Georges St-Pierre reacts to Khabib Nurmagomedov’s retirement at UFC 254 | Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show

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3 ヶ月 前

Georges St-Pierre speaks with Ariel Helwani after UFC 254 as he recaps Khabib Nurmagomedov’s win vs. Justin Gaethje by submission. GSP (4:46) reacts to Khabib’s retirement announcement after talk in the media about the two of them potentially fighting in the future.
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Edin Pandzic
Edin Pandzic 5 時間 前
I want GSP vs Khabib....its my most wanted fight of the decade
“It will disappear ina ina ina in a segend “ 11:52 😂😂😂😂😂 I love GSP
Khalid Jaweed
Khalid Jaweed 日 前
18:00 show this clip to Michael Chandler..just debut and taking name above his level...gsp great man more respect 🙌🙌
Mustafa Moulayes
Mustafa Moulayes 日 前
“fighting someone who has the aura of invincibility is very scary, but also very exciting for a competitor” Respect to both Legends!
Lee Dan
Lee Dan 2 日 前
Only interview that I finished watching. My Respect to GSP for respecting Khabib, what a good man.
Root Nixlz l نكسلز
Root Nixlz l نكسلز 6 日 前
GSP is missing the word “Peak”
Camping Alberta Canada
Camping Alberta Canada 6 日 前
What a gentleman. Always was, even when he destroyed the competition. An iconic Canadian hero!
Chris aviles
Chris aviles 7 日 前
I see a lot of dry humping in this fight
Mehdi Blidi
Mehdi Blidi 8 日 前
khabib nurmagomedov is on whole nother level
moshedi newaz
moshedi newaz 8 日 前
What a great figher and human being!!!!only respect for u🙏
EastCoastLifestyle 9 日 前
Khabib should fight GSP in memory of his father. That’s the fight he always wanted to see from his son.
Adnan Alim
Adnan Alim 9 日 前
15:50 Gsp tells khabib has an aura of invincibility > it's very scary for a fighter to face him.
Adnan Alim
Adnan Alim 9 日 前
Gsp & khabib and gods favourite people. Humble people ❤️😍
Jae Alexander
Jae Alexander 9 日 前
Chen Taiwan JOJO
Chen Taiwan JOJO 10 日 前
Gap:"Too many champions stay for too long, I don’t want to speak name but em....we all know... Yup, that’s BJ Penn
Tunjung Utomo
Tunjung Utomo 10 日 前
Khabib vs GSP would be the greatest fight of all time, I'm imagining a clean, drama-less fight, with two contradicting styles of fighting. Whatever the result it won't tarnish their respective reputations
EscapePlan Skateboarding
EscapePlan Skateboarding 11 日 前
I wish I was just a tad bit as positive as GSP man..
Mohsen Heidary
Mohsen Heidary 11 日 前
So much respect from GSP, I love him even more now
Mark Burgess
Mark Burgess 12 日 前
Such class, likely the main reason I loved watching and rooting for G.S.P.
Ali Syed
Ali Syed 13 日 前
One legend speaking about the other one..
quame70 13 日 前
Thank You Mr. Georges St. Pierre
Si x
Si x 14 日 前
Khabib after you talk to Dana.... Go back and watch this.
* ANDROIDAS13* 16 日 前
JSP what a legend....
Gabor Bekker
Gabor Bekker 16 日 前
i like how they respect each other.. no trashtalk.. this is what makes you a champ :)
Halvorsent2 16 日 前
I love George St Pierre
Mike Hale
Mike Hale 19 日 前
George is done. Thank you George for all of the great fights and the press conference with Bisping!.
Amar Putra
Amar Putra 19 日 前
Khabib and GSP is Ronaldo and Messi in MMA
el chappo
el chappo 20 日 前
GSP should have fought Hendricks like that
stewb2004 20 日 前
GSP has not aged one bit.kahbib vs gsp should fight now while gsp is still fresh
Sadia Shuprova
Sadia Shuprova 23 日 前
Khabib is the first person to whom GSP got impressed
Palpatine 23 日 前
I like how Georges is such a nice guy that they didn’t even censor him at the end
Young Offenders
Young Offenders 24 日 前
Where your hair at george ~ Nick diaz
Seth Clark
Seth Clark 25 日 前
He said the other day that he will only come out of retirement for GSP. It will happen this a big pay day for both of them
Mark Kravitz
Mark Kravitz 25 日 前
Mr Helwani let's get the REAL kings to fight @evenkingsfall (insta) VS @thenotoriousmma (insta) PLEASE! ☝️🙏
iwan saptiko
iwan saptiko 26 日 前
Humble person respects humble person.
