What’s Driving California’s Mass Exodus?

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As Oracle, Palantir and Hewlett-Packard Enterprise move their headquarters out of California and Elon Musk moves to Texas, California is considering raising taxes on the wealthy to unprecedented levels. Experts say California needs to find more ways to reverse the trend.
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What’s Driving California’s Mass Tech Exodus?

Ed M
Ed M 26 分 前
I love how everyone complains about California while wearing Vans, Levi’s, Quicksilver, etc typing stupid comments on their iPhone/MacBook.. sure you hate California
Sam Colt
Sam Colt 38 分 前
Dave Anderson
Dave Anderson 40 分 前
Tax greed to buy votes from left losers sums it up. Add in crooked politics and you have a Democrat sewer state. When it rains in San Fran, it stinks too.
Neil Nitin
Neil Nitin 48 分 前
Basically nice ploy to make Texas a democratic state down the line :) and republics can never be presidents after that...good strategy...always good for nothing can rule USA :)
Metaphysical Grace
Metaphysical Grace 時間 前
So its going back to normal you mean? Hella people here 🙄
V. N.
V. N. 時間 前
Too bad the homeless and nutjobs stay.
couerl 時間 前
Bad Hombre
Bad Hombre 時間 前
The left and their policies are responsible for their own demise.
Cesar Abraham
Cesar Abraham 2 時間 前
Last time folks voted no for gasoline taxes and high speed rail, former gov rigged to yes vote..total fraud
Mike Asher
Mike Asher 5 時間 前
Next University is going to close when we don’t have enough support from Corporates .
Kim Derr
Kim Derr 5 時間 前
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Kim Derr
Kim Derr 5 時間 前
foamyone101 6 時間 前
Leftists and Democrats have ruined it.
Exploring with cat
Exploring with cat 6 時間 前
California sucks
Papi Chulo
Papi Chulo 6 時間 前
Texas says kiss our pinky ring nikka
Papi Chulo
Papi Chulo 6 時間 前
Cali is still trying to compare that shitshow to Texas yes even after the ice age storm 🤣 Texas is California's daddy
Gerardo Martinez
Gerardo Martinez 6 時間 前
You get what you vote for.
Kennith Fisk
Kennith Fisk 6 時間 前
Wow the news is trying to catch up with everything else going on in the country now that Trump is off the center stage. Welcome to the world CNBC
dazzaburger 7 時間 前
I’ve seen bungalows priced at half a million dollars think about what you can buy for half a million dollars anywhere else.
TrollBuster 7 時間 前
Texas can't even keep the lights on when it gets cold out, but sure, let's move there.
Jud Young
Jud Young 7 時間 前
History has taught us how great Civilizations collapsed. Why California is collapsing ? History will tell and History is here to stay.
Chris Trunek
Chris Trunek 8 時間 前
keep Californians in California!
Night Fighter
Night Fighter 9 時間 前
Sh*t, maybe when all the liberals leave we can reclaim the rainforests and beaches for ourselves
Lynn Sheehan
Lynn Sheehan 9 時間 前
Love it !! Cal. Is way too full of itself.
Elijah Vazquez
Elijah Vazquez 9 時間 前
$73million / 22 companies Wow, a great way to pick the winners and losers
Lucas Jacobson
Lucas Jacobson 9 時間 前
Liberalism is a mental disorder.
mustangsandwich 10 時間 前
I think California is an amazing place. We are blessed with unparalleled fine weather and natural beauty. Been here almost my whole life. But, I'll be the citizen of another state this year. The latest problem is the stuff they're trying to teach my child in high school here. It's radical, leftist mumbo jumbo in classes that are titled "Geology" and "Physical Education". It's just gotten too weird, too full of homeless, and too expensive here. It's very sad and I hope it gets turned back around...as a little bit of California will always be in my heart.
KZrealtalklol 10 時間 前
This whole video can be summed up by saying “the Democrats are running the show and no one is entertained”.
