Doctor and Lawyer React To Grey’s Anatomy Malpractice Episode

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Doctor Mike

6 日 前

Watch the second half of this episode review on Legal Eagle’s channel here:
Legal Eagle and I went head to head last year to see which was harder, Med School or Law School. We decided to bury the hatchet this time and join our forces to react to the popular medical malpractice episode of Grey’s Anatomy, Season 10 Episode 9 “Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word”. I brought my medical knowledge about a surgery gone wrong for a snowboarder who loses his legs above the knee. Devin Stone brought his legal expertise to break down what was accurate and what was fake during the trial of Dr. Callie Torres.
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-Doctor Mike Varshavski
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LegalEagle 6 日 前
The sponge was wrongfully accused! #spongejustice #justiceforthesponge
Alex Crick
Alex Crick 4 時間 前
Justice for Sponge!
Erik 10 時間 前
swiftninja91 日 前
It was Agatha all along
Gil Christian Centina
Gil Christian Centina 日 前
I will tell you a reason's why You get a bad feeling You get sus about it AMONGOS
Presch dL
Presch dL 日 前
More of these collaboration please!
Yellow Ladybug
Yellow Ladybug 14 分 前
I agree with a comment on the other video that a team up with Cinema Therapy and Legal Eagle would be beautiful. A doctor, a lawyer, a therapist, and a film maker, would be so great!
lucy mckain
lucy mckain 時間 前
This is so weird with the two of you together 😳😂 I love it!
Hennaly Patel
Hennaly Patel 時間 前
A lot of this should be asked to an orthopedist or a physical therapist
Stephanie Lanier
Stephanie Lanier 時間 前
I guess this is technically a comment for Doctor Mike and Legal Eagle. I can’t give too much information due to a confidentiality contract with a specific company, but I had a serious jetski accident at the age of 14. I had a hydrostatic rectal injury. My parents didn’t know if I was going to make it or not. I had to have a colostomy bag for 6-8 weeks, but luckily I had it reversed and I’ve healed and I’m doing well. Dr. Mike, have you ever dealt with a hydrostatic rectal injury or ever heard of it? It’s probably not very common near NY, but thought I’d ask. Legal Eagle, have you ever had a client with this sort of injury? If so, how common is it? I’ve heard that it’s more common than you think, but it’s not talked about very much. Hope y’all are doing well! Peace and blessings!
Farah A.
Farah A. 2 時間 前
Other People: Watch Dr. Mike bc they might want to be a doctor. Watch Legal Eagle bc they might want to be a lawyer. Me: Watches both bc it's entertaining, informative and fun.
MrWhat11the 3 時間 前
the crossover I never knew that I so desperately needed
snailwithvans 3 時間 前
both of your hands in marriage, now
daisy's field
daisy's field 3 時間 前
You two are soooo good looking!! Dr. Mike regularly enters my dreams!!😍 lol
lioncub of cintra
lioncub of cintra 3 時間 前
this episode was so cool! 🤓
Princesszuko 3 時間 前
Love a lawyer who also knows his fashion
Paulene Ross Rainbows & Butterflies
Paulene Ross Rainbows & Butterflies 4 時間 前
This is the earliest I’ve ever been for one of these uploads and it’s everything.😩
Tomás de Lima Freitas
Tomás de Lima Freitas 4 時間 前
I mean... even I know the doctor is liable for everything happening here, and I am no doctor, nor an lawyer. What da heck is wrong with this show?!
J oe
J oe 4 時間 前
I always wished for this exact collaboration but I never thought it would happen
Kritika Verma
Kritika Verma 5 時間 前
love this collab
Kooby 5 時間 前
me not being a med student or law student and watching this
Issa Ignacio
Issa Ignacio 6 時間 前
Feels like Mcdreamy and Mcsteamy 😍 and those hairs 😍
hipnhappenin 6 時間 前
More of these collaborative videos! 😍
Patricia A
Patricia A 6 時間 前
This is so entertaining. i'm a lawyer and a fan of LegalEagle. I cannot watch legal dramas due to extreme cringe.
Ludmila Moro
Ludmila Moro 6 時間 前
I'm just here for the hair
Guilherme Paixão
Guilherme Paixão 6 時間 前
My favorite lawyer and the star of the medicine. Love ya guys #lawstudentfrombrazil
Eric Dajenais
Eric Dajenais 6 時間 前
“Oh I just got discharged, I’m home, my leg is starting to look weird and I have a fever. Guess I’ll wait 3 weeks so I can sue the hospital.” 😂 But then again, no one checking on him etc. Soooo eh.
ri ro
ri ro 6 時間 前
I think there was a small law related case in The Good Doctor u guys should both react!
Dawwwris 7 時間 前
Shonda Rhimes watching ppl attack her show and her writing 👁👄👁
mirrbot 7 時間 前
Love the way you both reacted to him saying “hun hun hun,”
Skater Matt
Skater Matt 8 時間 前
He should have been on Grey's anatomy
Rachel Ravenclaw
Rachel Ravenclaw 8 時間 前
Sandra Oh said she should settle. That’s why she’s a genius.