Jay Don
Jay Don 27 日 前
As a Canadian it's super fun to kick it at the bar watching ST-PIEREE fights GOOOO CANADA!!!!!!!
Bleep Bloop
Bleep Bloop 29 日 前
you know gsp is done with mma when he got hair
Bryce Czirr
Bryce Czirr ヶ月 前
He has hair?
Jay Singh
Jay Singh ヶ月 前
"Never say never, a lot of people see the world as white and black, for me it's always grey.." Okay Now GSP really being a 🐐
Jay Singh
Jay Singh ヶ月 前
Finally George " is Impressed by someone's Performance "
Work errere
Work errere ヶ月 前
Why talk on how great Khabib and gsp are as a person, take action and be a great human being to one another with respect that’s what we should be moving to
Aamir Ahmed
Aamir Ahmed ヶ月 前
The boss has approved it. Khabib is the GOAT of this time along with GSP.
safe azz
safe azz ヶ月 前
I know I wouldn't say it to gsp face but he sounds like a chipmunk
Theodoric Faradita Arbiyanto Asdo
Theodoric Faradita Arbiyanto Asdo ヶ月 前
ariel hewani
basil zaman
basil zaman ヶ月 前
Khabib Made his idol his fan . What an athlete . 🙏🙌
Khabib: Im retiring Lightweights: Alhamdulillah
Arian Dito
Arian Dito ヶ月 前
they should have made GSP vs Khabib happen when GSP was 36, 37 tops. even then it would be kind of not fair to GSP but now it's over.
Sami S
Sami S ヶ月 前
2:18 perfect explanation 👌🏼
Keith Alcibiade
Keith Alcibiade ヶ月 前
I hate when people use the term "goats" the whole point in the term is to pick ONE
Aditya Vats
Aditya Vats ヶ月 前
George was impressed by his performance.
Zelim Uzhahov
Zelim Uzhahov ヶ月 前
Being from the same province as Khabib(ofc huge fan of his) i want to give George huge respect for talking like this, makes me want to put him as number one as a goat. Great action
Gennaro Gino
Gennaro Gino ヶ月 前
The glistening glorious color psychologically sign because transaction yearly possess opposite a billowy saturday. tiresome, nonstop bomber
Greg Baker
Greg Baker ヶ月 前
The black australian correlatively provide because radio uncommonly extend aside a zealous tie. jagged, past stocking
Sushant Keni
Sushant Keni ヶ月 前
Look at the real GOAT saying Khabib might be a GOAT. And Jones is all salty tweeting salty tweets. This is the reason we love GSP. GSP is the real GOAT 🐐
MR H ヶ月 前
Khabib vs gsp Fans : I've just nutted
Gennaro Gino
Gennaro Gino ヶ月 前
The quaint city optically afford because opera exceptionally prepare down a free index. mute, uppity scissors
j n
j n ヶ月 前
Two of the goat's
Evan Fravel
Evan Fravel ヶ月 前
Ehhhhhh I was a uhh very unimpressed wiz yo performance.
Abdul-Medzid Rasidagic
Abdul-Medzid Rasidagic ヶ月 前
Huge respect for GSP 👊💪
Alp Arsalan
Alp Arsalan ヶ月 前
I love Khabib and GSP, what a great persons!!
Mystereo ヶ月 前
GSP is the modern Marcus Aurelius
Zehra Fatima
Zehra Fatima ヶ月 前
Just for the record-if Khabib and gsp ever fight-Khabib beats gsp for sure. I can see it in his eyes
CHINA !!!!!
CHINA !!!!! ヶ月 前
2 different eras !!
Vito ThaDon
Vito ThaDon ヶ月 前
Real humble people both GSP and the Eagle are. Proud to be Canadian.
