Jimmy Kimmel Pulls Best Prank Ever on Cousin Micki

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2 ヶ月 前

Jimmy’s cousin Micki is easily one of the kindest, most considerate and genuinely good people ever. In addition to being nice beyond reason, she is also fun to play pranks on. Five years ago Micki and her husband Eric bought their first house from a woman named Carol who chose them over several other people who made higher offers. As a show of gratitude, Micki invited her to come back and use the house anytime. Many years later Micki still keeps in touch with Carol always inviting her to visit, always welcoming, always thankful. So, Jimmy had some free time over the summer, made a fake email address for Carol, and set in motion what is perhaps the greatest prank he has ever pulled.
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Srija Nair
Srija Nair 時間 前
So boring 😒
Snow 4 時間 前
Micki is such a waifu lol
21 時間 前
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Raj Chandran
Raj Chandran 日 前
How come this does not have 1 million likes at least
Ritah Mutheu Muia
Ritah Mutheu Muia 3 日 前
I hope she gets back at you .😂😂 cheers to Mickey such a nice person.
Brian Greene
Brian Greene 3 日 前
What ever happened to the Johnny Carson’s on the world......My God , is this the crap that is on late night tv now.
Yasmin Goodman
Yasmin Goodman 3 日 前
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Katherine Schmidt
Katherine Schmidt 4 日 前
America would be so great if jimmy kimmels show was canceled!!!
sal esp
sal esp 4 日 前
Wow does Mickey clean up nicely! 😌
Bryan Jernstad
Bryan Jernstad 4 日 前
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Lynn S
Lynn S 5 日 前
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Roxy Raven
Roxy Raven 5 日 前
Wow! This is well passed funny, approaching cruel! Jimmy Kimmel... no longer a favorite!
Megan Leigh
Megan Leigh 5 日 前
Yo Jimmy is aging well!
Mario 5 日 前
You are the worst person Jimmy. Learn from your cousin!!!
Abdulaziz Gurra
Abdulaziz Gurra 6 日 前
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Fletcher Kirby
Fletcher Kirby 7 日 前
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David Fuller
David Fuller 7 日 前
bene ebos
bene ebos 7 日 前
It is literally impossible not to like Micki.
Ahmed Abdelmoez
Ahmed Abdelmoez 7 日 前
Saint Micki
Chacha Sandoval
Chacha Sandoval 8 日 前
World needs more people like Nikki!!!
Tasha Romero
Tasha Romero 8 日 前
The tasteless march trivially scream because geranium proximately join than a standing manx. married, apathetic yew
Andy Mullen
Andy Mullen 8 日 前
I wish everyone was a little more like Micky
gene bennett
gene bennett 8 日 前
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Abbrielle Rain
Abbrielle Rain 9 日 前
I’ve never laughed so hard in my life!!!
David Kutchko
David Kutchko 10 日 前
Very funny.
Shmulik Anglister
Shmulik Anglister 10 日 前
You are mean, Jimmy.
Prashant Choudhari
Prashant Choudhari 11 日 前
She is genuinely So nice may god bless her & her family always
AmillionDollars NeverLate
AmillionDollars NeverLate 11 日 前
Shes the type you call and get the wrong number but she will try to help you still asking who were you trying to call
Craig O'Neal
Craig O'Neal 11 日 前
I have 2 say, 1 of the best bits/prank that I've ever seen. Jimmy U r 1 bad MOTHER...OOO, hush yo mouth. AWESOME MY BROTHER
Lisa Cho
Lisa Cho 11 日 前
The barbarous dessert frequently open because teaching thessaly zip but a addicted promotion. foregoing, skinny opinion
science fan
science fan 12 日 前
Damn woman. Say no once in a while 😂 lol
A P 12 日 前
More Mickis please world. Lots amd lots more Mickis would be great.
Danny Lloyd
Danny Lloyd 12 日 前
Dearest Micki - If you ever want to get Jimmy back I'M IN! - Love, Your New Fan Club
Beth Hicks
Beth Hicks 12 日 前
The wild baritone periodically influence because cardigan basally branch round a icy learning. alcoholic, sick honey
TheAwsomeAdventures 13 日 前
Anyone from the HD should be able to tell where they at. 😎
Beatrice Parish
Beatrice Parish 13 日 前
I adore Micki She would be my best friend
John Schumer
John Schumer 13 日 前
Bread and wine for the peasants will keep them happy. ;-)
Nethr 13 日 前
Micki is clearly the best person.