Sromona Roy
Sromona Roy 8 時間 前
Please do one on New Amsterdam
itsEmy 9 時間 前
13:03 dr Mike’s face completely changes when they switch from legal themes to medical, I just love that😂
Saihanbat Bayarsaihan
Saihanbat Bayarsaihan 9 時間 前
As a person who doesnt like doctor, nit because its dangerous but doctors tried to kill me 3 times(yes, multiple doctors) with wrong diagnosis, u shouldnt just blindly believe in doctors and even if u have the symptoms u still have to think logically and try to get more ligher method than the doctor suggest
Saihanbat Bayarsaihan
Saihanbat Bayarsaihan 9 時間 前
Diagnosed with advanced(whatever the stage that is about to kill) tuberculosis but it wasnt tuberculosis at all, and i took those heavy dose of medicine and got allergy so they gave me 3 more times from that medicine. My liver almost shut down after 3 seizures from allergy.
ScotIsz 10 時間 前
Legal eagles a glory hound his cuckery for Captain Marvel didn't do much for him.
Eric Fitch
Eric Fitch 11 時間 前
@legalEagal I was drunk I admit but another lady drove my car I wanted to be with her so my car was not stolen. then got arrested for a dui cause I decided it was best to sleep in my car then to drive home. cops had guns drawn
Troy Anderson
Troy Anderson 11 時間 前
Docs got a super nice watch on. Great taste.
Rafael Louis Calaje
Rafael Louis Calaje 13 時間 前
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Rachel A
Rachel A 13 時間 前
When my mom worked as a nurse, she accidentally left a sponge in a patient. Luckily, the patient survived and she wasn't fired because the only one who knew it was her fault was a doctor that liked her, so he covered for her.
Thaneesh TSP Productions
Thaneesh TSP Productions 14 時間 前
pls react to monster anime this series has a really good doc ( atleast they say hes good) sooo ..... ye
Ty Chaos
Ty Chaos 14 時間 前
This is the greatest crossover I didn't know I needed.
Cash Cruz
Cash Cruz 14 時間 前
OMG XD Why cant I stop comparing docter mikes and that lawyer dudes noses and actually watch the vid XD I cant stop!!! I need help docta!
JamieLee Pescini
JamieLee Pescini 14 時間 前
Can you react to Shortland Street?
Obbs 15 時間 前
This man mike got the best genes
Vanessa Vazquez
Vanessa Vazquez 15 時間 前
notice how Legal Eagle's eyes lit up when talking about the law parts of the episode lmao
Lorna Gem
Lorna Gem 15 時間 前
Please do more of these
Jess H
Jess H 16 時間 前
Ok, Dr. Mike! Do you know how hard it is to watch this excellent video with Pizza Hut commercials playing every few minutes? Help a sis out😧⬅️ this is my face when I want 🍕 but I’m trying to be good
ever scott
ever scott 16 時間 前
Do meredith's malpractice suit
Eilonwy Hewlett
Eilonwy Hewlett 16 時間 前
When I gave birth, my postpartum nurses came in about every 1-2hours checking to make sure my uterus went back to normal size, checked on my postpartum bleeding, and checked on my baby.
Claire Jones
Claire Jones 16 時間 前
Best episode yet
Stephany Hernandez
Stephany Hernandez 17 時間 前
sorry to point it out but... do yall see how big the lawers nose is
Shanna Ezzell
Shanna Ezzell 17 時間 前
We stan men who react to misogyny the way you two reacted to “hon hon hon.” 💕
stay gully
stay gully 18 時間 前
The greatest duo since Batman and Robin
Sarah King
Sarah King 18 時間 前
I swear I only disliked because the dislikes were 666 I just wanted to make it right I love your channel 😭
Jack Reed
Jack Reed 18 時間 前
the only real court case that I have seen was the great lunchables debate
C guy !
C guy ! 18 時間 前
Hey just wanted to say please keep doing this you 2 together are amazing on a content level and it’s amazing to get to hear both legal and medical sides
JEmpathy 18 時間 前
This is good.... Another?!
Isabelle 20 時間 前
How do they both have good hair?
Benjamin Cretsinger
Benjamin Cretsinger 20 時間 前
His collar is also askew
Razgriz85 21 時間 前
Wish I knew there was a part 1 here before I watched part 2 on the Legal Eagle channel. I remember seeing a video of a snowboarder or skier that had a below the knee amputation and was still able to perform with prosthetics. Also, I'd like to see your reaction to Kentucky Ballistics video on his 50 cal rifle detonating.
Andrea Bais
Andrea Bais 21 時間 前
Dakota Martinez
Dakota Martinez 21 時間 前
Now this is a good crossover!
