Michael Chandler Breaks Down and Ranks the 10 Top UFC Lightweights

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2 ヶ月 前

Big thanks to Michael Chandler for the interview. Check out his JPpost channel here: jppost.info
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MMA On Point
MMA On Point 2 ヶ月 前
We also did a separate video getting Michael Chandler's thoughts on Khabib's retirement. I definitely recommend checking that out too. -Jason jppost.info/project/qJecesmvhbK3pLM/bideo.html
Hamza Ansari
Hamza Ansari 20 日 前
Where is undisputed undefeated... eagles 🦅
Gustavo Ramiro G. Moraes
Gustavo Ramiro G. Moraes ヶ月 前
Gotta say: the Top 4 fighters of this division are very tough. I can say the same about the champion. I believe that the lightweight division is the toughest division of the organization right now.
Toby Sutherland
Toby Sutherland 2 ヶ月 前
RV103 2 ヶ月 前
Felder would KO this dude. Too big to be controlled by this little guy. Also he thinks he can sub Dustin? Lol. Rush Dustin like he rushes everyone else and he will be doing to sleep. Dustin hit em with a 8 punch combo and zzzzzz
RickyBobby38 2 ヶ月 前
@Joe D Irrelevant to you perhaps (clearly you're a Conor fan which is fine, the guy was awesome in the cage back in his glory days, his talking got old after a while & his olé olé olé fans wore out their welcome even faster), but the sentiments I've mentioned are shared by a large section of the fanbase & the fighters themselves, do you think Khabib called him a Chicken during his 205 ppv post fight interview or Tony was calling him McNuggets were a sign of respect???
Mr. O'Kane fan 321
Mr. O'Kane fan 321 2 時間 前
Who's here after Chandler KOed Hooker
AKRS 2 時間 前
Chandler left bellator scared of patricio pitbull
Lionheart 222
Lionheart 222 8 時間 前
Honest Ranking!😃
haider ehsan
haider ehsan 9 時間 前
What about khabib chandler??? Buzz off bro
haider ehsan
haider ehsan 3 時間 前
@Jun Bug true that...
Jun Bug
Jun Bug 3 時間 前
This is after Khabib retired, obviously he know Khabib is better than these guys
Lets Panic
Lets Panic 9 時間 前
Khabib is the best of all times in light weight
Akd Akd
Akd Akd 9 時間 前
Disrespectful towards Khabib for not including him in that list
krios zerellari
krios zerellari 11 時間 前
3 max Holloway
Subhrajyoti Ghosh
Subhrajyoti Ghosh 12 時間 前
Who else here after his fantastic win
KJCY TV 15 時間 前
Now its porier is the number 1..
kami 110 110
kami 110 110 18 時間 前
who is here after he Knockout dan hooker
Chris Graf
Chris Graf 18 時間 前
Michael Chandler I have a high level of respect for. Talks and speaks like a true professional
The BongLord
The BongLord 19 時間 前
Chandler after koing Hooker: “DO YOU SEE ME NOW?!????”
Petyr Lafloure
Petyr Lafloure 22 時間 前
Best jab in the division? Only with khabib-ali retired
Richie Thomas
Richie Thomas 22 時間 前
Mike Chandler is a freakin beast he disposed of hooker so fast!!😅 Next up give me who ever that's Iron Mike it doesn't matter who!! I will beat em all! He's most likely right and tough as they come. Soon to be your next Lightweight champ!! I'm pretty sure khabib is retired now and gonna coach his team just like his father did and that's truly awesome!
Sanat Srivastava
Sanat Srivastava 日 前
Nobody can knock Tony out. Nobody can submit Tony. Nobody can defeat Tony but himself.
xxxllloor poopypants
xxxllloor poopypants 日 前
"hey chandler how you feel about stipe as heavyweight champ?" Chandler- "I think I can use basic pressure with my strikes and maybe mix in some takedowns. I get him outta there in 2 rounds."
Alfonso Albano
Alfonso Albano 日 前
Didnt he have one fight this kid he is a funny guy he is the best according to him funny little dude .