Mike Crawford
Mike Crawford 10 時間 前
yea move out of California stop buying their crap and when these states offer great tax breaks when they have their storms their the first dumps to run to the government for a bail out we need to change the law's if they don't have a good tax base no bail out's
Grendel Prime
Grendel Prime 10 時間 前
Evil leftists - That's what killed California.
Cosmic Patriot
Cosmic Patriot 10 時間 前
Democrats and sanctuary cities
Stella Sutton
Stella Sutton 10 時間 前
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P TV 10 時間 前
albert chavez
albert chavez 10 時間 前
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Donovon Williams
Donovon Williams 11 時間 前
Democrat ideals destroyed this state and now they want to run away and destroy the rest of the country . Those are facts that they can’t run from . It has strictly been democrat and has only lasted this long because of the cycle of celebrities . Other than that Cali is full of nobodies , well it’s full of give me it for free . Give me free land because of history . Sadly that’s the people you create dems
Joshua R
Joshua R 11 時間 前
That’s what happens when Democrats runs a state..
HotAndSour Soup
HotAndSour Soup 11 時間 前
Poor, poor Austin. They sit near Edwards Plateau, water is limited. Traffic is bad. Housing is high. Now all will be busting at the seams.
Lenny Walkins
Lenny Walkins 11 時間 前
My 5 bedroom 4 bath with an outside jacuzzi and pool here in Texas cost 230k 😂😂
RoamingScooterGuy 11 時間 前
How dare CNBC say anything negative about the promise land... cancel culture will be out for you now!!!!
Michael Parks
Michael Parks 11 時間 前
I think the recent power outages show the downside of the lack of regulations and so-called "freedom". Texas will have to raise taxes and increase regulations to provide the level of services that the high-tech companies (and basically, any large company) requires. Don't blame it on Californians moving there, it's the inevitable result of high-paying jobs moving there. This whole video can be summed up like this: A large, mature company seeks to lower expenses by moving to a cheap-labor area. Eventually the workers want more services and higher pay and it is no longer a cheap labor area. The large, mature company then relocates to another cheap labor area. Anyone old enough to remember when Japan was a cheap labor country? The same thing is currently happening in China and India with their growing middle classes. Ten years from now you'll be watching an alarmist video about how Elon Musk is leaving Texas for Montana. All these wanna-be Silicon Valleys forget what actually made Silicon Valley the high-tech center - Stanford and Xerox PARC. It wasn't cheap labor or lack of regulations. Almost every innovation that drove the computer and internet industry came out of one of those two institutions. The future is never shaped by minimum-wage workers and low tax rates.
平野愛実 12 時間 前
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keetakitten 12 時間 前
I don't know California is still the 5th strongest economy in the world
Chris yo mama
Chris yo mama 12 時間 前
People are leaving democrat run states
Retired Top43
Retired Top43 12 時間 前
Liberalism is killing one of the most beautiful states in the country. It is a shame that the people are allowing this to happen.
Kiki Times 3
Kiki Times 3 12 時間 前
Please stop coming to Texas. Everyone is buying up all the houses here and I want to move into a bigger house but can’t compete with all these people coming from California used to over Paying for stuff.
Epic Prince
Epic Prince 12 時間 前
i like my state regulations. Lets use some of these taxes to move the homeless to texas
Travis Muhler
Travis Muhler 12 時間 前
I wonder why everyone is leaving... oh liberal policies
That one Guy
That one Guy 12 時間 前
Simple answer: lefties ruin everything they touch.
Phillip B
Phillip B 12 時間 前
Texas has no state property tax as well. That dude just flat out lied
mayder 40
mayder 40 13 時間 前
Companies may now add Texas' power grid vulnerability into the decision making, and that reflection leads to wondering whether Texas gov is forward thinking or too stuck in the "Even if it's broke, don't fix it" attitude.