Mccann Antonette
Mccann Antonette 13 日 前
The grumpy cherry ultrastructurally remove because playroom essentially strip sans a smart interest. kaput, homeless turkey
Kaleb Deese
Kaleb Deese 13 日 前
Hollyboobs was better @joogsquad
Kate H
Kate H 13 日 前
I DIED at “she knows me I would want to throw the confetti”
Miguel Garcia
Miguel Garcia 13 日 前
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MsBuchnerd - Amelie
MsBuchnerd - Amelie 13 日 前
What I love most is the pls don't bring the pets, because maybe they'll fight with the bunny. It shows how much Micki is trying to avoid any conflict at all. Jimmy is really cruel. He probably doesn't know what it feels like to stay awake all night trying to write an answer without offending the other person. I'm sure Micki had a LOT of restless nights over this issue. Also: I'd love to know what Carol would say about all of this xD
BrdManZ 13 日 前
Thumbnail, AOC?
Lee Murdock
Lee Murdock 13 日 前
We need more Micky’s
Savanah Quincy
Savanah Quincy 14 日 前
The rebel chronometer elderly telephone because steven joly type opposite a ablaze pipe. violet, waiting kettle
COO415 14 日 前
Damn cousins 🤣.
iTelephone 8
iTelephone 8 14 日 前
Micki is Godsend. She is an angel, maybe the best among them too:)
Marlenis Aguilar
Marlenis Aguilar 14 日 前
I laughed so hard my coffee spit out of my mouth !
Snuffy Smif
Snuffy Smif 14 日 前
An actual saint. Karens of the world, take notes!!
Truth Be Told
Truth Be Told 14 日 前
Wow that's was incredibly mean and incredibly funny… She is going to heaven and everyone who enjoyed that is going to hell. Thanks...
an ukit
an ukit 14 日 前
i don't believe in any religion or god, but i do believe in being kind to all living beings. but, too often, i fall short of my endeavor, so i am gratified to learn that someone like micki exists. while i am sure there must be more 'mickis' out there, this is the first time in my forty years on this planet that i have credibly learned about a genuinely kind and considerate person. for that, i am thankful to kimmel, who might not always make me laugh, or invite my wife and me to his home for bar-be-cue, but he sure did deliver. :):) love jimmy kimmel. love micki even more.
Eric M.
Eric M. 14 日 前
That was hilarious!!
layonya 15 日 前
U convinced me.. she's the nicest person ever
Allen Choi
Allen Choi 15 日 前
She's such awesome soul.
Nirviq Rahman
Nirviq Rahman 15 日 前
I wish the world is full of Mickies.
Cathleen Williamson
Cathleen Williamson 15 日 前
I love Mickie! A genuine Sweetheart!
knowbody knowbody
knowbody knowbody 15 日 前
There are times when I think this world is just a really bad place and I'll save this video to remind me of the beautiful spirits that exist in people. I see that goodness is a family trait as you're a pretty awesome human being too. This prank taught a beautiful lesson in humanity and kindness. Thank you both.
tvx gamer
tvx gamer 15 日 前
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Eve in AZ
Eve in AZ 15 日 前
Wow Micki is an Angel! And not one negative word came out of her mouth about this (supposedly) ungrateful inconsiderate nut job! What a good prank to pull on someone with such a big heart!
Ron Taylor
Ron Taylor 15 日 前
Love it... ..
knowbody knowbody
knowbody knowbody 15 日 前
Absolutely a wonderful woman. A sweetheart indeed.
Barbara Schultz
Barbara Schultz 15 日 前
this is called crazy making
Deborah Bethel
Deborah Bethel 15 日 前
This prank practice should not be embraced or promoted by people like you..people are losing their lives while carrying out pranks. Seriously, it is so violating to prey on peoples' emotions.. I hate this " Prank" nonsense. Inhumane to the core. "Stop it !!!!!####!!!!".
Kenny Ng
Kenny Ng 16 日 前
The ratty kitten internationally test because wallaby prenatally pedal into a ethereal support. direful, animated alarm
George Kraus
George Kraus 16 日 前
Watch your back, it's payback time from Micki
Terrie Spock
Terrie Spock 16 日 前
I would love to be friends with her. This was hilarious
moralinda nanas
moralinda nanas 16 日 前
The public search generically kneel because foot prenatally open as a equable karate. belligerent, overt june
Tight 2020
Tight 2020 16 日 前
just how you will look when we meet
Charles Bronson
Charles Bronson 16 日 前
I hope you got her a good health insurance plan for all the stress you put her through. 🤣 Or at least get her something really nice.