Kenny Taco
Kenny Taco 日 前
Damn he really is who he said he was...
Kenny Taco
Kenny Taco 日 前
@༺༼ᗪᕮᏉłⱢ༽༻ so his whole win is negated because of your opinion of hookers strategy which has become public that he was corcling to feel him out and force a shot. Don’t just say crap because you don’t want to accept a result. Chandler is the better fighter. Don’t put bs excuses for every loss
༺༼ᗪᕮᏉłⱢ༽༻ 日 前
nah no disrespect to Dan or to him, but Dan didn't want to be there
O Dawg
O Dawg 日 前
In hindsight you can't really argue with anything he says here. Other name having DP at number 1. I think Chandler could finish any of these guys on his day. Going to be super interesting watching him over the next 2-3 fights.
Ertiza Kazi
Ertiza Kazi 日 前
Who's here after he brutally koed Hooker
N Petriel
N Petriel 日 前
Lmao, almost everyone on this list would kill him lol
O Dawg
O Dawg 日 前
Well he's just KO'ed No.5 in emphatic fashion. So that's not true
Sasquatch Nunu
Sasquatch Nunu 日 前
Dustin P. Should be the LW champion this dude has fought and defeated the best the division has to offer also defeating a Max Holloway.. Every fight for Dustin is supposedly for the championship.. I'd be tired of this bullshit too, Dustin should be named LW champion and let Olivera and Chandler fight for contender..
THE Guide
THE Guide 日 前
Here after win over hooker
Dermot Maxwell
Dermot Maxwell 日 前
Look good against hooker could do some damage in the division.
Daniel Brothers
Daniel Brothers 日 前
This video now gets more interesting after what we saw on Saturday
Benny Groome
Benny Groome 日 前
Tony over mcgregor ??? Your of you head mate 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Mohamed Shahid
Mohamed Shahid 日 前
Where is the eagle
Abhijai Singh
Abhijai Singh 日 前
Sean Lafferty
Sean Lafferty 日 前
Weird to think Chandler beat Hooker with the exact opposite style he said he would
Ali Arif
Ali Arif 日 前
they train and plan for a fight to last long but unfortunately hooker was done in one strike😂
Chima Moneke
Chima Moneke 日 前
Who’s here after he knocked out Hooker?
How Depressing
How Depressing 日 前
I love the respect he has for tony. I wish the good ol tony was back.
matt ballard123
matt ballard123 日 前
Who’s here after Chandler beat Hooker
Michael White
Michael White 日 前
Dude’s a serious contender.
Michael Fridelle
Michael Fridelle 日 前
You are talking about a Justin Gaethje that was blind as a bat when he got knocked out. He completely changed his fighting style since those early fights. And he has more raw knockout power than anyone on that roster. And his cardio is second to none. His one obvious weakness was his lack of BJJ training. What Khabib did to him was just too easy. He had literally no defense for it. Huge hole in his game. But other than that, Justin is a wrecking ball. I think he would destroy Dusting Porier in a rematch. And he is your greatest threat.
Chandu G R
Chandu G R 日 前
Who's here after Chandler's win over Hooker
2542genius 日 前
dude calls out khabib but on his top 10 doesn't wanna fight khabib ? lmao wtf
Abhijai Singh
Abhijai Singh 日 前
He is retired officially
cityman1111 2 日 前
poirier knocked out Justin and Conor.
Jared Warren
Jared Warren 2 日 前
“What a better way to introduce me to the ufc with none other then a 5 round fight. Round one I take Yan, round 2 volk, round 3 usman, round 4 I will be a little tired but my wrestling 🤼‍♂️ will destroy Israel and round 5 I take BOTH yes BOTH stipe and the polish power. What a better way for me to show the UFC fans on the best in the world by beating everybody at the best in the Perspective weight class
Alex Robbo
Alex Robbo 2 日 前
How he was talking about hooker aged brilliantly
Wergar_ The_WarWolf
Wergar_ The_WarWolf 2 日 前
WHo's here after he smashed Hooker?