Mehmet Inci
Mehmet Inci 21 時間 前
Please do custody case of Dr Torres
Sebastián Natanael Murillo Barrantes
Sebastián Natanael Murillo Barrantes 21 時間 前
So you brought John Krasinski, nice
Shalena Pride
Shalena Pride 22 時間 前
5:39 what the hell was he thinking
Clara Tackla
Clara Tackla 22 時間 前
PLEEEEASE do the bomb episoooodeee :v
Laila Khalidah
Laila Khalidah 22 時間 前
Unexpected but hey its nice
JustAGamerPerson 22 時間 前
Mike’s neck in this video: *V E I N*
Michelle Anthony
Michelle Anthony 22 時間 前
When the parents dream what their boys will grow up to be
Christel Keister
Christel Keister 22 時間 前
I would worry more if a doctor told me everything was going to turn out perfect. I had a cervical and lumbar surgery. He made no promises that the procedures would help. But he did an amazing job and it turned out wonderful. But no promises! Trusted him implicitly!!
Sweet Caroline
Sweet Caroline 22 時間 前
My favorite JPpost doctor and lawyer together!!! This is awesome!!
BuzzcutGtr 23 時間 前
3:24 Agreed Doc, but I put most of that on the insurance companies. Few of us can afford "Cadillac" medical insurance plans, so we have been conditioned to "shop around" in order to keep out-of-pocket costs as low as possible. And yes, I have heard insurance company rep's say this to a room full of employees -- "We need to be smart shoppers."
Zee Traveler
Zee Traveler 23 時間 前
This is the collaboration I have been waiting for
Nick Hanson
Nick Hanson 23 時間 前
Great video. I laughed when he said “SHES GUILTY”
Nicolas Silva
Nicolas Silva 23 時間 前
FINALLY! THEY COLLABED! I can finally die.
JellyPanda 日 前
JPpost's most professional cross-over!
Nicholas Prickett
Nicholas Prickett 日 前
Will say while I was getting Lasik eye surgery the doctor said whelp that's not good and followed it up with he needed to change his pants.......
Mel G
Mel G 日 前
Does anyone else literally drool over Dr. Mike? Asking for a friend. 🤤😍
Daniel Ventura
Daniel Ventura 日 前
Doc idk if it’s me, but that vein is just bulging like it’s ready to just explode off your neck!
Mk Guffin
Mk Guffin 日 前
Now do Scrubs please!
Michal Blount
Michal Blount 日 前
The day has finally come.
711 Ameri
711 Ameri 日 前
The way they both spot sexism so fast is so hot
Braulio Chavez
Braulio Chavez 日 前
amputations always depend on the extend of the damage done, i once helped with an amputation bove the knee because the damaged extended really far ... or you could say really near hahah
Braulio Chavez
Braulio Chavez 日 前
atritis vs artrosis
Valery Estevez
Valery Estevez 日 前
When he said the 5 w’s in my said out loud wind water wound walking and wonders drugs and my mom looked at me like 👁👄👁
Valery Estevez
Valery Estevez 日 前
The first one on the stand (aka Jo Wilson or Brooke Standler) was scrubbing in on the surgery
Alexandria Jackson
Alexandria Jackson 日 前
Two of my favorite JPpostrs in one video♡
THE Chrome Assasin
THE Chrome Assasin 日 前
65rtyu YT
65rtyu YT 日 前
Medical school is way harder than law school i can confirm that from experience
Marian M
Marian M 日 前
My dentist left a cotton in my mouth. I discovered it after the injection worn off. It was my first visit of this dentist and I was not impressed. Also this is the best crossover since Avengers End Game
Aalihte 日 前
I love the legal eagle
Seph Bentos
Seph Bentos 日 前
Love that this video is literally just two of the coolest guys on JPpost hanging out and geeking out about their respective passions 💛
Parth Bhasin
Parth Bhasin 日 前
The awkwardness in this episode!!!
J menon
J menon 日 前
BetaTest 日 前
no sponges were harmed in the making of this episode
Chick Chick
Chick Chick 日 前
Im here for Atty. Stone, thats it.
Yuki 日 前
Dr. Mike could use some quality sleep time :)
cant stop staring at that left IJ (internal jugular)
Daniel Feldsien
Daniel Feldsien 日 前
Thinking you just sit in the hospital like a hotel seems like the most consistent thing Hollywood gets wrong.
annag cocl
annag cocl 日 前
since my dad is a doctor, i cant watch a grey anatomy episode without my dad calling out the nurses and doctors in the show 😭
my_life_as_emily 日 前
I’m a process server 🙋🏼‍♀️ it’s not as glamours as the movies make it seem 😂
ultimaistanza 日 前
Love these kinds of reaction videos. Having 2 people in separate but pertinent professions is just fantastic to watch. The between the two of you bring about some really awesome unique observations and questions. Wonderfully done. :D
annag cocl
annag cocl 日 前
They look like older and younger versions of each other
sdf krb
sdf krb 日 前
This collaboration has to happen again for House MD S02E8 "the mistake". Please please!
Sam 日 前
This is so fascinating!!
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