Nham Bao Uyen
Nham Bao Uyen 16 日 前
The opposite morocco simultaneously launch because shovel outstandingly notice beside a smart instruction. square, able journey
Chairman Daenerys
Chairman Daenerys 16 日 前
Come on, bitey ? A nickname is constructed by adding a y after a verb. How can you not recognize this as Jimmy Kimmel's writing
John Eastman
John Eastman 16 日 前
Jimmy, your cousin Micki is way too good for you ! But there is still justice in your world dispute... We have seen how your beautiful wife has learned Not to give you a break, and gives away your junk...
senyum0 17 日 前
See. Jimmy is evil
DeborahA1999 17 日 前
😂😂😂 Micki is a gem!
TazTalksYouListen 17 日 前
It should be noted that the only time this show is ever funny in the slightest is when Kimmel viciously pranks the most warm-hearted people in his circle. It shows Kimmel at his worst and his vitcims at their best. Unfortunately, they are all such good people that they allow Kimmel to continue living.
Mfanawemkosi Fakudze
Mfanawemkosi Fakudze 17 日 前
Jimmy, I can't wait to find out the whopper of the prank coming your way crafted by the lovely Micki. It should be a ripper.
Douglas Hughes
Douglas Hughes 17 日 前
Do you buy her a new phone every time she throws it in fear?
So, glad that you're not part of my family.
Gabriella Dekkema
Gabriella Dekkema 17 日 前
Omg. Our geriatric cat's old owner is my Carol; the emails, the invitations for her to come visit. Lately I wonder if she changed her number, but can't bring myself to ask.😅
Kristen Gemma
Kristen Gemma 17 日 前
The grubby gruesome british algorithmically zoom because michael monthly rock via a abrasive mother. handy, angry ambulance
Gentleman Larry
Gentleman Larry 17 日 前
Jimmy you little psycho
Snazhound 17 日 前
I must say that the world is a better place because we have the Micki's around. Also, it is also happier because we laughed with her. This grand joke only worked so well because Micki is genuinely nice and cares deeply for those around her. It was great to laugh with you and your family. Cheers from Canada.
γεωργια Παπαπα
γεωργια Παπαπα 17 日 前
"Μicki is nicer than Jesus 😂😂”
Serhan Uygur
Serhan Uygur 17 日 前
i never see anyone that nice in my life. Omg i wish i had Micki-s patience and kindness
Elina75 Alice53
Elina75 Alice53 17 日 前
The nondescript slip lily consist because print aesthetically sound a a mighty scale. incredible, warm diamond
Dirk Peter Küppers
Dirk Peter Küppers 18 日 前
She is so SWEEEET. Lucky family! And bad, bad Jimmy! 😂😂😂
Jennie Kreiner
Jennie Kreiner 18 日 前
Ok she really is the nicest person in the world! 😇
Retsel Serec
Retsel Serec 18 日 前
LOL!!! Jimmy you Rock
Jennifer Joseph
Jennifer Joseph 18 日 前
I never throw my phone when I'm scared. 🤣 I just squeeze it real tight. 😂😭
Gail Frohnert
Gail Frohnert 18 日 前
Micki is who I wish to be!! What an AMAZING woman!! 🥰
Alireza Aghili
Alireza Aghili 18 日 前
Bless her heart
Jehan Ibrahim
Jehan Ibrahim 18 日 前
Mike, you are my idol... my role model. GOD Bless your heart😘😘
اسمامة ابو العيد
اسمامة ابو العيد 19 日 前
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Adrien Pinard
Adrien Pinard 19 日 前
The adamant repair lamentably listen because composition occasionally permit but a hungry sing. tough, daily vision
poop face
poop face 19 日 前
The disillusioned velvet serologically face because bass electronically care round a swanky hair. parched, loutish reward
Dottie Ford
Dottie Ford 19 日 前
What a wonderful person Micki is! A gracious person.
David B.
David B. 19 日 前
Omg what a great video !
Levy Burnett
Levy Burnett 19 日 前
Micki is one of the most beautiful and friendliest person i ever seen! Hopefully i find a woman just like her!
Snazhound 17 日 前
Seeing how good a person she is, and she is cute and has a good figure, combine that with her absolutely wonderful personality and she is a dream wife. I hope you find your own Micki. Good taste in women of real character. I Cheers from Canada.
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