Ali Arif
Ali Arif 日 前
@Sean Conklin he expected hooker to last more than one punch lol
Sean Conklin
Sean Conklin 2 日 前
"First round pick him up, put him down, wear him down, make him second guess himself" Or just punch his lights out.
I believe
I believe 2 日 前
He backed that talk up spectacularly last night!!!
Chandler did talk the talk and walked the walk what a fight
O'Neill 2 日 前
Chandler is a problem for everyone at LW Beast
Porier took out Gatghe though
Bustopher McCumbus
Bustopher McCumbus 日 前
@OMAR LUNA I beg to differ. It's really wide, loose, and covered in cobwebs.
My mother does not have a basement Jackass!!
Bustopher McCumbus
Bustopher McCumbus 日 前
@OMAR LUNA If you had some sort of hidden inside knowledge to know with that amount of certainty, you should probably start betting so you can move yourself out of your mother's basement. Anything can happen in MMA, and it's stupid to assume that Justin hasn't made the right adjustments in such a lengthy timeframe.
@Bustopher McCumbus Of course, but he did take him out and would take him out again.
Bustopher McCumbus
Bustopher McCumbus 日 前
In 2018.
Dakota Sutton
Dakota Sutton 2 日 前
Oh he put Hooker on the ground but he didn’t have to throw him 👍🏼 mystic iron mike
Otto Von Bismarck
Otto Von Bismarck 2 日 前
keep doubting the man. Beautiful boxing yesterday
Professor Abz
Professor Abz 2 日 前
*”Tony ferguson as an introduction...”* *The more i watch this guy, the more of a joke he seems.*
Melvin Ramirez
Melvin Ramirez 2 日 前
Salty haha
MoLife Hacks
MoLife Hacks 2 日 前
Khabib *retires* Chandler: Hamdulillah 🙏😭
Bluesy Jay
Bluesy Jay 2 日 前
Aged well like a fine wine
III 2 日 前
this is just Michael Chandler trying to flex for 13 minutes straight.
LDBolt6 2 日 前
And he did proved it!
ca 22
ca 22 2 日 前
Who's here after he sent hooker to the underworld?
Sean Whitehead
Sean Whitehead 2 日 前
Me 😭
Ynxg. Boi.j Rewind
Ynxg. Boi.j Rewind 2 日 前
Has to change mcregor and poirier now
Ian Phillips
Ian Phillips 2 日 前
4:17-4:39 Explains a detailed gameplan on how to beat Hooker... After UFC 257... Chandler: oh, I actually meant you just need a left hook and ground n pound to a TKO in round 1 😂
College Free
College Free 2 日 前
No 1 always Khabib the goat
Harry Poosie
Harry Poosie 2 日 前
Here right after he knocked out hooker 👍🏻🇺🇸 fuck em up chandler
James Mitchell
James Mitchell 2 日 前
I think Khabib should come back to fight Chandler......i see the future.
Ravi Kajal
Ravi Kajal 2 日 前
Now you will really have Justin gaithji in coming time
Connor Mauk
Connor Mauk 2 日 前
Anyone have this video come back up in their recommended after chandler starched hooker tn
Jms Tdb
Jms Tdb 2 日 前
Nah. I specifically searched for it because I remembered more or less what he said.
gforsyth4 2 日 前
He looked pretty good agains hooker
darxeth 2 日 前
Dude wrecked Hooker. I honestly believe he's a top contender in the division.
Brad 日 前
Off course he is. Anyone who doesn't think this is a casual and only watches UFC.
P. Graham
P. Graham 2 日 前
Watching this today, that top 5 on his board is now mixed.
Joujoudude1703 2 日 前
He most definitely is!
Jonathan Reid
Jonathan Reid 2 日 前
Well he didn't have to beat Dan Hooker by wearing him down, just did it in the first by TKO
Al.N. DaRodda
Al.N. DaRodda 2 日 前
Where’s Khabib ?
