smith
Clark Kelly-Smith 10 時間 前
"i feel like a crip because i cant even trust my blood"... damnnn
Galvin Isby
Galvin Isby 10 時間 前
Meek mill been a real nigga and Rick Ross
Xavier Thomas
Xavier Thomas 11 時間 前
Xavier Thomas
Xavier Thomas 11 時間 前
Emily An
Emily An 11 時間 前
Oh, you look cool though.
oTrillMaine 11 時間 前
Dope video. Song asss. Durk tried to revive it. Died in surgery
oTrillMaine 11 時間 前
@Emily An song wasn’t deep at all😂 same message as all his song just a dramatic beat. “Lessons” loll
Emily An
Emily An 11 時間 前
Alpoem Oketch
Alpoem Oketch 11 時間 前
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derezz mafiaclicke
derezz mafiaclicke 12 時間 前
hustle n understanding takes da pain..
YELLOW HiPPiE 12 時間 前
This was fire
kuzzo 12 時間 前
Tyriece Glenn
Tyriece Glenn 12 時間 前
Repeat repeat repeat
Owon 12 時間 前
E Simone
E Simone 13 時間 前
Anybody connected to lildurk die PERIODT RIP MEEK MILLS 🙏
GLOBAL PROPHET ISRAEL 13 時間 前 there's only one savior your bro
Tiago Fonseca
Tiago Fonseca 13 時間 前
Too deep too dope 🔥❤️💯👌🏾👊🏽🍁🦃💨🍾🇺🇸
Kabr 13 時間 前
Idk translate, but It's not melodic :\
Pipocando MZ
Pipocando MZ 14 時間 前
Grande HIT
Short Clips
Short Clips 14 時間 前
Malcom Shaw
Malcom Shaw 14 時間 前
Bybrison Joel
Bybrison Joel 14 時間 前
Cameron Wright
Cameron Wright 15 時間 前
Isaiah Solet
Isaiah Solet 15 時間 前
You can hear the pain in durkio voice 💔😭 rip VON🕊
1999. 16 時間 前
Washin blood with bleach don’t wash the stain away 🔥🔥🔥
Thomas Hill
Thomas Hill 16 時間 前
Am I the only one who noticed at the end of the video durk says ‘could have made it 3 million’
Pretty Rickey
Pretty Rickey 16 時間 前
And all these diamonds give me Bonfidence Don’t judge My Pain if you don’t know ts that I’m against 💯
Pretty Rickey
Pretty Rickey 16 時間 前
2 of my best rappers 2 goats 2 legends 2 Kings if they own bity ts gettin realer than real
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