Kreative Art Works
Kreative Art Works ヶ月 前
And they did not sensor GSP
Kevin Shea
Kevin Shea ヶ月 前
How could you not like GSP man
Idiris Aydid
Idiris Aydid ヶ月 前
I love GSP
Shaikh Azam
Shaikh Azam ヶ月 前
5:26 GSP spitting facts ❤️. GOAT certified approved ✨
Cheff Benderuu
Cheff Benderuu ヶ月 前
Respect both Khabib GSP..Really humble..
Jorjjjjj say piiiaaaaaaiiirr
Christopher Ryan
Christopher Ryan ヶ月 前
Gaurantee those two will fight within two years from now. When the demand rises. The money and offers will come their way and they won’t be able to refuse. Kahbib dad even said he would love for that fight to happen. It will happen. The fact George says he wants it and the fact. Kahbib will want to full fill his fathers last wish.
Mukelu Jau
Mukelu Jau ヶ月 前
07:00 The moment GSP praising connor. NOT
Bryan Klose
Bryan Klose ヶ月 前
Not the greatest of all time.. The greatest of your time...
Mohd Zulhalmi
Mohd Zulhalmi ヶ月 前
Sorry a noob here, i thought GSP is a canadian (as per google) but i couldn't catch his accent, english is obviously not his 1st language like me, is anybody kind enough to tell me abit about this guy?
Shamie ヶ月 前
One legend GSP talking about another legend Khabib
Adnan Alim
Adnan Alim ヶ月 前
Gsp is music to my ears ❤️😃
Adnan Alim
Adnan Alim ヶ月 前
I love gsp alot ❤️ and I love khabib to infinity ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Gregory Lee
Gregory Lee ヶ月 前
GSP is class act. Intelligent, sensitive, insightful and vulnerable. There are very few like him.
Gus Espinoza
Gus Espinoza ヶ月 前
The gaudy desert clinicopathologically pass because latex developmentally tour regarding a prickly michael. romantic, internal rod
ANYTNSharp ヶ月 前
I want to see him lose, I don't think he lacks ambition I think he doesn't want to waste a perfect record on the possibility of losing it to one fight
Crusader ヶ月 前
Khabib : "coca cola with ice" !
Uzair Jhd
Uzair Jhd ヶ月 前
With bulgur
Ellis Aluyi
Ellis Aluyi ヶ月 前
I love this guy, perfect human experience.
BubbleGum BloodBath
BubbleGum BloodBath ヶ月 前
If gsp and khabib fought i bet his father would be proud. KHABIB did say "it was my fathers dream fight for me to fight gsp"
Fai Zee
Fai Zee ヶ月 前
Respect one GOAT to another! ❤ GSP
Gershom Tan
Gershom Tan ヶ月 前
GSP just being Canadian.
snake1mi ヶ月 前
GSP praise Khabib so much you'd think he's a fan, even though he's a champion himself
Tom Beckett
Tom Beckett ヶ月 前
George you hit nail right on the head . 👍🇨🇦 I think he’s almost as good as you. 🤔
Mark Rapley
Mark Rapley ヶ月 前
Mr.ABOODy ヶ月 前
Why this guy made me plush :)
Salman Azeem
Salman Azeem ヶ月 前
DC, GSP, you both are very nice and respectable personalities! God bless you both!
schwabental socorro
schwabental socorro ヶ月 前
Look at GSP being a total class act. True sportsmanship.
Halvorsent2 ヶ月 前
no one is like GSP
berry.m ヶ月 前
how do you not have the utmost respect for GSP. Class act all the way around.
Md Litu
Md Litu ヶ月 前
Every good fighter havve rise and fall but khabib remain rise...
Md Litu
Md Litu ヶ月 前
Gsp is another humble guy.. Both are great fighter
Blake Tremain
Blake Tremain 2 ヶ月 前
funny how gsp seems to gain hair as he gets older
afternoon vibes
afternoon vibes 2 ヶ月 前
the reason why gsp is so humble is that he was a victim of bullying during his childhood he made his awful experience to fuel his greatness
Eric Challender
Eric Challender 2 ヶ月 前
George is a class act.
m.satria ramadan
m.satria ramadan 2 ヶ月 前
gsp class act, true legends
sufiyan jamadar
sufiyan jamadar 2 ヶ月 前
Khabib is the real goat 🔥🔥🥰
allayister 2 ヶ月 前
I can feel the serene place where he's at. Great human being.
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