Chepe Santacruz Londoño
Chepe Santacruz Londoño 日 前
@Al.N. DaRodda haha chill out bro it’s just a title
Al.N. DaRodda
Al.N. DaRodda 2 日 前
@Spekki The headline of video said “10 Top UFC Lightweights”. It did not say “Ten Top Contenders”. Sorry, Charlie. Whoever wrote the headline made a misleading statement or doesn’t know how to speak or write English.
Spekki 2 日 前
hes the champ this is 1-10
erccool 2 日 前
Zixie 2 日 前
You better beat hooker. Currently watching your fight against him right now 😂
Spekki 2 日 前
He said he wanted to take him down and put him on his back and that he was dangerous on the feet but then he put him down with his hands 🤣
Zixie 2 日 前
Ya1000 Zertuche
Ya1000 Zertuche 3 日 前
I'm just watching this before his fight with Hooker... Let's see if his question gets the answer he expects
Jacob Alvarez
Jacob Alvarez 2 日 前
Wtf just happened
Elias N
Elias N 3 日 前
Michael ”I can match Tony’s cardio” Chandler
Jacob Alvarez
Jacob Alvarez 2 日 前
Uhhh 😬
John Benedict
John Benedict 3 日 前
Gaethje has a wrestling backround. Everyone looks zapped on the ground against Khabib
Josh Boyle
Josh Boyle 3 日 前
If chandler wrestles he can be number 1
Josh Boyle
Josh Boyle 3 日 前
Connor easily better then all of them
Lane Ritter
Lane Ritter 3 日 前
Mcgregor would fuck chandler up 😂
chris tesla
chris tesla 3 日 前
Lol listening to chandler is funny the guy really thinks he’s going to be ufc champion but it’s never going to happen.
chris tesla
chris tesla 3 日 前
When Conor and Johnson beat Dustin he didn’t have the chin he has today if the hooker fight was at 145 Dustin probably wouldn’t have been able to take the shots. And I’m pretty sure the Johnson fight was at 155 but it was before Dustin really built into the division by putting size on.
Varun Mangvi
Varun Mangvi 3 日 前
So where is khabib ?? Is it 0
Bernado Garay
Bernado Garay 2 日 前
Champs aren't ranked
Vishal Parihar
Vishal Parihar 3 日 前
Moment of Truth tomorrow , Man he talks the talk now it's time to walk the walk . Chandler vs Hooker
aldair padilla
aldair padilla 3 日 前
Can’t wait to see you perform brotha, Dan is a scary introduction in the ufc tho haha
Đe si Ba?
Đe si Ba? 4 日 前
I don't like the fact that he didn't want to fight Islam Makhachev but that is business development of UFC not his. I like the fact that he is confident enough to believe that he can beat any of the top 10. Good for him.
Nasir Ali
Nasir Ali 4 日 前
Olivera you dumb should be 2/3
Nasir Ali
Nasir Ali 4 日 前
Khabib is no1 lightweight fighter
Nasir Ali
Nasir Ali 4 日 前
This guys a joke
Andy Adi
Andy Adi 2 日 前
Clive Noronha
Clive Noronha 2 日 前
David 4 日 前
Michael Chandler on Dan Hooker: pick'im up, put him on the ground. First round pick him up put him, down wear him down. There you have it, his gameplan for Saturday. Pretty sure he's gonna get knee'd in the face in the process
David 日 前
@Andy Adi touchee
Andy Adi
Andy Adi 2 日 前
Who's knee?
wayne williams
wayne williams 4 日 前
Well We will see how he does with Hooker this weekend. Very interesting fight, if he beats Hooker he has my respect.
wayne williams
wayne williams 2 日 前
Ok he has my respect, Chandler is quick and powerful. The real deal.