Barb Melle
Barb Melle 13 時間 前
From Leo: Insane laws, inane leadership, and obscene taxes. That is the formula for destroying any civilization. Seems to be the calling card for the left politicians.
Cesar Trillo
Cesar Trillo 13 時間 前
Dems are the true enemy of not only California but the U.S as a whole.
Pete Poulos
Pete Poulos 13 時間 前
So people run from California and turn their new place into California by voting in the same kind of assholes that made them run!
Neal Duran
Neal Duran 13 時間 前
Maybe people are leaving because they don’t want to be on food stamps while making $100k plus a year because the rent is too high ,
jeremy ray
jeremy ray 13 時間 前
Dude they don’t care. They’re doing it on purpose. They know exactly what they’re doing.
Moon Dancer
Moon Dancer 14 時間 前
Now I understand why the rent is so high here.
RyokoAsakuraLastFan 14 時間 前
So this article mixes its data. Example Millenials are considering leaving at a high rate, is not due to taxes. Its the high rate of Housing. While the second reason many want to leave is California's republican party members. They are the largest group of republican voters per state however they are vastly out numbered by the democrats and get little state or higher representation. Lastly for how much money these companies make, these taxes are nothing. However now they are paying the price of a vastly deregulated state like Texas as environmental crisises continue
David berman
David berman 14 時間 前
The fall of California...One word... Democrats!!!!!! End of story
Libtard Larry
Libtard Larry 14 時間 前
Democrat incompetence, what else?
Ryan Hazer
Ryan Hazer 15 時間 前
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Joseph Abraham Puthumana
Joseph Abraham Puthumana 16 時間 前
That's because it's no longer California but commiefornia. Welcome to the commieland folks
Massey Ferguson
Massey Ferguson 16 時間 前
Democrats cause the fall of everything
ς αrr ι ε
ς αrr ι ε 16 時間 前
I think they left out something that makes California such a blessing; we take care of those who need us most such as undocumented residents. Those who have escaped the abuse of their own country can find freedom in the Golden State and get the education and health care they deserve. Its such a blessing we can do this when all other states want to build a wall. We also take care of those unable to work and depend on public assistance to feed their families. This is how God wants us to take care of each other. There was a time California wanted to penalize those fleeing California to avoid high taxes. Those leaving without a valid reason would face a tax equal to 1.5% of the value of their home. This is a fair tax to help offset the loss to the economy. Big companies such as Tesla that leave California should also be assessed an exit tax of at least 1.5% of their estimated worth. This would help soften the blow of their departure.
Nonie Lindloff
Nonie Lindloff 17 時間 前
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sutats 17 時間 前
Phantom Planet - California
Seth Andrews
Seth Andrews 18 時間 前
The answer is simple. Tax the rich more, and tax the poor less. And LOL at that boomer complaining about how California's regulations stop factories from polluting too much. There it is right there.
Eric Brandt
Eric Brandt 18 時間 前
Kommiefornia is just one major seismic event from FAILING.....Anyone with 1/2 a brain cell in the SF Bay area should BAIL ASAP!
2/a gbh
2/a gbh 19 時間 前
Everyone who voted for China Joe voted to turn all the rest of the USA into California enjoy your stupidity people. You all are Californian now.
2/a gbh
2/a gbh 19 時間 前
It is a California issue because the world doesn't need their stupidity or enterprise.. other states will fill up the vacuum those idiots have left. And other countries will do business with other states. California must not be bailed out but sink into their own liberal sewer. Well that's what this a#@l is saying. They sh#! In their own back yard and now they expect the rest of us to eat it !
Billy Ryan Montenegro
Billy Ryan Montenegro 19 時間 前
All i see big structures,whether you're a billionaire or not,and building is important then you lose land for food,thats the problem of humans,.
Billy Ryan Montenegro
Billy Ryan Montenegro 19 時間 前
All i see big structures,whether you're a billionaire or not,and building is important then you lose land for food,thats the problem of humans,.
Winston Smith
Winston Smith 19 時間 前
JamesFeiffer 19 時間 前
Climate changes will make other states unlivable and everyone will need to move back to California eventually.
Californians will vote for the same everywhere they go. Until there is nowhere to go.
Samuel Hernandez
Samuel Hernandez 20 時間 前
“Watching [California] fumble and stumble is not just a California issue. It is a national and global issue” NOT FOR TEXAS Y’ALL
Pjero Sumavabich
Pjero Sumavabich 20 時間 前
Liberal liberal and liberal, that is the problem.
InfiniteWisdom 20 時間 前
Democrats. :D
Bree Pham
Bree Pham 21 時間 前
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Tommy Zapada
Tommy Zapada 21 時間 前
I ❤️ California
Working Class
Working Class 22 時間 前
DEMOCRAT failed socialist programs, do NOT CONTINUE
flyfishinfred 22 時間 前
billy kent
billy kent 22 時間 前
What’s driving California’s mass exodus well the cost of living and taxes and crime and homelessness and now the whole let’s get rid of cops so the crime and homelessness problem has just got worse which is sad cause cause they’re are some pretty areas they need to turn that state around bring back the police
Billie Mccurdy
Billie Mccurdy 23 時間 前
Are you sure they're not moving because they know the fault lines are fixing to crack lol
Olivia Olson
Olivia Olson 23 時間 前
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m1lk0meda 23 時間 前
Five words: It's controlled by insane leftists
Keeley 日 前
It could be that we're paying $3000 for a 1300 sq ft apartment!
Jeffrey Morgan
Jeffrey Morgan 日 前
Are you serious, CNBC? You really don't KNOW? High taxes, overlegislation, and a state government run by short-sighted idiots!
orbitalsatellite 日 前
These news stories are becoming increasingly redundant as they don't really address the core problems enough. Taxes, real estate. They are the real story. How is it possible that rents have become as high as they have in San Francisco? US$5-6000 p/ month is criminal. It all just wreaks of the rich getting richer. I don't mind if you want to be successful, but when your greed overtakes every waking hour in your life, you're just a sack of flesh, devoid of any humanity whatsoever. Like The Blob swallowing everything in its path. And as for Texas, get ready for Texafornia. You can't stop this influx no matter how loud you scream. It'll all be fine if you can make money from them coming. Like Real Estate Agents. Scum of the earth. I estimate that Texas will become unlivable for the average person within ten years.
JerseySlayer 日 前
Nobody wants to live in communist countries
ALLUCK NoSkill 日 前
3 4 5 HUNDRED thousand dollars?
Mo Vo
Mo Vo 日 前
East Texas will turn into California one day
Andy Elliott - Nashville Real Estate
Andy Elliott - Nashville Real Estate 日 前
I'm betting the people that move there have had enough of politics and will see things differently. My2Cents
Mike 日 前
Demonrat ruined everything.
tearl 日 前
Terminal liberalism.
신영미 日 前
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scott garloff
scott garloff 日 前
is big business like the locust . will Texas be the next state to implode ? maybe too many large business in one are is a bad thing
Christopher McIntosh
Christopher McIntosh 日 前
Let me take a wild guess Before watching...taxes. 🤔
Rip Mom Mej
Rip Mom Mej 日 前
But then they move to a new state and vote in the same manner and end up creating the same problem at their new location.
Andy Elliott - Nashville Real Estate
Andy Elliott - Nashville Real Estate 日 前
I'm betting not. I sure could be wrong...but lessons learned? maybe?
eric willsey
eric willsey 日 前
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Michael Schnitzer
Michael Schnitzer 日 前
Horrible democratic leadership and policies
Drew Beau
Drew Beau 日 前
Thats good leave the evil satanic state of cally
Burn Acc
Burn Acc 日 前
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