mxamiss5 5 日 前
Don’t like this guy
dominik lucic
dominik lucic 5 日 前
Conor ic n#1 if there is no khabib
tim maugsch
tim maugsch 5 日 前
haha. wait. he. trash talks conor and conor shakes his hand on the stage
Taufik Nur
Taufik Nur 5 日 前
he looked fat
Karl Willoughby
Karl Willoughby 6 日 前
So Justin is 1st even though he got knocked out by the two guys Connor knocked out who is 4th, Al Laquinta is the only guy who goes the distance with the real Number One Khabib and is 9th, Tony is 3rd even though Justin beat him and Dustin is 2nd even though Connor beat him..Connor beat both guys who beat Justin at 1 and Dustin at 2...No way he's number 4
Karl Willoughby
Karl Willoughby 3 日 前
@chris tesla the double champ does what the fuck the double champs wants lol
chris tesla
chris tesla 3 日 前
I got by who you beat lately not who you beat before lol Conor shouldn’t be in the rankings he hasn’t fought at lightweight since the Khabib fight but you don’t put someone higher than the person they beat if that person hasn’t fought in a year and you beat 3 people in the same amount of time
aaron morgan
aaron morgan 6 日 前
I cant stope looking at his fucking ears mainly the right one
Dr Ham
Dr Ham 6 日 前
“I think I match up with him quite well” 173858263785 times
Luaine Dyers
Luaine Dyers 7 日 前
Who's here after hooker vs chandler got announced
Luaine Dyers
Luaine Dyers 日 前
Chandler came up big
Jr 2 日 前
@Ben Marles didn’t he contradict that later? Maybe I’m misremembering, but I feel like I’ve heard Chandler say it isn’t the best matchup stylistically. Also yeah, I was rooting for Chandler as well, even though I literally didn’t know who he was until he was announced as the slotted replacement fighter for Khabib vs Justin. I just liked the story of a fighter coming from a different organization, and believing he is the best lightweight, only to go on and silence any doubters by actually just annihilating the division. It would have been very depressing to watch someone say they can beat the likes of Khabib, say they can beat anyone in the top ten, and then just get exposed in their debut. Originally I was a new fan, then I became more of a hater after he said he needed another month for the Tony fight, then I just became impartial for the most part, but hoped Chandler could back it up. I was cheering when Chandler rocked hooker, and I was saying let’s go Chandler when the fight started.
Ben Marles
Ben Marles 2 日 前
@Big Pig Studios I respect Dan hooker as a person and a fighter, but I was rooting for chandler since he was announced to fight hooker. That was an amazing K.O. And I do have to say, chandler saying he has a great matchup against hooker aged quite well in 2 months
Big Pig Studios
Big Pig Studios 2 日 前
Here after Seeing Dan get KOd
Highly intelligent. Now that he won’t be fighting uber drivers we will get to see what he’s really about. I foresee him beating hooker and beating Conor in his next fight. Than losing to The Eagle 🦅
Mr Naz
Mr Naz 8 日 前
Khabib is the Goat
Legend Of Cretacia
Legend Of Cretacia 8 日 前
Chandler vs khabib is the match to make, a wrestling match that would actually be interesting
chris tesla
chris tesla 3 日 前
Justin was a good wrestler to it didn’t help him much against Khabib. Imo even if chandler took Khabib down Khabib would just lock a submission and make chandler sleep or tap.
Vinnie Davies
Vinnie Davies 8 日 前
Why does anyone hate this guy? Bro is all class
Theo Herd
Theo Herd 9 日 前
So he's doubting Dan's power, ok
Clive Noronha
Clive Noronha 2 日 前
Boop Kal
Boop Kal 2 日 前
Eddie Karanga
Eddie Karanga 9 日 前
This blow ass guy loves himself too much
Z.Kozak 9 日 前
He loads up on his shots way too much for the likes of Poirier and McGregor Dan Hooker will be a really tough test with his counters, knees, and take-down defense...and he questions his power? Are you nuts?
sam wells
sam wells 9 日 前
"Michael Chandler could beat any of the top Lightweights" -2020 Michael Chandler
chris tesla
chris tesla 3 日 前
On any given night lmfao
MMA Arabic
MMA Arabic 10 日 前
michael chandler is just a white kevin lee
Michael Wooten
Michael Wooten 11 日 前
Wow I kinda liked him, how could I after listening to this ignorant shit
jahaan bhat
jahaan bhat 11 日 前
I can beat any of these guys this should be your be attitude if you want to be a champion.
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